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Get the Best Hair Mascara to Cover Gray

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Colouring is no longer the one and only way to hide gray hair. Indeed, there are now many ephemeral products that are real allies while waiting for a next visit to the hairdresser. A small selection of 5 really effective products for concealing gray hair.

Before investing in a new mascara, the question to ask yourself is what result you are looking for. Some prefer a natural look for everyday use, and others want a more sophisticated smoky eye. Among the many types of brushes and existing textures, we, therefore, choose the mascara that best meets our expectations and that suits our nature.

Potential beauty products if gray hair begins to appear but is not enough to fully adopt the new shade, or if you need a quick way to match the roots with the rest of the hair between corrections. There is worth its weight in gold: hair mascara.

The name may be reminiscent of 90’s neon color ideas and catchy formulas, but like many other cosmetological products, hair mascara has undergone modern modifications to make it a necessity.

Some formulas have been created with color in mind, rooting in the necessary modifications during the hairstyling appointment, whether disguising gray hair or naturally lightening dark hair to match highlights. Give to.

Bobby Brown’s touch-up

Bobby Brown’s touch-up wand is a multitasking wonder. Not only does it work for the eyebrows, but it can also help you fix the roots as hair mascara. With a short brush that defines 5 different shades, it is an essential makeup bag.

Josh Wood Darker Blonde Root Marker

If you have locks on your hair that need to be transformed and you don’t have the time or money to visit the salon, this handy stick can make a difference. Crayons are a light powder texture that allows you to brush your hair with the product’s mascara wand.

L’Oreal Magic Retouch Concealer Brush Brown 8ml

L’Oreal used this mascara for hair to re-magical with hair coloring. The brush is designed with precision in mind, making it ideal for gray hair or when roots are just beginning to emerge. It is also easy to use for hair around temples and tummy.

Bumble and bumble Colour Stick

Bumble and bumble Colour Stick

Bumble & Bumble Hair products are some of the best on the market, so it makes sense to extend them to solutions as well. This smart little stick provides an accurate touch-up and is easy to wash off when shampooing.

K’s hair mascara for Shea

The K pour Karité brand offers an organic blonde hair mascara to camouflage gray hair. While it is not water-resistant, it is, however, a good alternative to Kazumi’s brush. Before you start, detangle your hair well, or the operation could quickly become complicated.

The Magic Retouch by L’Oréal Paris

Always at the forefront when it comes to offering beauty innovation, L’Oréal Paris was one of the very first brands to enter the niche by launching its spray ingeniously called “Magic Retouch.” A compact format to take everywhere, which you just need to spray on the hair where you want it to see the gray hair disappear. Tested and approved by us, it is very efficient. For an optimal application, we strongly advise you to put a towel around your shoulders or, if necessary, to protect yourself with an old magazine.

John Frieda’s Root Blur

If you’re more of the type who appreciates precision, John Frieda has just launched the product for you. On the program: a powder duo that looks like an eye shadow palette but specially designed to hide gray hair. To apply hair colour mascara, use the built-in brush and start with the darkest shade before ending with the lightest color. It’s a bit longer than the spray option, but it will make it easier for you to determine what shade you really want. Just be careful not to put too much on the scalp, or you may get an unsightly result.

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