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8 Amazing Esports Cosplay Ideas for Halloween!

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Valorant players are usually deadly serious about perfecting their combat skills, but they also know how to enjoy plenty of lighthearted fun.

Cosplay has become an important part of the Valorant community, but at Halloween, there’ll be more replica agent costumes on show than at any other time of the year.

Although costumes are beginning to appear in online retail stores, it’s much more fun for players to create their own versions of their favorite agents.

8 Amazing Esports for Halloween:

1. Sage – Shoulder Armor

Agent Sage is noted for armor-plated shoulders. Copy her look by wearing a long-sleeved gray tee shirt. Replicate the shoulder armor with an old pair of skateboarding knee pads. The scuff marks are like battle scars!

2. Skye – Dog

Skye rarely moves without her faithful hound. It’s tempting to take a pet German Shepherd to a Valorant event, but wiser to find a plush dog toy. Attach it to the waist via a long cord to prevent it from getting lost.

3. Phoenix – Battle Jacket

Use a light gray zip-up top and make distinctive lapels from two triangles of yellow fabric. To shape, cut a smaller triangle halfway down each one to make the points of the lapels. Stitch to the front of the zip-up top.

4. Breach – Mechanical Arms

Recreate Breach’s mechanical joints by cutting large oval shapes from thick cardboard to cover the forearms. Cut smaller shapes for the upper arms then glue or stitch them to a long-sleeved top. Paint on connecting bolts.

5. Neon – Blue Hair

Turn a cheerleader’s pompom into Neon’s blue hair. Alternatively, make a pompom from long strips of blue paper or fabric tied in the center. Attach the hair to a headband and tie two bunches of hair at the top.

6. Cypher – Hat

Cut a large square from cardboard to represent the brim of Cypher’s hat.

Make a hole in the center so it slips over the crown of an existing hat. Decorate the seam with a ribbon and attach a cardboard copy of Cypher’s logo. Wear a black bandana around the neck and lower face.

7. Sova – Cape

A blue blanket slung around over the shoulder represents Sova’s hunting cape. For the necktie, a white woolly scarf or make one from strips of fabric.

8. Jett – Sleeveless Top

Jett’s distinctive top requires a foundation layer of a tight black tee. Find a light blue tee and cut a triangle from the center front. Wear it over the black tee and finish the neckline with a black scarf.


Halloween is perfect for trying out Valorant costumes. With a little ingenuity, it’s easy to make replicas of the agents’ distinctive features. Then find out the Valorant schedule here and have some great cosplay fun.

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