5 Badass Bikes in 2022

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A few people ride cruisers since they think it makes them look extreme. Not generally my thing, but rather fine. A great many people don’t connect riding a cruiser with that troublemaker picture any longer. It’s more probable they partner motorcyclists with their primary school workmanship instructor who rides his Honda Shadow on poker hurries to help the neighborhood firehouse, or the resigned couple nearby who go to Daytona each March on their Gold Wing. Not genuine Brando stuff here.

Get the top badass bikes

Honestly, in the event that you fold into town on your beat-up Yamaha R6 with open lines, you don’t look extreme. On the off chance that you appear at Applebee’s on a metalflake orange Harley-Davidson CVO in a cutoff shirt, you don’t look extreme. On the off chance that you wear one of those skull covers over your face but at the same time are wearing father pants, you don’t look intense.

The best badass motorcycles

So regardless of whether you’re a real boss (burglar? Maverick driver? Torchist?), you’ll need to go the additional mile to be trustworthy. We’re talking passed out bicycle and genuine pull. In the event that your bike has a kickstarter, a hand shifter, or a monstrous two-cycle motor, surprisingly better. Yet, for the boss whose ongoing hip substitution blocks kicking an old shovelhead to life, or who doesn’t have time in his/her bustling timetable (the children have soccer practice, you know) to calibrate the flying on the old CR500, here’s top notch of new boss bicycles that can be bought off the showroom floor—with a pile of fake bills, clearly.

badass motorcycles

Ducati XDiavel

The Ducati XDiavel is less for the torn pants and knuckle reinforcements sort of boss and more for the meticulously dressed, most likely has-suits-customized to-cover a-9mm sort of boss. To a greater extent a digital wrongdoings/global professional killer sort of individual. The XDiavel is smooth and low-threw, yet it’s a bad ass motorcycles Ducati, so its motor is gotten from a superbike. Also, Öhlins makes its suspension (on the S model. You’ll need to get the S model). It looks like it and is the part.

KTM 1290 Super Duke R

It’s notable that the KTM 1290 Super Duke R’s LC8 engine is probably the best motor ever put between two wheels. Never been one for wheelies? That will change on the Super Duke. Never attempted a moving burnout? Ride a Super Duke and you will. While different bicycles _look_badass, the KTM _is_badass. It’ll turn even the most traditionalist, avoid any and all risks rider into a crook. The 177 hp (asserted) can’t be all off-base. What’s more, if adoring it isn’t right, well… You know the rest.

Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory

Like the Super Duke, the Aprilia’s exhibition makes it boss. You can pose all you need on some vintage chopper, however execution challenges your false front. Large torque, cutting edge gadgets, and a race-reproduced case are more boss than everything else. Who’s more boss: Al Capone or the person with the neck tattoo who held up the neighborhood 7-Eleven? The Tuono is Capone.


For the conservative (or amateur), I’d be neglectful to exclude a Harley-Davidson on this rundown. The 2019 Softail Slim mirrors an exemplary origination of misconduct. On the off chance that you’ve gotta have a H-D, the passed out bobber is the best approach. No compelling reason to do a speedy Rust-Oleum work on this one all things considered. The covertness look comes directly from the processing plant. Furthermore, that Milwaukee-Eight 107 motor is a torquey thing that should be useful for sidestepping cops or opponent packs or whatever. The Hollywood handlebar likewise makes an advantageous roost for lashing one’s sawed-off shotgun.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

With north of 300 hp, the Kawasaki H2R is the most boss bike on earth. Its supercharged inline-four motor conveys speed like no other creation cruiser. Likewise, it isn’t road lawful, so in the event that you see somebody pull close to you on one of these, you’ll realize they have some genuine chutzpah. Try not to be tricked by its H2 kin with a “simple” 200 hp. The R has it.

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