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Best Christmas Light Projector to buy

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Professional led projectors are an optimal way to decorate large areas with a result and an original decorative setting and that in little effort. However, when you find yourself faced with buying a christmas light projector, you must take into account several factors and avoid unpleasant surprises:

  • Projected image dimension
  • Distance from the projection surface
  • Projector brightness
  • The intensity of the surrounding light
  • Type of projection surface

It is obvious that the further away from the surface, the larger the image; and the larger the image, the lower the light intensity.

In addition, all projectors, including christmas light projector ones, perform better in dark or unlit environments.To obtain optimum light output, you must carefully choose the projector that best meets your needs.

Let’s see how to evaluate the characteristics of the christmas lights projector to have a good selection.

Projection diameter

The projection Christmas lights the light beam from the round shape image; the diameter of the image can vary from 0.4 to 40 meters depending on the position of the projector relative to the wall.

The perimeter of the circle is visible only if the image has a coloured background. If you choose the image of handwriting on a neutral background, you will only see the letters on the wall.

Projector distance

When you estimate the size of the image, you would like also think about the distance where you want to position the xmas projection lights. Each projector at a minimum and maximum projection distance. Observe these limits if you want the device to output a clear image.

Also, christmas light projector review helps youconsider that two projectorsplaced at the same distance do not necessarily produce an image of the same dimensions. Here, another parameter comes into play: the angle of projection.

The smaller the projection angle, the smaller the distance between the surface and the projector. Often the christmas projection lights are positioned more downwards and tilted upwards: in this way the image obtained will be slightly more oval.

Light intensity

This value is expressed in Lux. The greater this value, the greater the brightness on the wall. The luminous intensity is directly proportional to the power, but it must also be related to the angle of christmas projection lights and the distance.

By comparing two projectors of the same power through christmas light projector review, it is the one with the greater projection angle which will therefore be brighter because it is positioned only 5.7 meters from the wall: 

15 Watt projector 25 ° 5.7 meters 94.92 lux

15 Watt projector 15 ° 8 meters 90.34 lux

30 Watt projector 15 ° 8 meters 224.09 lux

As you can notice the brightness of the second house light projectors is 5% lower than the first. The third has an angle as wide as the second but exceeds it in brightness because its power is greater.

The intensity of the surrounding light

The light of the surrounding light is a given, which is fundamental and must be evaluated before any purchase. It is an external factor which can influence more or less negatively on the rendering of the house light projectors: the more the wall is illuminated, the more the image will be clear as washed out.

It is advisable to project on a wall as dark as possible, far from all other light sources such as spotlights, lamps, neons etc.

Maybe you don’t know it, but there is a way to figure out the visibility of the image on the wall in advance: it compares the light intensity of the christmas lights projector on the wall to the ambient brightness, both expressed in lux.

We have already seen that the technical specifications of the projector determine the luminous intensity of the projection christmas lights at a certain distance. The ambient light intensity can be defined using the appropriate instrument, the Luxmeter.

This xmas projection lights should be placed on the wall at the time of day you want to turn it on. Depending on the results you can objectively assess whether the projection is satisfactory. If you don’t have a light meter, we can help you determine (roughly) how bright your environment is. Refer to the following table.

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