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10 Helpful Quick Fashion Hacking Tips

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Nowadays, you are sometimes fed up with your stagnant closet and you are unable to put together an outfit. Do you want to learn a little bit about quick fashion hacking tricks? We are going to round up 10 helpful fashion hacks that will change your fashion life-most of them are very unknown to you perhaps.

When you stare at your wardrobe you might think that you have nothing new or catchy to wear. Instead of going and buying new attires, jewelry, accessories, or anything else; you can also try the older pieces in a great look in a new way. We are here to fix, prolong and renew your belongings so that you can spend less on your clothing and look better than ever. 

What does mean fashion hacking tips?

Fashion is always very personal and all of us follow some tips and tricks to elevate even wearing the most boring daily outfits. We are always on the way where we keep experimenting with our hair, outfits, shoes, accessories, etc. Even when we get bored with our older outfits we thought to explore fashion horizons and find a way to surprise ourselves. Hacking in fashion means innovation, collaboration, creativity, and renewing the way we experience and adopt fashion by recreating. Fashion hacking tips are tricks by which you can easily consume fashion by remixing the existing pattern to recode a new pattern.

Why do you need to know a few fashion hacks?

few fashion hacks
Image source: Youtube

If you wear a good outfit and you look attractive not only makes feel you good but also increases your self-esteem and your level of confidence. We all wear clothes; they may be made by a famous fashion designer or by a local tailor. So, these people provide us with the opportunity to look fashionable. When we talk about our clothes we always think that we have nothing to wear. That’s because we sometimes get confused with fashion and styles. Here we are describing some benefits of knowing fashion hacks:

Fashion tells about your personality:

One importance of knowing fashion hacks is fashion tells a lot about who you are. The way you put your clothing or your dress tells a lot about yourself. So, it is important to learn about fashion hacks as it tells about your personality.

Makes you more confident:

If you are dressed according to the latest fashion trends then you feel more relaxed and confident while you are talking to people. When you’re confident you can attract everything positively toward you.

Helps to keep up with modern society:

You should learn a few fashion tricks to keep up with the modern world. We all desire to look more fashionable as well as stylish.

Makes a positive first impression:

One best way to make a positive first impression among people is by following a few fashion tricks. If you can represent yourself as fashionable toward people; people will feel good to see you. 

10 helpful fashion hacking tips

Being fishable doesn’t mean how many outfits you own. It’s about the innovation and creativity by which you can style your outfits. Fashion doesn’t mean purchasing expensive clothes from renowned fashion designers; the only thing matter is to style properly and comfortably. Here we have rounded up some effective fashion hacking tips that can make you stunning even in the most basic outfits:

1. Shop for Sunglasses

Shop for Sunglasses
image source: All about vision

Sunglasses may be your favorite accessories but you can think so many times before wearing them. It is also easier to go for sunglasses instead of getting your eye makeup. So, it doesn’t matter what the season it is, just put on cat-eye sunglasses and tie your hair high in a ponytail.

2. Put on a scarf

 Put on a scarf
image source: Put on a scarf

Any simple outfit can be looked interesting if you put on a scarf. There are various ways to put a scarf; you can tie it around your neck, you can fold it in half and put it around your shoulder, etc. If your hair is not tied properly you can also use a scarf as a hairband to avoid falling hair over your face.

3. Use a hair straightener to iron the collars of your shirt

3. Use a hair straightener to iron the collars of your shirt
image source: Youtube

When we are in rush, we sometimes forget to iron the collars of our shirts. At times. Collars are so creased that only ironing is not able to help them. So, the most-effective way to crease the collars is to use a hair straightener to fix them.

4. Use razors to remove pilling from clothes

 Use razors to remove pilling from clothes
image source: Crazy organization

Pilling makes clothes look more tired. A great way to remove these pilling from clothes is with a razor. Place your clothes on a flat surface and drag the razors over the fabrics of the clothing to get it looking as good as new.

5. Prevent jeans with the use of white vinegar

. Prevent jeans with the use of white vinegar
image source: Denim hunter

You can prevent your jeans from fading while washing your jeans you can add a cup of white vinegar with the detergent in the washing machine before you start the cycle.

6. Stop pairing light jeans with dark tops or vice-versa

Stop pairing light jeans with dark tops or vice-versa
image source: Quora

Just like crop tops, pairing dark with light makes you appear shorter. Although a white top with black jeans will give you a classy look you can lose a lot of height in this look. This should be avoided by shorter ladies. Rather than wearing dark tops with lighter bottoms try similar shades for the bottoms suitable to the tops.

7. Sit down while trying on a new outfit

Sit down while trying on a new outfit
image source: Youtube

Clothes make look and feel differently while sitting than standing. So, while you are trying on a new outfit you need to be seated to check if the clothes make you feel uncomfortable or not. They can particularly feel more constrained or tight while sitting than standing.

8. Use ice cubes to iron your icecubes

Use ice cubes to iron your icecubes
image source: Cookist

Ironing your clothes will do the best job because wrinkle-free polished and smooth clothes give you a put-together look. You can throw two or three ice cubes into the dyer along with the wrinkled clothes. The ice cubes will melt in the dryer and produce steam which will help to de-wrinkle your clothes.

9. Fix your shirts’ button gaps

Fix your shirts’ button gaps
image source: Candy crow

Gaping between the buttons of your shirt will instantly ruin your smart look. To fix them temporarily line the fabric with double-sided sticky tape and you should press down.

10. Shop for heels

Shop for heels
image source: Stock unlimited

Styling with heels is another trick of fashion hack but sometimes we end up buying them in a rush. So after using it for few times you may realize that it doesn’t perfect for you. To avoid this issue, you first need to roam away from the shopping mall and only buy your heels when your shopping spree is over. This will help you to realize how well they fit your feet.


Our wardrobe may be full of lots of apparel but we don’t have the idea to reuse them innovatively. If you’re bored with the existing apparel and looking for some help to look them more interesting then you can surely try the above-mentioned fashion hacks. There are so many times in your life that things may go wrong at the last minute, so it is important to be updated with the latest trends as fashion plays an important role in our psychological aspects too. Fashion also has the power to reshape your life as it expresses your culture and background toward others.

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