Guide to Selecting The Best 4WD Tires for Winter

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When winter weather hits and the roads are full of snow and ice, you want to be sure that you can drive safely when you need to go out in it.

In addition to learning winter driving techniques, it’s a good idea to ensure that you have the best 4WD tires for the weather. This means focusing on acceleration, all-terrain options, wheels, and whether where you live affects the type of tires you should buy.

Assist On Accelerating 

The size and type of tire, as well as its air pressure, affect your car’s acceleration, speed, and overall performance. Size is the first thing to consider. For example, if you get larger tires, you’ll need to recalibrate your speedometer to accommodate them.

Bigger tires do have some benefits, though. In addition to assisting with acceleration, they provide better handling when you’re on the road (or if you’re off-roading) and provide more ground clearance so that you’re less likely to get something stuck under your car while you’re driving.

Utilize All-Terrain Tires

4WD Tires for Winter
4WD Tires for Winter

There are several benefits to purchasing all-terrain tires for your vehicle. Most notably, they provide better traction when you are on different types of surfaces, such as icy or snowy roads, dirt roads, or gravel roads. This means better handling thanks to the tires’ reinforced sidewalls.

All-terrain tires are also better at supporting vehicles that are carrying cargo since they help with handling. Maybe one of the biggest benefits of these tires is that you can use them all year, which means you don’t need to change tires in the winter and again when spring rolls around.  

Consider a Package Deal

Maybe you need to replace your wheels as well. Rather than buying the wheels and tires separately, you can purchase tire and wheel packages. Doing so is beneficial for a couple of reasons. First, your wheels might have minor damage due to wear and tear that you can’t necessarily see but that can affect the way the tires fit on them.

New wheels ensure that everything fits correctly and performs the best that it possibly can. Another reason some people choose to purchase wheels with their tires is so they can change them at home.

When you’re only purchasing tires, you need a professional to ensure that they fit correctly on your wheels. When you purchase a set, you already know they’ll fit correctly, so you can change them at home. 

Think About Where You Live

While all-terrain tires are meant to handle well in some snow and ice, they aren’t necessarily made for places that spend months at a time with wintry weather on the road.

If you live somewhere that is snowy and icy for most of the winter and well into the spring, it’s probably a good idea to purchase tires made specifically for winter driving. They are made to pass through deeper snow, more ice, and anything else that winter brings with it. 

Whether you’re purchasing Mickey Thompson Classic III tires or any other brand of tires, be sure that you’re doing so through a reputable company. This way, you’re more likely to have legitimate tires that will keep you safe on the road.

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