8 Best Retro Motorcycles for 2023

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If a category of motorcycles has grown faster than any other category in recent years, i.e., it has grown faster than adventure motorcycles, it is a classic style motorcycle.

Twenty years ago, Triumph released the first modern Bonneville. It is a brand-new roadster, but its style and spirit are borrowed from the classic Triumphs of the 50s and 60s. And this bike was a big hit and showed up.

From street twins to scramblers, slackstons, and bobbers dominating today’s Triumph lineup, there are countless alternatives from competing manufacturers as well as the entire family of variations.

What Makes a Motorcycle Vintage, Retro, or Old-School?

If you made a list of what makes a vintage motorcycle distinctive, it would be quite different depending on who you asked. Some would say it has personality, a low seat height, and heritage behind the model. Others may offer that it needs sex appeal, styling that hasn’t been duplicated, or a design that motorcyclists still talk about today.

Whether you’re a new rider looking for your best option, or a seasoned veteran looking to switch up your ride, it’s hard to deny the rule of cool that old-school bikes seem to fulfill.

However, all will most likely agree that modern motorcycles are still as captivating as their retro counterparts while adding new technology that weaves the past into the future.

Conveniences such as fuel injection, anti-lock brakes, and storage capacity for cargo are three easy items to identify in a modern motorcycle compared to a retro motorcycle. In addition, today’s motorcycle employs more technology than many deem the vintage breeds of yesteryear need.

Which Retro Motorcycle Is Best?

The process of getting a modern retro can be a very interesting experience, though one that is much more in line with buying a regular new motorbike than it is purchasing an actual vintage bike.

This is because contemporary bikes are purposefully done up to resemble motorcycles of decades past. Twelve of the most important factors to take into account when looking for a retro-style motorcycle are briefly discussed here.


The heart of every motorbike, whether it be a modern, antique, or modern-retro model, the engine determines the motorcycle’s overall performance and riding characteristics.

Modern retros are powered by a variety of engines, ranging from modest displacement singles to some of the largest some manufacturers have ever manufactured, so regardless of your level of talent or expertise, there will be something out there for you.

Additionally, just like with any other type or class of motorbike, it’s critical to choose a bike that is the right size, weight, and power output for your degree of experience.


Modern retros come in just about every type of motorcycle under the sun, as was already mentioned before. Because of this, choosing the standard motorcycle genre that best suits your needs and wants should be your first step in your search for a retro-style bike.

From there, you can explore the various modern-retro bikes that are offered within that genre.


Quite literally, appearance is the only factor that distinguishes standard new production models from contemporary retros. Therefore, it’s well worth your time to examine the wide variety of styles that are accessible within that category once you’ve decided which genre(s) best suit your needs.

A good number of manufacturers also offer huge catalogs full of enhanced parts and accessories to customize and personalize these already highly stylized motorcycles, in addition to the fact that many of these machines are available in a variety of liveries.

Below is the list of top vintage-looking motorcycles for 2023.

Kawasaki z900rs

Best Retro Motorcycles

Introduced in 2018, the Kawasaki z900rs is a game-changer, a work of art, and one of the best retro motorcycles.

Based on the slightly angry z900, with a deprecated engine, wheels designed like wire spokes, retro-style seats, modern LED headlights disguised as traditional lights, and machined engine cooling, the Kawasaki z900rs is one of the best retro motorcycles.

At first glance, it looks like a traditional watch, but in the meantime, it has a modern inverted LCD dashboard with all the information you’d expect from a modern classic motorcycle.

Overall, it’s a lot of cycling for money, and there’s also a cafe racer version available at Cafe z900rs.

BMW Nine

The BMW nine, released in 2017, isn’t cheap, but it looks good, makes a statement, and exudes quality.

The passenger frame can be easily removed to give it a unique look. You can also choose between a passenger pump with hidden storage space and a boxer engine with a proven track record of weight reduction.

BMW Nine

There are also cheaper versions of the pure version of this vintage-looking motorcycle and the cafe racer version, or you can customize it almost unlimitedly to create your dream modern classic motorcycle.

The original high-end version with alloy tanks, two watches, high-quality suspension, and more sells for £ 12,745 and is hard to resist. Additionally, there is R80G / S tribute to Urbana / S and high pipe/bird scrambler versions (both from £ 11,060).

But for our money, the R nineT Pure, which launched in 2017, is a more basic version with a steel tank, alloy, cheaper suspension, a unique watch, and fits in well with fashion. The cost is over £ 2000 cheaper. Add the optional drawstring (just £ 395), and you’ll laugh all the way to the bank.

Honda CB1000R

The long-awaited cb1000r is probably the weirdest thing on this list, both in power and appearance.

The previous generation cutout Fireblade engine produces far more power than a 143 hp road requires and has an appearance that sits somewhere between modern bar bikes and modern classic motorcycles.

Although many of the latest technologies are offered, this classic-style motorcycle is actually based on visual details and almost any metal construction.

In 2023, we’ll be introducing the latest TFT dashboards, “spoke effects” wheels, and even better new black versions.

Yamaha xsr900

Released in 2016, the Yamaha sr900 is basically the best-selling mt-09, with round headlights/taillights, a more curved tank, and some modifications to make it look a bit retro.

Especially beautiful is the edition of the 60th anniversary yellow and black gearbox.

Triumph Street Twin

The 2016 Original Triumph Street Twin had a very classic look and wasn’t the lightest bike on the market, but it was very learner-friendly with a low saddle of 750mm.

However, it takes some time as it can be limiter compliant and a2 and fully customizable with Triumph’s vast catalog.

2023 will feature 10 hp, Brembo front calipers, better forks, driving capabilities, upgraded seats with more pads, freshly machined wheels, and gold-finished downpipes.

Moto Guzzi V7 III

The V7 has evolved slowly since 2008 and has a lot to do with its look and sound with many customization options.

It’s also a bit special because the engine is 90 ° mounted on most other v-twin bikes, making it stand out everywhere, and the axle drive makes maintenance easier.

Ducati Scrambler Icon

The seemingly endless variation of the 803cc scrambler was Ducati’s commercial hit. Therefore, in 2018, they updated the icon with new headlights, swing abs, lightweight hydraulic clutch, position indicator speed, and fuel gauge.

Royal Enfield Continental GT650

The Royal Enfield Continental GT650 is a great price. Sure, the 648cc engine may not produce much power, but it’s A2-compatible, and 80% of the torque is available at just 2,500rpm.

They also have a higher beam and offer a more casual version called a more passenger-friendly interceptor.

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