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How to wear a Double Breasted suit?

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The double breasted suit, which has come back into vogue in recent years in the clothing of metropolitan dandies, is an elegant but not formal, sober, and never banal outerwear. Modern trends favor blazers, with a distinctly sporty and modern cut.

It is a suit that has its origins in the military, therefore characterized by rigor and austerity, but if worn with a pair of jeans or casual trousers and with the right accessories, it is capable of creating innovative and above all original outfits. 

How to wear a double breasted suit without looking too formal? And above all when to wear it? Follow our advice to save yourself from wearing double breasted suits out of style.

How To Wear a Double Breasted Suit?

Let’s see the following tips on how to wear a double-breasted suit to save yourself from double breasted suits out of style.

Combine it with Bow Tie

Tie and bow tie are the most suitable accessories to wear with a double breasted suit that is also well suited to the split version for daytime elegance, preferably with four buttons. The double-breasted blazer lends itself to a less formal look: choose a pair of trousers with a slim and regular cut and a refined sock for a casual chic look or jeans with a moccasin or a sailing shoe for a sportier and relaxed outfit. Keep reading this article to know when to wear a double breasted suit.

Suits with six booties

There are many variants of double-breasted, but we can say that the basic model (and the most popular one) is with six booties, of which only two can be used. For this reason, it is referred to as “six to two”: the three on the right are purely ornamental and have the purpose of creating symmetry to the double breasted suit on an aesthetic level. The three buttons on the left, on the other hand, are used to button it, even if the uppermost one is not usable because it is usually placed outside and very high.

Among the other models there are also the “four by two” and “two by one,” placed horizontally, where you can only use the one on the left.

Buttons to fasten in a double-breasted suit

In the case of the double-breasted, you can freely choose whether to fasten only the button at the top or the one at the bottom, or whether to fasten both. This is because, unlike the single-breasted, where fastening the buttons is considered bad taste, if you wear a double-breasted one, you can fasten both, even if it is usual to leave one open (i.e., the lower one).

Wear with pants for formal events

If you are worried about when to wear a double breasted suit, remember that you can wear them for formal events. For formal events that require a cocktail outfit, such as weddings, awards ceremonies, luxury ballet and theater evenings, bring a double breasted suit and matching pants. The style of the dress depends on your taste and dress code. It can be a single color like dark blue, charcoal gray, or beige. Or you can wear a plaid, plaid, or pinstripe suit that fully incorporates its retro charm. The choice is up to you.

Whatever you choose, make your dress important, especially when choosing a dress with bold colors and patterns. Choose elegant shirts, thin ribbons, elegant formal shoes as simple as Oxford, and minimal accessories.

They are perfect for an evening with pants and dress shirts.

Double-breasted suits are not just for formal business. You can easily dress up and wear it in the office or at night. To get started, wear a suit and wear it with incompatible pants. Replacing a formal Oxford with another shoe gives you a slightly more elegant yet elegant outfit.

For example, dark blue pants and cognac brown loafers can be paired with an indigo blue double breasted suit and white shirt without a tie. Experiment with different elements of your outfit and dress even more. You can change shirts with a coltrue or sweater or add a vest under the suit. Therefore you must have found the solution to the query, i.e. when to wear a double breasted suit after reading this point, i.e., these suits can be worn on your evening dates.

Casual with sneakers and chino

For hot summer days and relaxed occasions, you can further decorate your double-breasted suit. Is there an easy way to add a new twist to a solid double breasted suit? Wear with a plain T-shirt, Chino, crisp leather or canvas trainer. The blue, gray, or beige double jacket is a white or khaki chino and classic white chuck tailor that creates a fresh, preppy look. Perfect for spring and summer outdoor events where style is required.

The Double-Breasted Men’s Jacket: Is It Only Good For Thin People? 

It’s not absolutely true. It is a tailored garment that is good both for those with a very thin build, to have a more massive appearance and for robust men because, with the necessary indications, it can have a slimming effect. If you have a large chest, an experienced tailor could modify the overlap surface, reducing it. This gives the jacket a slimming cut.

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