The Reason Why Everyone Waiting for Terra Formars Season 3 Release Date

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It has been four years since Terra Formars: Revenge has ended. Furthermore, presently the fans are enthusiastically hanging tight for terra formars season 3, mainly after a brief look at the upcoming arc in the form of OVA episodes. Its fans are getting curious to see the following installment of their favorite anime. So will it ever return? Here are all the latest details regarding the anime.

Terra Formars is a Japanese action-fantasy anime series. It is the adaptation of the manga of the same name by Yu Sasuga. The anime series made its debut with an OVA episode, which aired on August 19, 2014. The first season aired on September 26, 2014, and ran for thirteen episodes. The show’s second season premiered in 2016, which also ran for the same number of episodes.


The story began in the 21st century when scientists decided to send a mixture of mold and cockroaches to terraform Mars. In the year 2577, Bug 1, the first crewed mission to Mars, was quickly wiped out upon arrival and discovered that cockroaches had evolved into giant cockroaches, inhabited creatures called Terra Formars.

The crew of Bug 1 warned Earth about what had happened on Mars and were able to send a transmission before they died. The crew of Bug 2, the second crewed mission, will take practical steps to improve their combat capabilities, but Terra Formars will also kill them. The story of the failed Bug 2 mission has been adapted into two OVA (Original Video Animation) episodes from Terra Formars released in 2014 in volumes 10 and 11 of the manga.

The first season of the anime adaptation began 20 years after the Bug 2 mission. The A.E. Virus affects humanity, and it is believed that Terra Formars may carry a cure for the virus. A third mission was launched, called Exhibit 1, and this part of the story was the focus of all the manga chapters released between 2012 and 2016. The show’s Annex 1 saga was also central to the first and second seasons of the anime.

Terra Formars Season 3: Renewed?

The fans last saw this anime back in 2018, when the creators delivered two OVA scenes. Since the time then, at that point, there is no information on the anime. The creators didn’t drop or restore terra formars season 3. So, the fans are still hopeful that it will return. In 2017, Terra Formars manga publishing went on a hiatus for an indefinite period because of Yu Sasuga’s health issues. 

Do The Makers Have Enough Source Material?

After going on a hiatus, the manga returned in 2018 for its final run. The makers published two more volumes that year to conclude the show. The anime series only adapted eleven volumes of the manga series. And the makers have published a total of 22 volumes. And that means Liden Films, who produced the previous two seasons of the anime, has more than enough source material to create Terra Formars Season 3. They can make two more seasons of the anime easily with that much source material.

Terra Formars Season 3: Will The Anime Ever Return?

The debut installment of the anime show got a great response from the viewers. The critics also appreciated the show. However, its second season received quite the opposite reaction. The fans didn’t like the new tone and its anti-climactic ending.

Neither the viewers nor the critics responded positively to it. And that’s the main reason the makers decided not to produce Terra Formars Season 3 despite having a lot of source material. All the hopes for its return were gone with the conclusion of its manga series. Since now the anime does not have anything to promote, it is unlikely the makers will ever release its third season.

Conclusion what are the possibility and broadcast date of the 3rd season of “Terra Formars” anime?

Considering the possibility of the third season of animation (sequel) from this information, it is doubtful that we’ll see a season 3 of terra formars anime as Disc profit is hardly expected. There is no other conspicuous source of revenue. There is a high possibility of a large deficit.

So it is a good idea to enjoy the original manga without expecting the anime’s third season.

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