5 Best Small Motorcycles for City Commuting in 2022

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Freedom has many forms in life, but none of them look like a motorcycle. You should always wear a helmet, but it is a unique feeling to blow the wind in your hair, hit the road, and cross the country. But that’s not all. There are many types of motorcycles around, some of which are better suited to living in the city jungle.

We will tell you about the 2022 city commuters in this article. This idea is not entirely new, but the regular viewers these days are quite new. More and more motorcycle manufacturers are focusing on this industry of small motorcycles and fun bikes to travel around the city, avoid traffic and crowded parking lots and even help save fuel.

Most people think that a small motorcycle is not a motorcycle, but we are here to prove you wrong. These new urban commuters are built with quality and agility in mind, so they are a lot of fun to ride. They can even take you on a little adventure all over town.

So do not waste your time and look at the 5 small motorbikes you will be proud to run around the city:

Honda Rebel 300 – $ 4,399

The Honda Rebels are a classic example of the best commuter motorcycle 2022. Famous as an entry-level motorcycle, especially among driving schools and novice riders, the Rebels have stood the test of time and are making a comeback today with a fairly new jacket.

The new Honda Rebel 300, along with its big brother 500, brings the old bike into the 21st century. The 300 Rebel is a sporty cruiser-style small motorbike with a few tricks on the city streets. It’s not a bike you can take anywhere or get the best performance.

Powered by a 286cc engine capable of delivering 24.4 horsepower, consuming 71 miles per gallon, and a base price of $ 4,399, the new Honda Rebel 300 is one of the urban warrior little street bikes.

KTM Duke 390- $ 5,299

KTM Duke 390

The KTM Duke 390 is a KTM version of a best commuter motorcycle with a very good engine. Despite its performance, this bike is underrated and less visible on the road. The KTM Duke 390 character is powered by a 375cc single-cylinder engine that takes the bike forward with the help of 44 horsepower. At a decent price of $ 5,299, this is one of the best options for traveling around the city.

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 – $ 7,499

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 is a new pop star in the best commuter motorcycle world. Packed with some of the best features of an 800cc motorcycle, the new compact Ducati 400cc and 46 horsepower attract novice and veteran riders looking for a cool bike. Driving in the city with this star bike is good and economical.

The Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 performs well and allows you to go on a weekend adventure without having too many or too few bikes. One downside could be the price hike towards the higher end of the spectrum in this category, i.e., $ 7,499.

Honda CRF250 Rally $ 5,199

Honda CRF250 Rally

This best commuter motorcycle 2022 is built to withstand the toughest terrains so that you can ride it anywhere. Look for animals on your daily travels, even in the city. Whatever your goal, you can always find a good way to use this bike. The Honda CRF250 Rally is actually a slightly more familiar CRF250L off-road motorcycle.

It comes with a reset CRF250L motor, which makes it easier to use 24 horsepower and offers many other features not found on such bikes. With LED lights and advanced tires suitable for trucks, it is present on the road. Overall, riding both on and off-road is a fun bike and a very practical bike for everyday use, and that’s only for $ 5,199.

Suzuki TU250X- $ 4,399

The cute little Suzuki TU250X is a beautiful 325 lb little street bikes designed to make your life, travels, and maintenance easy. Accessible by new riders who are both profitable and easy to use, it is almost perfect for getting around town.

With 16 horsepower, it doesn’t climb hills very quickly, but it does it without consuming too much fuel. We can deliver over 80 miles per vehicle. Gallon is cool, and it looks really stylish for a tireless little bike. The base price will increase to $ 4,399.

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