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5 Easy Ways to Stretch Tight Jeans

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Denim is a strong fabric made out of strong cotton thread. Denim is a very long-lasting durable fabric that’s why denim is most popular fabric in all over the world. Almost Paris jeans are made of denim fabric.  Jean came from French word. The first denim trousers were made in Genoa city of Italy. Denim is traditionally coloured blue. Almost all Jeans are made of denim fabric. Let’s know about how to stretch jeans:

There is different type of denim fabric are available Cotton serge denim, Crushed denim, Coloured denim, Printed denim. Coloured denim is manufacture by of different type of dye with sulfur. Cotton serge denim is made of 100%pure cotton thread with mixing denim. Crashed denim are made like wrinkled on it, it look fabulous. Printed denim is fabric printed with stripe, batik & flowers print. No matter how different type of denim are made of, it’s all about cutting and sew give denim perfect shape like jeans, trousers, skirts, jackets, tops, bags, shoe, accessories etc.

Denim is not thin fabric so it’s difficult to sew them. We need certain tools and specific tool set, right needle and thread appropriate for denim fabric sewing. Lighter denim fafric is easy to sew at home.

Jeans Fittings:

Jeans may not fit upon your legs perfectly because jeans have different cut and fits. After every wash jeans go through, the size is changed of it. Some time it becomes tight after wash. The tight fitting jeans also depend on your care. How much you care for the jeans the fit will depends on it. Some time good care of jeans keeps the fittings for long time.

Jeans Features:

Denim fabric is extremely strong and durable that’s why people needed for long lasting cloths and denim was the best for it. Traditionally indigo dye is used for colouring denim. Indigo is important for lots of country for dyeing like Egypt, Greece, China, India, Japan, Peru, Iran, Africa also. Denim is stretchable which is good for body fitting. Being thick denim fabric dose not tear easily. It is very long lasting.  Make sure that your jeans wash with cold water. Take a look at the tips of how to maintain stretch of the jeans.

  • Wash Your Jeans with Hot water: Sometime jeans are become tight after wash. If your jeans become tight because of the stretch, take a tub fill it with hot water and pour your jeans with it. After 2 minutes pull your jeans with hand. It will help your jeans making stretch. Make sure the water is hot in temperature. But, not too much hot it will damage the fabric. After pour your wet jeans in the hot water it may fade the colour, but the fabric become loose of its stretchiness. This is the easiest way to make jeans loose. Make sure your jeans made with 100%cotton fabric otherwise the process will not working.
Stretch Tight Jeans
  • Iron Your Jeans: Hot iron removes the wrinkles of your jeans and make more stretchable. Put the jeans after iron when its help you to get your size. The great advantage of this method is the heat will help to loose your jeans. Heat will quite damage the colour.
  • Lukewarm Water: Spray lukewarm water on your jeans. Put your jeans on the floor and spray the lukewarm water until it fully soaks it. After soaking you have to pull your jeans for 10 minutes. Pull the jeans which part was become tight. Pull it from both sides. For this step you will need someone’s help to place the jeans stay on proper place when pulling.
  • Cut Waistband: Here is a technique that sound hilarious but guess what? Its work! This technique is little bit risky. Go ahead to make cut your jeans waistband elastic in back side and add another piece of elastic. It will definitely work. You can see your jeans become loose.
  • Take a Warm Water Bath while Wearing the Jeans:  Wear your tight jeans and sit on a bath tub fill it with warm water. Enjoy your hot bath for twenty minutes with tight jeans. After bath let your jeans dry. After dry you have to iron your jeans for two times then you will see the result. It’s work! This technique is ridiculous to sound but it’s definitely helping you out to stretch out.

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