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9 Best Christmas Party Outfits For Men

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Christmas parties are about colours, sparkles, decorations, food, and beauty. And clothing has always been a major point of attraction to attention at any party.

Whether a simple housewarming party or a crazy night one, the outfit plays a significant role.

Your dress determines your personality, so you must make the best out of your Christmas party outfits.

What To Keep In Mind While Determining Your Christmas Party Outfits?

We understand that it might be tiring and frustrating to spend hours choosing the right outfit with the right color for yourself before an event. But you must be careful and thoughtful enough while determining a stylish Christmas outfit for yourself.

Do you have too many outfits in your wardrobe but need to figure out what would be the ideal match for the Christmas holiday party?

Then this article provides some of the best Christmas festival outfit ideas to help you choose the best for yourself. It is understandable how dilemmatic it is to choose anyone when there are too many probable options.

The Internet is nowadays the hub for everything. You can find the perfect solution to any of your questions on the Internet. So, there is no point in any confusion.

In recent years, we have noticed that the Christmas culture deals with three colours primarily –red, white, and green. You can deal with these three probable colours while choosing your Christmas outfit for the perfect party look.

Christmas comes with a lot of parties organized at a lot of places. We cannot wear this same outfit everywhere. The type of outfit changes with the type of party we are attending.

Professionals understand what the occasion needs and get themselves dressed accordingly. You can be a professional at it too.

From rich blazers to long coats, stylish shirts, and their respective accessories, get the perfect complete look idea for your Christmas party outfits here and set the stage on fire. No moment should be dull when you have your fun Christmas outfit on.

For office parties, men would prefer formal outfits. For friends and family gatherings, informal’s and casual party wear to slay effortlessly, and the list continues.

Bring to life the classy Christmas outfits for parties, and cherish every moment of your dazzling party night.

Best Of All Times Ideas Of Christmas Party Outfits For Men

Your Christmas outfits should be reflective of the celebration mood you are in. That’s why the below stated are some of the best fits for you.

#1. Do Go Too Much Overboard For A Simple Pyjama Party

Simple Pyjama
Simple Pyjama

Though clothing never goes out of fashion or over the board, you should be careful when choosing the outfit. The different parts should, as a whole, complement each other and be in sync.

They should not look galaxies apart or like they have been picked randomly without even thinking once.

A simple, sophisticated pyjama party requires something fun and funky to be dressed.

Thus, remember that no matter what happens, you should stay true to the original occasion and choose accordingly.

Acute red pyjamas with Santa’s drawing and the matching red roll-up T-shirt on top can be perfect for the whole night pyjama party.

#2. Maroon Suit Or Blazer With Black Pants For Professional Nights

Maroon Suit Or Blazer With Black Pants
Maroon Suit Or Blazer With Black Pants

Office parties are all about professionalism. However, you can stay within your comfort zone to get dressed for the office party.

What to wear for an office party depends on how you usually dress and when the party is held.

If it’s an elegant party that includes the higher authorities of office at a reputed banquet or well-known restaurant, and your colleagues will give their best shots to slay your look, you can try a maroon suit.

If you don’t have a suit, try a black shirt and black pants with maroon Blazers for an awesome night look.

Since red is a significant Christmas colour, maroon could be an ideal pick for you.

Not only will you be dressed as per the event’s requirements, but maroon is a super hot colour for magical nights.

#3. Green Roll Neck With White Trousers For Early Mornings

Green Roll Neck With White Trousers
Green Roll Neck With White Trousers

You should try bright colours or only a few suited-booted Christmas party outfits if it’s a casual party at your office in the morning.

For mornings, light colours green and white go well. They look vibrant while also having a touch of soberness in them.

Therefore, winter is the season of roll-neck tees. They go super well with anything and would also help you flaunt body structure and look more prominent due to the slim fit characteristic.

On the other hand, green is a colour that suits everybody and is a perfect option for Christmas too.

Every man has whitewashed trouser in their wardrobe that they usually use for an occasional purpose. We know it because white gets dirty soon, so people don’t usually wear white everywhere.

So a morning Christmas celebration requires unique and creative outfit ideas to make you stand out from the rest.

A green roll-up neck with white trousers and a cup of coffee will grab the attention of every person in the office early in the morning of the Christmas celebration.

#4. Blue Double-breasted Suit For Formal Or Semi-formal Parties

Blue Double-breaste
Blue Double-breaste

Suits are the most preferred forever aesthetic Christmas festival outfit ideas. No matter what the occasion is, suits go well with every occasion.

A white shirt with a blue double-breasted suit or blazer looks stunning. If you have a Christmas party, and you are wondering what the one thing that would make you look all dressed up without actually having to pay a lot of attention to getting dressed is. A double-breasted suit or blazer is likely your catch.

With a suit, you would never have to turn back and get worried about whether it would suit you are not.

Men can never go wrong with blazers and suits. They give you ultimate confidence and boost it to the zenith level.

Just carry your beautiful smile and confidence with you, and the suit will do the rest of the work. Blue is a super bold colour.

