How Can You Live As an Expert in Stingy Living?

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Do you hear the word ‘stingy’? Maybe this term rings a negative connotation in your head about someone. Living stingy is a compliment for someone, maybe a derogatory term for others. The people who embrace the stingy term may feel proud of them as they own the ability to make great deals.

From my point of view, living a stingy life is more relative to living a frugal life. In a stingy life, you pay for the things that you need and are worthy of you. Except for these, you save your money on everything else. Stingy may seem a negative word for you but let’s take away the negative connotation, we will discuss why it is good to live a stingy life.

What does mean by Stingy living?

Stingy means are unwilling to spend money. Living a stingy life means someone is living his /her life on less; doesn’t want to waste time on unworthy attempts, and tries to find ways to not waste money. Stingy life also refers to living your life below your means.

In clear words, stingy living usually cuts the spending that hasn’t valuable to you. It includes being purposeful about your budgets and directing all of your extra money to get out of debt so that the financial goals can be achieved.

Living stingy sometimes makes you ungrateful or ungenerous but these attitudes must be avoided. If you have the proper mindset and discipline, you can achieve financial blessings. Perhaps, it will take a little sacrifice or a bit of pain, if you want to avoid financial stress then a stingy lifestyle will be the perfect option.

Why does a man/ woman become Stingy?

Why does a man/ woman become Stingy?
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A man/ woman becomes stingy as living stingy is helpful to achieve financial goals. They also become financially independent. Being able to be financially independent is one of the greatest goals of life. Thus, you can save money, and time and can do whatever you may choose. Personal decisions play a vital role in decision-making procedures on how we are spending money.

Living a stingy life will teach you how to budget your money. You can set a budget and track every purchase you make. Thus, you can cut off the waste of your money when planning to buy something. These savings that come from controlling your spending will make a difference in your life.

Living Stingy: A Guide to Saving Money

Living Stingy: A Guide to Saving Money
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If you are ready to start your stingy living journey, these effective tricks will surely help you to make flexible household spending:

1. Make clear goals and expectations

To achieve the best result, make a goal before living a stingy lifestyle so that the financial goals can be achieved easily. Goals keep you motivated and also give you a purpose. You have to pay off all your loans, all your debts, etc. You can create an emergency fund and cut off all the unworthy expenses.

2. Make a monthly budget

A monthly budget is a secret tool to achieve your financial goals. It will give you a reason to spend. You will become intentional in spending. It will allocate your money to things that are worthier to you.

3. Eliminate unnecessary subscriptions

The monthly subscription is a great tool to make richer the owner of the companies. Cutting down the subscription for T.V. is a great way to save money. Instead, you can pick up an antenna by which you can be able to watch free T.V. programs in your spare time.

4. Travel Hacking

Maybe traveling is your favorite thing to you in the world. Travel hacking is using rewards, deals are the greatest things. You can use points that you have gained through using credit cards to have access to free travel on flights or much cheaper ones. Having a membership with some hotels will also facilitate you in some ways.

5. Save money on food

Eating out generally makes a huge dent in your budget. You must start eating better and cooking at home. You should stop to buy more grocery items. Being able to cut grocery items from your list is a huge thing; you can find off-brand items at grocery stores.

6. Enjoy free activities

There are so many free activities out there; they can add more fun to your life by spending less. You can take advantage of free activities such as parks to play in, local festivals, movies in the park, etc.

Disadvantages of living Stingy

With everything, there must be some disadvantages that come along with it. Living stingy has also some negative connotations. There is a stigma attached to people who live stinky lifestyles. They sometimes are not invited by the people because others think them cheap. This is a horrible stigma attached to stingy people.

Another thing is that stingy people need to sacrifice more in their life to be living stingy. They need to sacrifice many things that take tons of their money. This may include cutting the cable connection of the T.V. or going out to eat.


Is living stingy a bad thing?

Being stingy with your capital is a balance to shape your financial goals. It will help you to break bad habits. But make sure that you are not going too far with it as stingy living can ruin your enjoyment in life and destroy your social interaction with people.

Why living stingy gets a bad rap?

Ans: a stingy person may have a negative social image of society. Stingy has also a negative connotation. It instantly draws up images like refusing to share with others, using little money for materials, couponing like crazy, etc. If you are stingy you may feel frustrated when people regularly used to comment on you that you refuse to spend money. 

Final words:

Living stingy is not for everyone, if you have a mindset and willingly accept the sacrifices above described, then you can surely choose to live stingy to meet your financial goal. It will help you to set boundaries around you pause you and let you think about what you want and what makes you truly happier.

By living stingy today, you have the opportunity to think for the future; end up with a comfortable retirement.

But remember that; don’t continue this too far, it must be a temporary solution that has long-term benefits for you.

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