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Five Cool DIY Projects to Try at Home

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As you have been stuck in your house for over a year due to the coronavirus crisis, you might be getting sick of the space that makes up your house. Perhaps it’s time to change up the house through a series of DIY projects. If you are looking where to start, then read this guide to five cool DIY projects that you can try at home. The best part about all of the projects listed below is that you don’t need too much experience to get started, meaning that you can easily deck out your house without having to feel too frustrated.

DIY Welding Table

Create a table yourself through welding together different pieces of metal. The table will have a sturdy frame while being relatively easy to pick up and move around. While welding can seem like a forbidding task, this is a great way to get started and will cost you drastically less than simply buying a table itself. The cool part of this is that your welding table can then be a base for all of your welding projects. Make sure you buy both a welding machine and plastic welding rods in order to make this a success.

Slats Couch

If you want to have a new couch in your house but don’t want to shell out cash for one, there’s an easy and simple way to make a couch yourself. You can simply either find or buy slats to use as the base for your couch! Once the slats have been sourced, you can add either pillows or bedsheets and you will have a cool new couch for both yourself and your family to hang out on.

Personalized Coffee or Tea Mug

For a very simple DIY project that your whole family can easily partake in, you can create unique coffee or tea mugs that show off your unique personality. All you need to buy for this project is a variety of plain white mugs as well as a sharpie pen. Afterward, you should gather your family around to write cool messages or draw cool pictures on the mugs. 

Frame Pictures on the Wall

Buying original art or even prints can be rather expensive and while NFTs look exciting, they’re far too complicated for the average person to use. A much cheaper option is simply buying picture frames then using them to frame pictures that you have taken yourself. Not only does this option help to give your house a more personal touch by revisiting your own memories in a unique way, but it can help you to save a lot of money in the process.

Phone and Laptop Charger Clips

If you live in a house with a bunch of other people, you are probably in a constant battle to find out where either your laptop or phone charging cables have gone. One way to keep them safe is to put them in a fixed place. With the use of wall-mounted clips, your cables can be safely affixed to the wall, never to be lost or misplaced again. 

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