Thus, blue will help you be brave and bold and stand in front of people with a glass of wine with sheer confidence.

#5. White Granddad Collar Shirt With Black Denim Jackets When With Family.

 White Granddad Collar Shirt With Black Denim Jackets
White Granddad Collar Shirt With Black Denim Jackets

If it is an afternoon Christmas party with friends, you need to get dressed in cool clothes so that it’s neither too much nor too less.

Then how about considering a granddad collar shirt, black denim jackets, and black jeans to do the work for you?

You can get access to a wide variety of granddad collar shirts.

Black denim jackets help in elevating the overall look within seconds.

When it comes to black denim, nothing stands in comparison. It is absolutely the showstopper. However, a blazer might look too much like a Christmas outfit when partying with friends or family.

Though they are undoubtedly good for office parties, a denim jacket would be the best-suggested idea when it comes to something being organized in the afternoon.

Jackets look stylish, elegant, sophisticated, confident, and everything at the same time, and also you get access to ample types and styles with choosing jackets.

#6. A Textured Stretch White Knit Shirt With Midnight Blue Striped Trousers And A Blue Tie

Stretch White Knit Shirt With Midnight Blue Striped Trousers
Stretch White Knit Shirt With Midnight Blue Striped Trousers

White never goes wrong with any occasion.

We have often seen that there are certain particular colours for every occasion, such as red, green, and blue, for Christmas, and there are many more.

But have you ever wondered how white goes well with every festival or event?

That is what the magic of White is. Irrespective of the occasion.

White is a perfect colour that will never disappoint you. Blue helps boost confidence. And the overall combination of blue and white is one of those rare combinations that are easily achievable but look ethereal when put together.

So when you have taken out your entire cupboard and are still unsure what you will wear but the time for the Christmas party is approaching, go for a textured stretch white knit shirt and midnight blue coloured striped trousers.

To complement the overall look and make it look more professional, you can use a blue tie and get going.

For a more casual look, keep the buttons unbuttoned till the top and, if possible, roll up the sleeves a little.

#7. Bomber Jacket With Your Favourite Funky Tee

Bomber Jacket
Bomber Jacket

Another pick for your Christmas festival outfit ideas with friends.

Since we don’t get time to plan much with our friends during the weeks, holidays are when we spend most of the time with our friends.

One would love to dress in something funky so that it takes him back to the fun days they spent with each other.

Also, Blazers are quite common for office days, and you wear them throughout the week, and nobody would want to wear the same regular blazer again.

Thus a bomber jacket can be a great alternative.

So, take out your favourite funky tee from the wardrobe, pair it up with a bombard jacket, and look like a bomb at the party.

Who said boys don’t have a lot of outfits to dress in?

Show your female friends that men, too, have a wide variety of outfits when it comes to dressing themselves up.

#8. Grey Long Jackets With A Red T-shirt And Be The Centre Of Attraction.

Grey Long Jackets With A Red T-shirt
Grey Long Jackets With A Red T-shirt

Now the last idea is more of a simple yet graceful look.

Do you guys know what makes Kdramas even more appealing to girls?

The fact that heroes dress themselves up in really sophisticated ways. And the most common type of look that you would spot heroes trying in Kdramas is long jackets.

Most Girls go head over heels for long jackets, and if men around them try it, they will all go crazy.

A grey jacket can always be in the trend.

A long jacket is one of those ideas you can also try for your office parties.

Not only meeting your friends but also your colleagues at the office for a morning Christmas party or a Christmas Eve party can be settled well with a grey long jacket and a red T-shirt.

#9. A Stylish Bow-tie

Stylish Bow-tie
Stylish Bow-tie

Though it cannot be called an outfit idea, a bow tie is an accessory that complements the outfit.

An outfit is considered incomplete without proper accessories. Thus, any accessory is also a part of the outfit.

A bow tie plays a significant role in Christmas festival outfit ideas.

Now the question arises of what you will wear for your bow tie.

How about a black velvet bow tie with a maroon blazer or a blue blazer? Just replace your regular black tie with a velvet bow tie and see how the beauty of the entire look changes, and you achieve an exotic glam look.

It is not necessarily compulsory to wear a black bow tie only. You can wear a red bow tie with your maroon blazer or anything you deem complementary.


Why choose white for Christmas party outfits?

Though we know that colours like red usually give off the cosy Christmas vibe everybody wants, white goes well with every complexion.

Can jeans be a good pick for Christmas parties?

You can wear jeans for a friendly gathering at your friend’s or your house. But don’t forget to make it special by adding a stylish blazer and a pair of brown or black boots because it’s a special event worth celebrating!

What can guys wear at a Christmas party?

The above article deals with this particular question only. Nine ideas are listed above that you can try when attending a Christmas party.


We hope this article was helpful, and now you can easily choose what Christmas party outfits you should wear for your office party and when meeting your friends and family.

If you like it, share it with your other male friends so they can conveniently choose their clothing without facing any trouble.

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