Top 5 Easiest Way to Make Cocktail for New-Year Party

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New Year Eve is here, it’s time to kick out of your door old problems and welcome a fresh beginning. It’s a key to make your New Year Eve grate with friends & Signature Cocktail. Here we discuss how to make best Cocktail ever which rocks your New Year cocktail party. So let’s say good bye 2020 with a Magical Cocktail Drink.

French 75 cocktail with champagne:

There is nothing much good like French 75 Cocktail. This cocktail is going to rock your New Year party. Let’s know how to make it-

French 75 cocktail


One ounce gin, lemon twist for garnish, four ounce champagne, ½ sugar syrup, ½ lemon juice

Making Process:

Take the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup with ice cubes pours it in the shaker pot and shake them very well until it become chilled. Take a champagne glass and pour the mixture liquid on it. Add champagne with it and garnish with lemon twist. Here is ready your Special Magical Champaign Cocktail.

Flaming Lime Shell cocktail with Scotch:

In this New Year change your old beer test. Let’s try something new with dry Lemon Flaming Scotch Cocktail. Let’s go for making process.


Three ounce 12-year-old-single malt-scotch or Bacardi, ½ ounce Campari, flaming lemon shell for garnish, 3-4 piece ice cubes, ½ sugar syrup and ¾ lemon juices fresh squished.

Making Process:

Take mint leaves, lemon juice and sugar syrup in to a Collins glass and press gently. Add 12-year-old-single malt-scotch or Bacardi to the glass and fill it with Ice cubes. Garnish it with a Fleming Lemon Shell top of the glass. Here is ready your unique Fleming Lemon Shell Cocktail.

Lights Out Punch cocktail with Tequila:

Without a special drink you can’t countdown the New-Year. New Year is celebrating in all over the world. Let’s make your new year with this Lights Out Punch Cocktail.


12 ounce sweet vermouth wine, 11/2 tbsp spiced black tea, 24 ounce chilled club soda, 15 dashes Angostura Bitters, 15 dashes Free Brothers Old Fashion Bitter, 8 ounce freshly squished lemon juice, 2 ounce sweet Demerara syrup, 12ounce chilled apple juice, 1 (175ml) bottle Reposado Tequila (take any tequila which one you like the most), For garnish apple slice and nutmeg powder.

Making Process:

Take the Tea and Vermouth in a jar and let stand for 80 minutes. Then refrigerate it. Take a jar and put the tea and Vermouth Mixture. Add soda and others ingredient on it. Stir it to combine well. Garnish with apple slice and little amount of nutmeg powder.

Cucumber cocktail with cucumber vodka:

Celebrate this New Year this classy cocktail with your date. Let’s impress him/her with this unique flavor cocktail.

Cucumber cocktail with cucumber vodka


Cucumber Vodka, Cucumber juice, Lemon juice fresh squished one ounce agave nectar and Champaign or wine.

Making Process:

Take all ingredients in the shaking jar except Champaign. Shake them very well until it becomes chilled. Take a Highball Glass and pour it. Add the Champaign on it. Here is your unique Cucumber cocktail ready.

Rum Punch cocktail:

This is Rum recipe you need to test. This is the easiest recipe to make Rum cocktail. Let’s go the recipe.


2 ounce pineapple juice, 2 ounce lemon juice, 2 ounce Strawberry syrup, 2 ounce White Rum, for garnish pineapple slice and mint leaves.

Making Process:

Add all ingredients in the shaker jar and shake. After shaking put it on to a glass and garnish with pineapple slice and mint leaves. So, this is the easiest way to make this cocktail.

So guys enjoy this New Year with these beautiful cocktail recipes. Happy New Year!

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