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20 Popular Nail Trends, Trending 2024

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The ideal way to spruce up your look a bit is with a new manicure.

Although we will always adore classic red or ballet slipper pink, why don’t try something even more daring for your next manicure?

Because life is way too short for bland nails, this season’s other very stylish nail trends offer lots of variety, from subtle chic styling to bold designs.

 As Lili and Cata nail salon owner Lilly Rojas explains, “Trying out cute nail shapes certainly keeps things exciting and it’s a good way to experience ourselves.”

Trying to find your ideal nail shape can boost your self-confidence and feeling of accomplishment, just like experimenting with colors you normally would still not wear begins to feel brave.

What are the different types of nails?

 It can be challenging to keep a record of all the options, much less the chosen one, at this point when the world has more different nail shape variations than there are fingers.

  • Almond
  • Oval
  • Flare
  • Squoval
  • Rounded
  • Stiletto
  • Ballerina
  • Lipstick
  • Square
  • Arrowhead
  • Edge
  • Oval

Why nail decoration is so popular?

Why is crazy nail fashion suddenly so popular?

Perhaps it’s because of the fashion industry, as nail art is unmistakably experiencing a fashion moment.

The winter season 2012 catwalks, led by the London designers, made unusual nails a big deal. The models for Henry Holland had blue and black pinstripe pants nails, while Meadham Kirchoff used custom nail wraps with adorable designs like eggs and spirits.

 It might also be a result of the economic downturn. The New York Times reports that non-traditional colors and textures have become increasingly popular, driving a 67% increase in nail polish sales in the US between 2010 and 2011.

According to the “lipstick index” theory, when times are tough, we look for inexpensive thrills that make an immediate impression and outrageous nails fit the bill.

It’s a fairly affordable custom element and it’s the next trending push further than non-traditional colors, according to nail artist Karrie Elliot of Beautopia Nails.

How to take care of your nails?

The following advice will help you take good care of acrylic nails.

Be gentle with your acrylics.

The very first thing to keep in mind when managing the aftercare of acrylics is to handle them gently. Similar to your natural nail, it shouldn’t be used as an instrument, especially if the nail is long.

At all costs, avoid lifting anything heavy, breaking through tapes, or using your nail polish to visually inspect cans or other objects.

Dry them off.

Keep your acrylic nails dry, which is another crucial piece of advice for maintaining them. Avoid getting water on your acrylic nails because it can cause strength work and nail fungus in addition to damaging the acrylic itself.

Avoid using acetone.

Of course, if you have long, neatly shaped nails, you would enjoy the idea of experimenting with various nail polishes. However, check to make sure you employ an acetone-free polish cleanser before you remove your existing nail polish.

Maintain healthy skin around your nails.

Maintaining clear skin across your nails is important as well. As important as taking care of the nails themselves is maintaining this region’s health and cleanliness.

Follow a good personal grooming regimen

Regular soap and water with antibacterial soap will lower your risk of getting an infectious disease, but be careful not to overdo it.

20 shades of popular nail trend

1. Blue Cream Nails

Blue Cream Nails
Image source: Miss Belle Tracy

You might say that over the past few fall and winter seasons, blue has replaced black as the dominant color. The patterns show that somehow this autumn is no different.

2. Red Soft Nails

Dark Teal Royal Nails
Image source: YN Bea store

This fall, vibrant reds are surging up the style charts. Why, though, is this news? You’ll see that the most delectable red nails are those that have more dreamy undertones and are favored by stylish people.

3. Dark Teal Royal Nails

Dark Teal Royal Nails
Image source: Naomi nails it

Meghan Markel, the consort, has rocked a bold teal outfit in true royal style.

4. Chocolate Milk Nails

Chocolate Milk Nails
Image source: Pinterest

These tempting talons appear to be edible! If you allow yourself to be seduced by this stunning mid-tone brown, you’ll be taken back to the 1970s, when this color was most popular.

5. IFuchsia Glossy Nails

5.	Fuchsia Glossy Nails
Image source: Etsy

A fuchsia manicure embodies elegance. This enchanting nail color, blooming with exotic allure and giving your fall wardrobe a touch of greenhouse flair, will make you think of an orchid corsage.

