How CPU Temperature Affects your Performance?

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The main and peripheral parts of the computer are designed in such a way that they remove all excess heat as much as possible. Over time, no matter how much you want, various adverse factors and loads can occur that increase heating of the elements. As a general rule, PCs don’t like heat; and they can be damaged when exposed to it. That is why knowing how to check the cpu temps is essential, what is the idle cpu temp and once you’ve learned how to do it, you’ll want to keep monitoring the CPU temperature to prevent future overheating. Read here all the details about these processes.

How to identify that your CPU temperature is High?

It is important to understand what is the normal cpu temp? The techniques just outlined will help you if you know which CPU temperatures are too high and what their normal operating range is.

Under normal operating conditions, even if you’re performing demanding tasks like playing a state-of-the-art video game, you want temperatures to be between 40 and 65 degrees Celsius, or 104 and 149 degrees Fahrenheit for our American friends. Any temperature within these normal cpu temp ranges is normal and correct. The idle cpu temp, when it is not working, can range between 40-50 degrees Celsius.

Although it may vary slightly depending on the model of your device and it’s CPU. For example, on a high-end PC customized for gaming and equipped with an expensive cooling system, it is not uncommon to see temperatures around 50 degrees Celsius (122º F). A good cpu temp for gaming isconsidered to range between 70 degree Celsius to 80 degree Celsius A powerful laptop could reach 75 degrees Celsius (167º F) due to limited space for cooling.

cpu temps can exceed 80 degrees Celsius (176º F) when the CPU is pushed to its limits. It is not necessarily a cause for alarm, but do not allow your equipment to maintain this temperature level for long if you can avoid it, as it could cause a decrease in performance.

Long gaming sessions can also strain your graphics processing unit (GPU), so keep an eye on its average cpu temp as well. This is especially important if you have installed a high-end GPU designed for optimal gaming performance, as you will want to play games for hours.

cpu temperature range above 90 degrees Celsius (194º F) for long periods of time can physically damage your CPU; If you see these numbers for several days in a row, take steps to reduce the strain you are putting on your CPU.

Does the temperature of the CPU affect its performance?

As we have already explained above, your computer could slow down if you operate at high cpu temperature range for long periods of time. At temperatures above 90 degrees Celsius (194º F), the CPU may regulate its activity automatically to reduce heat generation. For example, in some cases, a 3 GHz processor could reduce its frequency up to 800 MHz, which would significantly decrease its performance. Some CPUs may be turned off to prevent irreversible damage from high temperatures.

This is why it is very important that you monitor your average cpu temp on a daily basis. This is especially useful if you plan to increase your computer’s performance by overclocking your CPU. This is a very popular technique to get more power out of your gaming gear but at the cost of increasing the temperature. We would all like to play games with optimal graphics and frame rate, but the hardware has limits.

Without a proper cooling method, you could run into problems if you take things too far. This is why many custom gaming PCs use liquid cooling to increase their performance. Since temperatures can affect performance, you must control the heat output of the PC to speed it up.

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