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How to Dress More Sophisticated This Year

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It’s never too late to start dressing more sophisticated. From upgrading your look for the office to simply changing things up to look “put together,” if you’re hoping to dress more sophisticated this year, here are a few ways for you to do just that:


If you want to look great whenever and wherever make sure your closet has a few blazers. This is especially true if you’re a busy, career-oriented woman with places to be. Adding a blazer to your casual-formal outfit for a last-minute business lunch can have you looking success ready.

A blazer with your casual outfit for brunch shows that you have style. Blazers womens are always the way to go when you want to look great for any occasion. If you want a few different blazers, try out a solid option and then look for a blazer with a pattern that will pair well with your outfits and that makes you feel great.


These boots are made for walking, but they’re also made for impressing your fans. Boots can upgrade any look but especially, trendy boots with some heels paired with a great blazer and pant outfit.

With the weather changing, boots are the perfect shoe for when you want to look sophisticated, whether for work or a date, while they also keep you warm. Boots are a great addition to any closet during the fall and winter, so start shopping around for boots that you can depend on throughout the cooler months of the year.


With summer leaving us, midi-dresses are fast showing up in our wardrobes. We’re sure happy about this as if you’re looking for a look that is sophisticated yet flirtatious, these dresses are certainly that. Add the trendy cut-out design to your midi-dress, and you have a great dress to impress your dates but also your girlfriends at your weekend lunch. While you’re shopping for dresses, make sure to shop for the right bras to match.

Great accessories

From classy jewelry to headbands that can be used for multiple of purposes, there are many ways to use accessories to pull off a sophisticated look. Accessories can dress up your look for any occasion and when you add some great makeup looks, even better.

A simple red lipstick paired with your headscarf can completely upgrade your outfit for a special occasion. The good thing about seasons changing is that you can now get away with wearing scarves as accessories. They look great, they keep you warm, and you can style them in different ways.

New shoes

We mentioned boots above, but any image consultant will tell you that shoes really matter when going for an impressive look. The thing about shoes is that they can face a lot of wear and tear throughout months and years so if you’re looking to look good for any occasion and want to show up looking classy, new shoes are the way to go.

You don’t need to change out old shoes if they look classy and almost good as new, but when things start to break, it’s always a good idea to start wearing new shoes. Plus, with the updated styles, you’re bound to find some great shoe ideas in fashion magazines that will have you looking sophisticated and classy.

In Conclusion

From blazers to headbands and more, there are a plethora of ways you can upgrade your wardrobe so that you always look classy, no matter what. Working with a personal stylist can help you to put together stylish looks but you can also work with an image consultant when you’re trying to do an overhaul on your whole style and persona.

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