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Does cheek dimple piercing work ? Things to know more about dimples piercing scars

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Cheek piercing or dimple piercing is the recent trend that is going on. While many people want to have dimples and think that it would make them look better, they are unaware of the risks that cheek dimple piercing holds. A cheek piercing is performed just above the lips, in the area that normally contains a dimple. However, there are also ways where the piercing can be done on the inside of an existing dimple. What does dimple piercing do? It simple places bits of jewellery in the place to give an illusion of dimples.

Though these piercings are pretty famous, people need to know about all the risks they are about to take while going through such piercings. While ear and nose piercings do not cause much harm, but dimple piercing does leave you with some nasty scars.

Things to Know More About Dimple Piercing Scars

Before you get a dimple piercing, you should be aware of some of the certain facts that might influence the health of your decision. Below, we have stated all the risk factors that come along with dimple piercings. Being able to go through the whole process will help you understand everything.

Yes, they do Hurt !!

Yes, piercings do hurt, but the pain increases based on the area of the piercing. For example, if you have an ear piercing, you won’t experience much pain, as the skin is loose in the ear area. But, for dimple piercing, the process would be a bit painful like back dimple piercing. Moreover, there are chances that the area of piercing will swell up for a couple of days.

Healing Process

The healing process for dimple piercing is around 8 to 12 weeks. Your whole body has to adjust to foreign things, and it might cause you disturbance. There are also chances that you would have to change the jewellery during the healing process due to its size. If the size of the jewellery is too large, it can even break your teeth.

Taking Care of Cheeks

Yes, you need to take proper care of the cheeks after you pierce them. Make sure to keep an eye on any changes that might occur, and let your doctor know about them. The doctor will suggest to you take proper medication for the swelling that happens due to piercing. But apart from that, there shouldn’t be much problem.

Clean Properly

Cheek piercings need proper cleaning every day. As the piercing is located in the face area, there are chances that food might get stuck on the inside and cause some problems. To avoid any such side effects, it is better to clean your mouth after every meal. You can use an oral aftercare solution to clean the mouth or can even go with a saltwater mixture. Do not use any mouthwash as the alcohol in it can be harmful and create dental problems.

No Makeup

Basically, no harsh chemicals on the face till the whole cheek is healed. Chemicals can cause specific reactions to the jewellery and affect the healing process. It is better to avoid the use of any face wash, makeup, or anything on your face. The dimple piercing will get worse if any irritation occurs.

How Much Do Dimple Piercing Cost?

The price for cheek piercings varies based on the type of salon and location. The most general range of cheek dimple piercing cost is from $30 to $100 US dollars. Good ratings are a modern-day need and one should always go for good ratings before visiting any salon Though the price might be on a higher side there, it would be safer. Make sure to check for the type of products that the salon is using for the cheek piercing.

Types of Cheek Piercings

There are two types of cheek piercings that you might come across. Before you proceed to your appointment, make sure to know what type of piercing would suit you.

Single Cheek Piercing

As the name states, only one cheek is pierced in a single cheek piercing instead of two. If you are unsure how you will look or are experimenting with the piercing, we suggest you go for a single cheek piercing.

Dermal Cheek Piercing

In dermal cheek piercing, the piercing does not go all through the cheek. Instead, a dermal anchor is used for the process. The anchor is placed under the skin that will hold the jewellery piece in its place. It won’t give you the desired dimple look, but the healing process is much faster in this process. Besides that, the aftercare for this process does not require any tips too.

The best way to know which piercing will suit you is to consult the piercer. The piercer will help you to know the various types of piercing, the whole process, and how the healing process will take place. Before the piercing occurs, the piercer will examine the mouth and mark the areas and the spot for the piercing. The whole process might be painful, and you need to get ready to taste blood in your mouth. It is highly suggested to avoid any blood thinners before the piercing appointment for at least two weeks. If not done so, it can cause dizziness.

Final Thought

Though dimple piercings look good, they do leave scars on your face. You cannot keep a dimple piercing forever. If you do not take proper care, then there might be a chance of infection, due to which you would have to remove the whole piercing. Piercing scars will then remain on the face. Moreover, you even have to change the jewellery from time to time. While some jewellery might not cost much, but it can cause allergic reactions. Due to these reasons, you might have to spend money on better jewellery pieces. Moreover, the maintenance and the healing process of the piercing is tiring, and it will take time for your body to adjust to it.

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