6. Holosheen Nails

 Holosheen Nails
Image source: Orpah daily

The set’s least believable and possibly most stunning nail design comes last. This glittery holographic nail trend has gained popularity ever since Gigi Hadid debuted it at the Met Gala.

7. Green Olive Nails

Green Olive Nails
Image source: Amazon. in

Olive green is a lovely greyish-green shade that tends to make for a beautiful and simple-to-wear manicure. The color can go well with many different colors because it isn’t too strong and bright to wear.

8. Mushroom Nails

Mushroom Nails
Image source: Etsy

Darker shades of yellow, like mustard, are less difficult to wear than lighter ones. It has power and can be a cheery addition to your nail designs.

9. Pink Dusk Nails

Pink Dusk Nails
Image source: Pinterest

Consider several factors when selecting the ideal manicure color, including how well it will contrast with your skin tone. Additionally, it is trendy and simple to wear.

10. Light Nails

Light Nails
Image source: Teen Vogue

For nail art, white is a classic color choice that doesn’t go out of style. It is a color linked to conviction, purity, and fresh starts in addition to providing your nails a neat appearance.

11. Nails in Pastel Orange

Nails in Pastel Orange
Image source: Pinterest

One of the most beautiful, delicate colors to use is pastel orange. Compared to brighter, daring tones, the shade is delicate and attractive and is simpler to wear.

12. Orange-colored Nails

Orange-colored Nails
Image source: Amazon. in

A bright orange is a brilliant option for the woman who wishes to remark because it is more striking than pastel orange. Even the easiest manicure appears lively and daring thanks to its associations with creative thinking and the sun.

13. Purple nails

 Purple nails
The pink Burnette

Because it is delicate and light, lilac is a lovely and simple color to wear. Because it’s so feminine and simple to combine, this light coloration of violet is frequently used at weddings and other formal events.


Image source: The nail shop

Metallic colors have long been a favorite because even the most straightforward models can be eye-catching. Silver lacquer has a futuristic vibe while also being affiliated with glitz and wealth.

15. Orange nail colors

Orange nail colors
Image source: Pinterest

There are many different orange hues—from more subdued ones like charred orange to much more vibrant ones—that are perfect for autumn. By trying to paint each nail a different color, you can integrate them rather than choose just one.

16. Branch Nails in Various Colors

Branch Nails in Various Colors
Country live Magazine

Your nail art can be a reflection of the changing and transitional season of autumn. You can choose to include pictures of branches, tends to leave, and flower petals to achieve this.

17. Design of Squiggle Nails

Design of Squiggle Nails
Image source: Pinterest

Your nail art can be a reflection of the changing and transitional season of autumn. You can choose to include pictures of branches, tends to leave, and flower petals to achieve this.

18. Combination of Autumn Nails

Combination of Autumn Nails
Image source: Pinterest

Squiggle designs are appealing because there is no correct or incorrect way to make them. This gives you flexibility, and they can be produced in a range of hues and dimensions.

It’s a great idea to mix and match your favorite autumnal hues. A multi-colored manicure, as opposed to one that uses only one color, feels modern and fresh and is simple to make.

19. White, Orange, and Gold Nail Art

White, Orange, and Gold Nail Art
Image source: Pinterest

Consider using gold, tangerine, and white for one’s nails if you want a pretty mixture. Around each other, these hues make a gorgeous manicure that is perfect for fall.

20. Classic Black nails

Classic Black nails
Image source: Pinterest

Black color is always trending. It is the most classical color ever. You can pick this color if you want a kind of bold look. Go for either glossy or matte black color.


What is the jelly nail trend?

This trend comes from the 90’s era. In this trend, your nails become super glossy just like lip balm.

What is a Japanese gel manicure?

It includes a gel coated on your nails which is quite strong. You can get your nails done with that gel without using any other product.

What are syrup nails?

Answer- Syrup nails are those nails that give the ombre effect. The nails look smooth here.

What problem can be caused by nail polish?

Answer- If you apply nail polish for quite a long time then it may make your nails very weak.


These were all about the nails and their extensions. Nowadays people are judging each other personalities with their nails. So it is very important to have well-groomed and hygienic nails. Moreover, good nails give you a sort of self-confidence.

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