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These 5 Pokemon Hairstyles you should try | Most famous pokemon sword and shield hairstyles

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Pokemon Sword & Shield has greatly expanded character customization. Every Galar has its selection of clothing and accessories.

The Pokemon series has changed a lot over the years. One of the most significant additions to the game is the 6th generation Pokemon X & Y, which brought the first game in which players can customize their characters. The first game featuring character customization may have been rudimentary, but this feature has been extended with Sun & Moon and Sword & Shield. With pokemon ultra sun and moon hairstyles, you can change your haircut at any salon. Many of the hairstyles from previous games are back, but some new hairstyles bring the mix to life.

Caesar coat

What screams “unique” or “flashy” so as not to offend sports with this cut, especially when considering this to be a JRPG series featuring all types of hairstyles that can be imagined in the sun? There is no.

There are plenty of pokemon shield hairstyles and hats to choose from, but none of these options help makes this haircut stand out more than any other haircut in the game. None of the Sword & Shield hair options looks particularly bad, but this isn’t easily the most interesting of the bunch.

Side Part

The side parts and cuts are two very similar styles to choose from in the salon, and the cuts have very few edges to this. All selectable cuts are pretty standard in the real world, but they don’t move to Pokemon-style like any other cut.

Unlike Caesar Cut, at least enough to give the trainer a personality.

pokemon sword and shield hairstyles

Short Style

This is the default style introduced in pokemon sword and shield hairstyles and feels quite lacking compared to the default feminine styles introduced in previous generations and other default haircuts. She uses the word “basic” on her sleeves, but it doesn’t quickly get sick.

This is one of the best looking cartoon hairstyles cuts when paired with a hat, as it is designed to be paired with a hat, like the default hat given to male reeds. If you’re sticking to hats for your game, this is still a great option.

Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts can be the butt of many jokes, but they are common haircuts, especially in countries like Japan and South Korea. He has something a little cute and unobtrusive compared to his previous cuts, even if he doesn’t do much.

This is arguably a reliable option for more minimalists and can convey a unique sense of style without the need to fully decorate the character with lots of additional accessories and bright colours.


Although very similar to previous haircuts, undercuts are a reasonably necessary inclusion in swords and shields due to the football stadium-inspired gym. This cut is among football players and professionals.

The pokemon x hairstyles can look very classy along with some nice colours and accessories, making it a pretty solid option for gamer characters. President Rose may not be the most unique in the whole game because of the similar style, but there is an extra flair that you might want to see here, but it’s still a welcome addition to the living room.


The pokemon sword hairstyles did a great job of offering more short hairstyle options than previous games, which provided only simple medium length styles as the most temporary option. It’s nice to see shorter styles introduced in addition to things like Caesar Cut and short styles.

In addition to the addition of more skin tones options, this allows for a much greater variety of player character appearances, featuring more hairstyles in regions and cultures worldwide. Also, the bright pink blade is quite radical.

Long Hair

This is Sword & Shield’s most “anime” haircut, so it makes sense that it works well in Pokemon games. Other titles in the series have similar cuts, like X & Y’s 6th generation male trainers. This kind of “over the eye” style works great in various colours, and you can relax with other characters.

The only thing that keeps this from taking the top spot isn’t the most original haircut that Game Freak may have featured, as I’ve seen it before in other Pokemon games. Other than that, this is a cut where you can see many trainers shaking.

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