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Christmas Jumper Day 2022

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The holiday of Christmas is drawing closer, and I can’t help but feel giddy thinking about Christmas Jumper Day.

Due to the limits imposed by Covid-19 in 2020, it wasn’t possible to celebrate the holiday with your friends and coworkers on Christmas Jumper Day. As a result, we’re getting ready to wear our most festive sweaters to raise money for Save the Children in 2022.

What date is Christmas Jumper Day 2022?

Christmas Jumper Day is an annual event that takes place throughout December. This year 2022, it will be held on December 8th, a Thursday. On December 14th, 2012, the very first Christmas Jumper Day was planned and executed.

Who started Christmas Jumper Day?

Even though the practice of donning Christmas sweaters during the holiday season is not particularly novel, Save the Children chose to make their official “Christmas Jumper Day” eight years ago, in 2012.

They did this to raise funds for the initiatives they support financially that assist children worldwide in building a better future for themselves.

People who want to participate are asked to donate two dollars to Save the Children and wear their most beloved Christmas sweaters. This is often done in groups, such as in companies and schools. Donations may be collectively made by many individuals using this method.

On Christmas Jumper Day, several celebrities are seen working together to promote awareness of a charitable cause and to show their support for it.

Participating in the joyful Christmas Jumper Day UK 2022 event hosted by Save the Children:

To participate in the charity event, participants are asked to make a gift of either £1 or £2, depending on their age and whether or not they are students.

Then, wear the sweater instead of going to school, working, or going out and about for the day in your regular clothing or uniform.

It is a positive way to bring attention to Save the Children and provide financial support to the organization, which does excellent work throughout the year.

The whole of the funds collected will be donated to organizations that assist disadvantaged children all around the globe. The goal of the charitable organization is to improve the children’s quality of life by assisting in the provision of essentials such as food, housing, and education.

In addition to ensuring that children have access to medical care, including immunizations that will keep them safe from sickness and infection, “Save the Children” works to guarantee that children have access to medical treatment.

People often can increase the amount of enjoyment they have by fighting for prizes related to the most festive Christmas jumper day.

Some businesses foster an atmosphere of intense competitiveness to the point that they arrange formal contests for the reward. Not only does this provide a timely holiday boost in morale, but it also promotes more flamboyant clothes and, as a result, more monies donated via sponsorship from coworkers, friends, and loved ones.

This is vital. Participating in this event may be done in various original and exciting ways.

And everything contributes to it. Two dollars may buy essential items that will assist in keeping medical facilities hygienic. For the price of £10, antibiotics may be purchased to assist five youngsters in overcoming malnutrition.

Children from low-income households in England might get aid in the form of books and toys if they contributed £60. A complete first aid kit may be purchased for a health professional in Somalia for one hundred pounds. That’s huge!

What started Christmas Jumper Day?

What started Christmas Jumper Day?
Image source: Alumuno group

On December 14th, 2012, the very first Christmas Jumper Day was held. Save the Children was the organization that came up with the idea for this event to draw attention to the suffering of millions of children across the globe living in poverty.

It was promoted with the catchphrase “make the world better with a sweater” and had the backing of a large number of well-known public figures. Is it not irresistible?

The occasion has developed throughout the years into a significant driving factor for charity contributions during the holiday season. The organization “Save the Children” reports that the joyful Christmas Jumper Day has collected more than £18 million for children in the United Kingdom and throughout the globe.

It is estimated that roughly 15,000 educational institutions participate in the activity yearly, and the total number of participants continues to rise annually.

Over four million individuals donated Christmas knitwear to Save the Children over the previous year’s holiday season. To show their support for this worthy organization, employees in workplaces around the country dress up in their most festive attire.

What are Christmas Jumper Day ideas?

The Christmas jumper has evolved into a cultural emblem of the holiday season; nevertheless, this winter staple often thrown away is also rapidly gaining notoriety as a metaphor for the excessive consumption that characterizes the holiday season.

The following are some suggestions that might help you enjoy your vacation holidays without being harmful to the environment.

