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24 Different Types of Hairstyles for Women

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Every big change in a woman’s life starts with a change in their hairstyle. Styling does not only include a trendy haircut but also various ways to style it into something even more beautiful. From simple, sleek ponytails to messy buns and braids, we have assembled the best hairstyles for women in 2021 that they will rock in every way.

Take a look at these 24 gorgeous, fashionable, and chic different kinds of hairstyles to look amazing!

Irrespective of your hair’s length, texture, color, or the shape of your face, complexion, and age, we have exactly what you are looking for. These are some of the best hairstyles for women that will help you to doll up instantly.

The 24 hairstyles are as follows:-

1. Loop Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Absolutely perfect for weddings and a must-have on every hair-goal Pinterest board, the Loop Waterfall Braid Hairstyle is one of the easiest and most attractive hairdos ever. The technique is very simple as all you have to do is create a loop with a small strand of hair. Next, from the initial loop, pull halfway to another section of hair and create a second loop. Continue this process all across the back of the head until it looks like a chain. You can keep them as big or as small as you like. Remember not to use too many bobby pins as they will fall.

2. Dutch Flower Braid Hairstyle

Dutch Flower Braid Hairstyle is one of the toughest updo hairstyles of all time, however, the results are amazing. It is great for weddings, proms, and other formal occasions. It might look and sound complicated but once you master making Dutch Braids, it’s simply put together into a bun. Firstly, brush the hair thoroughly. Take a left side partition on your hair and a few sections just below the partition. Divide it into 3 sections. Bring the right portion of hair under the middle and middle section under the right strand. Now bring the right one into the middle. Continue the steps in a zigzag manner until the crown is made. At the end of the crown, continue downwards into a normal braid. Loosen the braids to give that flower-like look and wrap it in a circular motion. Secure with bobby pins and accessorize as per your wishes.

Hairstyles for Women

3. Flat Waves Hairstyle

Probably one of the most effortlessly hot hairstyles you will ever get, the flat waves hairstyle is the go-to for every occasion. Here is how you get the easy and amazing flat waves. All you will need is some hairspray to set your hair and a styling tool (straightener). Section your hair in the middle. Point your straightener downwards at the root, and rotate away from the face. Glide it downwards and release it before it reaches the end of the hair. Repeat the steps but now instead of curling away from the face, curl towards it. Continue doing this all over your hair. At the level of your eyebrows, turn the device away from your face and pull back the strands of hair. Repeat the process on the opposite side. Fuss your curls with a detangling comb and set it with hairspray.

4. Blunt Bangs Hairstyle

Cutting or trimming your own straight, blunt bangs hairstyle is easier than it sounds. You don’t have to worry about having uneven bangs or short bangs. Here are some tips with which you will get exactly what you need and at the same time, save your pennies from expensive salons and hairstylists. All you will need is a fine-tooth comb and a pair of hair scissors. Firstly, part your hair in the middle. Separate the bang portion and divide it into three sections. The middle portion will make up the majority of your bangs and the side sections will provide a nice-looking structure. Match the side portions with the middle one and soften the edges diagonally. There you have it, a picture-perfect blunt bangs hairstyle!

Hairstyles for Women

5. Super Straight Hairstyle

While it is easy to sit in a salon for 6-7 hours and get the treatment done to your hair, caring for it is more difficult than you think. Moreover, you can make your hair flawlessly straight yourself, without spending green bills at all. First, divide the hair into four equal sections. Separate each of them into 1 cm strands. Take smaller sections of hair as you work toward the front of your head. Divide concisely with the comb and iron small portions minutely. Set your hair with hairspray and take a look at all the baby curls in the front of your forehead. And, your super straight hairstyle is one!

6. Rebel Hairstyle

Ladies, are you too tired of letting people tell you how to live your life? Show the world that you are your own woman with this amazing rebel hairstyle. A rebel hairstyle is to bring out the real you. One o the most popular hairstyle for rebels is the side shave. Part your hair in two sections, one small another large. Shave the smaller portion clean with a razor or hair shears. Now, on the larger section, cut diagonally making an A-line structure. If you want to go out of the box, add a few braids for an even bolder look. There you have it, the rebel inside of you. Rock this hairstyle in any way you want.

