How do I get more Hairstyles in Fallout 4 Game?

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Fallout 4 character creators are pretty good, but they don’t end there in terms of determining what a character looks like. Once out of the vault, you can continue to tweak features, hairstyles, and facial markings in several different ways. Find a professional vendor, find a magazine that offers additional options, and, well, cheating. This guide will cover all of these options so you can always do your best.

Face paint and dirt

If you want a fallout 4 hairstyles or a dirty face, you can visit a facial surgeon named Doc Croker at Diamond City Market. Enter through the door labelled Mega Surgery Center, right next to Dr Sun’s outdoor office. Crockers allow you to change your physical characteristics and access face paint and stains, just as you would with a character creator. And there are various options.

Face paint is perfect for those who want to blend in and look like a robber, or at least a real bad guy. Also, you don’t have to choose from different paints. You can enable as many as you need at the same time. Face paint comes in a variety of colours, just like makeup.

Barber shop

Next, hairstyle. You can always access the in-game barber and change your fallout 4 hairstyles mod. Barbers give you access to new barbers who are not part of the character creator, such as Mohawk’s male and female character (see above) and couples. Option details (below). There are also some new facial hair options for men available from hairdressers.

The easiest barbers to find are at Diamond City Market and also at Vault 81. At DiamondCityMarket, look for the big sign that says Super Salon and talk to John, a young man in a varsity jacket.

Extra hairstyle

There are also two issues in the magazine Le Coiffe, which can be found worldwide, with additional hairstyles not available anywhere else. One is probably the most considerable hairstyle ever created. It’s called a megaton, and it looks like you’re thinking about an atomic bomb all day long. What do you probably do?

Visit a hairdresser to activate this new fallout 4 male hairstyles.

Barber John

There is a hair salon just outside the surgery. With just 15 caps, It chooses you with an impressive new fallout 4 unique hairstyles. Interestingly, this store has more options than character selection, but this is expected as surgeons may offer new types of facial features. Vault 81 has another barber. You need at least three fusion cores to access the vault.

John doesn’t tell you that when you come across two separate copies of Le Coiffe magazine, there are different hairstyles you’ll find in the crap.

The first is at Charlestown Laundry, southeast of Bunker Hill. Laundry is a complex building to find, but several laundry-style signs can define it. A copy of Le Coiffe is in the basket above one of the washing machines. It gives you access to a beautiful and striking hive called Hornet’s Nest.

The second Le Coiffe magazine is in Fallon’s department store. Heading south from Diamond City, you’ll soon find a three-story building with a large Fallon sign. Le Coiffe’s theme is a round table in the smallest room on the top floor.

There are other things in the other rooms, so bring one or two large guns of some sort. The hairstyle for this magazine is a reversion to Fallout 3, called Megaton. This hairstyle reminds you of the “old days”. This is the place (bottom).

To access fallout 4 more hairstyles, collect the magazines and go to the nearest hairdresser.

As always, if you’re on a PC and don’t have the patience to spend time browsing each of these magazines and want to change your fallout 4 all hairstyles on the fly, you can. Just enter a few simple console commands, and the choice is all up to you.

  1. Find a chair in a quiet, bright place, preferably somewhere in the sun. It’s a good idea to keep your chair out of the way in case the NPC escapes.
  2. Sit in a chair, switch to third-person view, rotate the camera so you can see the character’s face directly as close as possible without returning to the first-person mode. (This is very important as the character will continue to perform idle animations as it changes.)
  3. Save the game. Make changes, and you’ll find that you don’t like it.
  4. Open the console (using the tilde key).
  5. Type the following without quotes: “show looks menu player 1” and press Enter. Press the chiller key again to close the console.

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