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Creating a Delightful Outdoor Experience: 4 Ways to Do It Right

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It’s common for new homeowners to spend time perfecting the indoor space because there’s so much of it. Even after unpacking, it’s often only then that they realize that moving was only the beginning. Now the real work starts. Once the layout, indoor décor, and furnishings seem under control, it’s perhaps time to turn attention to the outdoor space now. To create a delightful outdoor space to spend time in this summer, here are 4 ways to do it properly.

1.     Add a Front Porch

If you’re got sufficient space at the front of the house for a porch, it’s almost a shame not to have one. Being able to sit comfortably while looking out into the distance can provide a useful perspective on life. For people with busy families, it offers some time alone occasionally too. A porch can be designed in various ways to suit the orientation of the front to the sun to provide sufficient shade to sit unobstructed. Porches from companies like Outdoor Living Inc. offer an excellent wood finish that’s simple, functional, and affordable. You can then add some padded furniture to chill out there.

2.     Transform Backyard Seating Areas

Seating can be arranged on a patio and this would be typical. But for gardens that include some old trees as features, they can be utilized in unexpected ways. An older tree can provide shade on hot days without the need for a patio umbrella. Also, it can be used to hang overhead lights for a relaxed orange hue spread across the seating area. The lights can be set to different colors, or using a string of LED lights also works well too. In parts of the country that don’t suffer from too many bugs at night, this solution provides a twist on the traditional patio seating concept.

3.     Introduce Landscape Gardening

Using landscape gardening, it’s possible to turn a visually uninteresting backyard into one that’s a delight for the eyes and a treat for the senses. Features can be introduced like a small fountain, a stone pathway across the lawn to reach a separate shaded seating area, a pond, or other items. Adding rock, granite, and mid-sized boulders to create distinctive landscaping serves to lend depth and separate one part of the backyard from another. Also, landscape alterations can be done over the months, rather than all at once. It’s always best to create a complete design for the garden but that’s subject to budget and time restrictions.

4.     Upgrade the Fencing Around the Property Line

The fencing confirms the property line and discourages trespassers onto your land. Also, for neighbors, it provides clarification when adding new plants or wanting to cut down trees or shrubs. While fencing can be long-lasting, it doesn’t last forever. When it has become an eyesore and seems beyond repair, getting it replaced is in order. Fencing is available with wooden styles, aluminum designs for a distinctive appearance, or in different colored vinyl slats. Each has its pros and cons for flexibility in appearance, durability, and so on. By adding new features to the outdoors, it’s possible to considerably expand the living space. Doing so can make the home feel more expansive and less necessary to move to a larger home in the future too.

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