Hairstyles for Women

7. Bow hairstyle

Do you want to do something fun and pretty with your hair? Then, the bow hairstyle is just the one for you, and this is how you do it. Detangle your hair by brushing it thoroughly. Part your hair in the middle. Take a section from the right side and the same from the left, and bring them together. Tie it with an elastic band. Don’t take too thick sections as it will make it harder to form the bow. Next, tie the sections in the first loop. In the second loop of the elastic, don’t bring the entire portion of the hair through the loop. Divide the knot into two portions with your thumbs. Take the leftover hair and roll it in between to give the ribbon-like effect.  Spread it lightly with your fingers and secure the ends with bobby pins.

8. Glam Half-Up Bouffant Hairstyle

If you want an amazing retro style look, a Glam Half-Up Bouffant Hairstyle is something you should look at. A very simple and elegant hairdo, it is perfect for all occasions. Part your hair with a rattail comb on one side. Tease the crown section to form a puff. Backcomb your hair and smooth it out creating a perfectly coifed bouffant. Secure it with tons of bobby pins and set it with hairspray. Bring out a few strands of hair beside your ears and curl the ends of your hair. There you a, a glam half-up bouffant style, ready for Broadway!

Hairstyles for Women

9. Half Crown Braid Hairstyle

An easy braided hairstyle is no less than a blessing to our kind. While we can wear our hair down, we don’t have to worry about stands of hair coming on our face and eyes. A half-crown braid hairstyle is one such blessing. Creating it is really simple. Begin by taking a small section of hair on one side of your hair above your ear. Split this section in three and make a normal braid. Angle the braid towards the back of your head and secure the end with an elastic. Repeat the same thing on the other side. Bring the first braid across the back of your head and secure it with several bobby pins. Cross the second one over the first. Tuck the end behind the first braid and secure with pins.

10. Rope Braid Hairstyle

If you want an effortlessly elegant look, the rope braid hairstyle is exactly what you are looking for. It gives a false braid appearance and makes our hair look gorgeous. The simple steps to create a rope braid are, comb your hair and tie it in a ponytail. Separate the pony into two equal sections. Twist the right section clockwise and the other one anticlockwise. Tightly cross the two twisted sections over one another several times. Secure the braid using an elastic band and pin the sections that feel loose.

Hairstyles for Women

11. Braided Hair Headband Hairstyle

Braided hair headband hairstyle is extremely popular nowadays. Brush your hair and section it with a tail comb. Take 1 to 2 inch wide portions and divide them into 3 sections for braiding. Braid twice or thrice until you get a base for your French braid. Once you have it, start taking smaller sections from outside and braid diagonally across your hairline. Once you have braided till your opposite ear, plait the hair all the way long, till the end, and tie it with an elastic band. Angle the braid behind your ear and keep it in position with a Bobby pin. Curl the rest of your hair and set it with hairspray.

12. Dutch French Braid Hairstyle

A Dutch-French Braid Hairstyle or a reverse French hairstyle is one of the easiest and most beautiful braids there is. The simple steps to make your own Dutch French Braid are, brush your hair thoroughly and make it free of all tangles. From your hairline to your crown, grab a good portion of hair backward and divide it into 3 sections. Start with a standard braid to form the base and eventually add smaller sections from the sides into the braid. Take a section from the right and cross it over the left one, bringing it in the middle. Repeat the same thing with the left portion. Continue the process till you reach the end of your hair and secure it with an elastic band.

13. Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

A Fishtail Braid Hairstyle is the perfect option to deal with your hair on a rushed morning. It gives the effortlessly beautiful, messy look which a woman of any age can wear and look like she owns it. Start with parting your hair. Divide it into two equal sections. Take a thin strand from the left section towards the right and tuck it underneath the right section. Repeat the same process with the other section. Repeat the process by tucking the alternative sides underneath each other until you reach the end of your hair. Tie the end of your hair with an elastic band. Loosen the braid lightly to tease it and you have yourself a perfect fishtail braid.

14. Side Mini Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

To make a side mini fishtail braid hairstyle, you just have to follow the steps of braiding your hair into a normal fishtail, only a little differently. Part your hair sideways and divide two sections diagonally. Take a strand from one section towards the other and tuck it underneath that section. Repeat the same process throughout the back of your head. When you reach the length of your opposite ear, continue the fishtail braid downwards till you reach the end of your hair. Secure the end with an elastic band and pin all the parts that appear a little loose.

15. Cotton Candy Bun Hairstyle

The cotton candy bun hairstyle, commonly known as, the top knot is one of the most popular, cute, and quick fixes for our everyday hair dilemma. The easiest way to make a cotton candy bun is to put your hair in a high ponytail and brush with upwards to tease and provide structure. Second, separate the pony into two sections. Take one and wrap it around the other making a semi-bun-like hair. Take the second half and wrap it around the semi-bun in a counterclockwise motion. Tuck the ends at the base of the bun. Secure the base with bobby pins. Tease the sides and the puff and bring out few strands of hair to give the overall messy look.

