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5 Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween is around the corner and your search for the best costume has already begun.

A funny Halloween costume is a must to enlighten this spooky season. Whether you are running solo this year or making a proper entrance at the Halloween party with your pals or your partner, an out-of-this-world Halloween costume is a must to make you the star of the show on that day.

Take a look at these 5 funny Halloween costume ideas for this year, and choose an outfit that suits you the best.

What is the best Halloween costume idea?

The best thing about Halloween is its spooky punny essence. Whether you choose to become this year’s Pumpkin monster or win an award for the best Joker Halloween costume, the main target is to have.

If your partner this Halloween is your four-legged fur baby, what’s more, amazing than a ‘Hot dog duo’? Be the ketchup while your partner is mustard or be the ‘witch’ to their ‘sand’, you are bound to have the best Halloween costume this year.

Here are 5 amazing funny Halloween costume ideas that will even make the ghosts burst out of their bellies!

Joker Halloween Costume

Ask your inner self if your joker looks more like Mr. J or Pennywise. Well, either way, is the perfect fit for stealing a Halloween party. The most important thing you should keep in mind when becoming a joker is your attire.

Be bold and don’t forget the creepy white face with the red clown nose. Go old school with the red curly hair wig, and there you are the funniest Halloween clown in the town, or is it a spookier Pennywise?

The Joker costume is one of the most traditional costumes that people opt to wear for Halloween. You can manipulate this to appear to be as scary or as funny as you want. Make the children run away and the adults burst out laughing with this year’s best joker Halloween costume.


Don’t you think lately our lives are giving us a lot more lemons than we can handle? Turn those bitter moments into a sweet memory and the best pun of the year.

All you need to do to become this year’s lemonade is dress up in yellow. This is one of the funniest Halloween costumes for girls. Wear an off-shoulder yellow top or dress and try to keep it simple.

If you want it to be unisex, you can pair a white T with a short-sleeved open-buttoned yellow shirt. Carry a basket of lemons and you will be the talk of the show for this meaningful yet bawling fun appearance.



Want to look out of this world, literally? Try an alien Halloween costume. You can either take inspiration from Avatars or refine your love for all the space and alien science fiction you have watched.

An alien costume would be mainly blue, with hints of green, with tentacles and tails. You can design the costume any way you want and make it look as funny as possible.

Winnie the Pooh and other characters

Another classic yet one of the funniest Halloween costumes is the character of Winnie the Pooh. The costume is extremely cozy and comfortable and looks good to whoever wants to wear it.

If you want an effortlessly amazing Halloween costume, Winnie the Pooh is your best friend. Everyone loves a cute dumb bear wearing a red crop top. What do you know, you might be more like Pooh than you think!

On a different note, dressing up as your favorite character is becoming a trend nowadays. You can choose to become the favorite character of your favorite show, be it Cinderella and her Stepsisters, Mary Poppins, or the character from your favorite sitcom.

The Starved Skeleton

The Starved Skeleton

Yet another one of the classic Halloween costumes is the stick skeleton on a black onesie. When in doubt, just go with the effortless one-zip jumpsuit.

This costume is so famous and worn by people all across the world that the element of fear has starved along with the skeleton.

What would be funnier than a stick Skeleton stuffing his face with pumpkin pie at a Halloween party? Creative, funny, and without any trouble, this is one of the best funny Halloween costume ideas you will get.


So, these were the five funny Halloween Costume ideas to make the best out of this spooky season. Easy and classic, put it all together and make a grand entrance to your next Halloween Party.

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