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Do Back Dimple Piercing Give You Dimples?

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Back dimple piercings are the piercings that are done at the lower back of the body. They are also known as Venus piercings or Dimples of Venus due to the look that they give. Back dimple piercings are the new trend in the market, and it seems like everyone is doing it. But is back piercing safe? Are there any risks in doing back piercing? What would it cost you to do a back dimple piercing? We have all the answers and will help you out with this.

Things To Know Before Piercing

Before you proceed with a back dimple piercing, you need to know that they can get caught in your clothes. If you wear skirts more often, it can get pulled out by the fabric of the skirt and can be painful. For avoiding such painful instances, do not wear any tight-fitting clothes once the piercing is done. Make sure that the dress is loose and not body-sticking, and wear low waist jeans or skirts for safety. 

As the piercing is placed on the lower back of the body, it will surely affect your sitting and sleeping posture too. You cannot sleep on your back, and sleeping on the side can also be risky. Until the pierced area is completely healed, you should sleep in a prone position, i.e. on your stomach. Moreover, when you sit on the chair, do not lean towards the back, as it can hurt the pierced area.

Make sure to go to a reputed salon with good doctors who know how to do the whole process. Yes, they would be using clamps and needles during the procedure and would use a dermal anchor to hold the jewellery still. 

Healing Process

The healing and the aftercare process of the back piercings are an essential part of the whole piercing. You need to regularly clean the area with a good anti-bacterial solution to avoid any infection. 

Besides that, make sure that you don’t hurt yourself in the lower back, else it can affect the healing process. It can increase the pain and would take more time to heal. Do not use any lotions or gels that the doctor does not prescribe. It can cause irritation or allergies. Make sure to take a complete prescription from the doctor and clear all your doubts regarding the same.

Do not fiddle with the piercings or touch them with unwashed hands. It can cause germs to affect the area. Make sure to go for a regular check-up after the piercing is done. It will prevent any growth of infection and will ensure a safe healing process. After the whole process of piercing is complete, make sure to wear loose clothes. Tight clothes can irritate the area and can cause cuts too. 

Back Dimple Piercing Cost

Back piercings can cost anywhere around 70 to 80 dollars. The jewelry is not always included in the piercings. For adding jewellery, you would have to pay 10 or 20 dollars extra. The cost of the piercing depends on the type of salon that you are choosing, the doctors, location and the experience of the piercer.

How Painful Are Back Dimple Piercings?

Back piercings are pretty much painful. Completely healing will take some time to the affected area. Meanwhile, you cannot sit or sleep properly due to the pain. You might even experience some swelling in the affected area.

How long do you have to keep the back dimple piercings on?

Usually, the healing process takes around one to three months, if you follow all the instructions of the piercer. Else, it can take longer than that to heal. Before you go ahead with a back dimple piercing, make sure to consult the piercer and make all things clear. You need to be sure before you go for the piercing. Any doubts might cause problems later.

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