Hairstyles for Women

16. High Ponytail Hairstyle

Want to get the iconic Ariana Grande High Ponytail Hairstyle? Easy! Take a look at these steps to create this amazing hairstyle. High ponytails work the best on one-day-old hair. Apply a little bit of serum, gel, or dry shampoo and prepare your hair. Brush it thoroughly to make it free of all knots. Grab your entire hair upside and make it into a ponytail. Put the hair together with an elastic band. Curl the hair, mostly the ends, and apply a setting spray to keep everything in position.

17. Braided Bun Hairstyle

Buns are a rescue. They can make you look classy and casual with just a little alteration. Be it any event, a lunch brunch with your girls or a movie date just throw your hair into a bun and you are ready. The best part being Braided Bun Hairstyles requires no extra effort or time investment. All it takes for making it successful is making a simple ponytail braid and create a hole with your fingers right above the pony. Carefully, fold your braid through the hole twice and secure it with bobby pins.

18. Dutch Braid Bun Hairstyle

The Dutch Braid Bun Hairstyle is even called the reverse french braid because instead of crossing the strands over it is done under. With the best being, this braid can be created even on shorter hair. You can start by either side of your hair by starting with holding three strands of hair like a basic dutch braid and continuing till the end.

19. Chic Flower Petal Updo Hairstyle

Flowers have been evidence of creating a sleek look. Be it a tiara or the beauty of flower petals. Sooth is felt and a very calm overall look is created. It can create both a casual and elegant look for a dress-up at the same time. For the Chic Flower Petal Updo hairstyle, the materials required are flower ornaments, bobby pins, hair elastics, and a comb. With only these four items you can achieve a beautiful hairstyle. Untangle your hair and divide it into two sections, upper and bottom. After securing them into ponytails, make delicate petals and tightened them with pins. Make two beautiful flowers and at the end add flower petal ornaments.

20. Bow Bun Hairstyle

A Bow Bun Hairstyle might look very difficult but the trick behind it is quite simple and basic. It gives a very Disney look overall. And this Fairytale hairstyle can be just achieved in few steps. It starts by gathering all the hair on your top and securing it with an elastic. Now it’s time to divide your ponytail into two halves. With that being done delicately make two beautiful loops that will become the individual’s bows. You can secure them by passing them through the pony elastic band. With the little portion being left it’s time to create the knot. Pass the tail through the joint of both the petals and securing it with pins.

21. Side Messy Bun Hairstyle

If there is any hairstyle that can work like a ‘go-to’ outfit, it is undoubtedly the Side Messy Bun Hairstyle. It puts together all strands of your by giving it a showstopper look. Both formal or casual day events are well suited to this bun. After doing it, girls do not regret it at all. All you have to do is side partition your hair according to your preferences and make a ponytail. The last turn can be left untouched and used to hide the elastic through a loop. And after that being secured with a pin take out small strands of your hair from the side. You can even use heat to curl your hair and give it a final touch!

22. French Twist Hairstyle

Extremely easy and best for formal meetings, all you have to do to make a French Twist Hairstyle is swipe all your hair in one side and clip it. Use clips and hairspray to hold it in place and brush very gently, pulling the hair to the opposite side. Hold your hair up and twist it. Tuck the end underneath the bun and secure it with a lot of bobby pins. Smooth it gently with a comb and tuck all loose ends.

Hairstyles for Women

23. Low Bun Hairstyle

Low buns are highly trendy right now. Make an elegant classic low bun by making a low ponytail. Part the ponytail in two sections and wrap the portions around each other to give it a twisted knot appearance. Secure the base of the bun with bobby pins to make sure it is sturdy. Following this, you can accessorize your bun with scarves, or jewelry of your choice and make it look extremely pretty. Loosen a few strands in front of your face to bring out the best low bun hairstyle look.

24. Messy Bun

The classic messy bun is the go-to hairstyle for every girl out there. All you have to do is get your entire hair up like you do in a high ponytail and tie it tightly at the top of your head. Then twist the entire hair nicely and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Tuck the ends to make it stay. Secure it with lots of bobby pins and tease the hair by bringing out few strands from everywhere. This hairstyle is one of the quickest fixes to every hair problem.


So, these were the best 24 hairstyles for women. For every occasion, from fun parties to formal events, we hope you will find a gorgeous hairstyle for yourself here.

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