Keep a firm grip on your jumper.

Image source: Redbubble

If you have purchased a knitted novelty item, put it aside after the holiday celebrations are done so that you may wear it again the following year.

Swap with your Close Friends

Image source: Remake

Host a Christmas Jumper Swap Party with your close friends for a festive take on the classic holiday get-together known as the Christmas Jumper Party. You win because you get the wonderful sweater your buddy wore that you liked, and the person who receives your old jumper wins because they have a new home to call their own.

Donation Stores

Image source: Time out

Rather than buying a new sweater, consider shopping at a second-hand store and donating the money you save to a charitable organization. You may even return it to the business you bought it from after Christmas, treating it as a benevolent rental service if you do so.

Create Your Very Own

Image source: Secret London

You may create the DIY Christmas sweater of your dreams by customizing an existing sweater or one you bought second-hand. You may give it a touch of the season by stitching on the following:

  • Ornaments for the Christmas tree, including bells, baubles, and other items
  • Sequins removed from an older garment’s sequins
  • Ribbons
  • Puppets for the holiday season were purchased from a thrift store.
  • Make ornaments out of felt by cutting them into forms like stars, Christmas trees, or even reindeer if you’re good with scissors.
  • After Christmas, you may quickly put it back in storage and wear your sweater as you usually would.

Purchase a 100% wool Fairisle jumper.

Image source: Fife Country

Christmas sweaters knitted with Fair Isle patterns are the epitome of cheer and may be worn any time of the year. Add a Christmas spirit by using some Christmas earrings and a Santa hat.

Make your knits.

Make your knits.
Image source: wiki how

Try your hand at knitting your own if you’re feeling creative.

How to signup for Christmas jumper day?

If you go to the website christmasjumperday.org, you will be able to get a free fundraising pack that is full of helpful ideas on how to organize a fantastic day.

Save the Children has supplied some suggestions that schools and nurseries participating in the Christmas Jumper Day may use to make the event a day full of enjoyable activities that everyone will enjoy.

  • Baked goods for Christmas: Have a bake sale at school and get all of the children involved by having them create some fun cupcakes and cookies with a Christmas jumper theme.
  • Festive fancy dress teacher: Teachers are sponsored to spend a day in full Christmas fancy dress, and they promise that the more money they get, the more ludicrous they’ll seem. This is known as the “festive fancy dress teacher” event.
  • Sweater sing-along: Organize a Christmas jumper sing-along in which participants compete against one another to see who among them has the “x-factor” when it comes to singing Christmas carols.
  • Crafting Competition for Christmas: For an additional pound, children may participate in a crafting competition to see who can come up with the most creative design.
  • Jumper Hunt: Have the students participate in a jumper scavenger hunt in which they must follow curriculum-based clues to acquire jumper decorations and win the grand prize, a plain Christmas jumper. After that, they have ten minutes to design the most outrageous Christmas sweater they can think of.


Why is it called a Christmas jumper?

Generally, the origin of the much-loved Christmas jumper can be traced back to Scandinavia and Iceland, where the garments were hand-knitted initially to shield people from the cold of the winter.

Is Christmas Jumper Day on the same date every year?

Christmas Jumper Day is an annual event that occurs every Friday throughout December. This year, it will be held on December 8th, a Thursday.

Where does the money go for Christmas Jumper Day?

Donations received from the general public on Christmas Jumper Day will support the vital work Saves the Children does in the United Kingdom and worldwide. This will enable us to make a long-lasting change for the children who need our assistance most.

When can you start wearing Christmas jumpers?

After Thanksgiving is when it’s most likely not only permissible but also appropriate to start wearing your Christmas and holiday sweaters, a few renegades may choose to wear them before Thanksgiving, but that number is unlikely to be very high.

After Christmas, you may even get away with wearing some Christmas sweaters, provided they are understated enough.


I have high hopes that you will find the information presented here on Christmas Jumper Day 2022 to be both valuable and helpful. We would appreciate it if you could share your ideas by leaving them in the comment section.

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