How to Be More Environmentally Friendly: Here are Some Simple Tips

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Have you ever wondered how to be more environmentally friendly? With the current state of the climate, you wouldn’t be alone. People all over the world are taking steps to become more mindful of the environment. 

You may be wondering, what steps can I take in my own life? With so many ideas on how to go green circulating everywhere, it may be hard to find a place to start. 

Since we only have one Earth, it’s important to take care of it. Here are five helpful tips on how to be more environmentally friendly.

How to Be More Environmentally Friendly in Your Home

If you are wondering how to be more eco-friendly, start within your own house. Find ways that you can reuse products and recycle more instead of using single-use plastics.

There are many different alternatives to plastic that you can use in your everyday life. Buying reusable coffee cups, glass containers, and buying bulk foods can help to limit the amount of waste in your house. 

Installing solar panels in your home is also a great way to show that you are caring for the environment. The benefits of solar panels go father than helping the planet. Solar savings also includes saving you money on your electric bill!

Make Lifestyle Changes

Eating animal products is not a very sustainable way to eat. By cutting down on the number of animal products you eat, you can help the environment with little to no effort!

Not only will eating a more plant-based diet help the environment, but it also is great for your health. Making this lifestyle change will make you feel good in many ways. 

Travel Smart

While it may not be realistic to walk everywhere you go, cutting down on the amount you drive your car is a way you can show that you are caring for the environment. 

Carpooling with coworkers or riding your bike to work once a week is a great start. Also, limit the number of trips you take by trying to do all of your errands while you are already out. This not only saves you time but it saves the environment as well!

Buy Used

If you are looking to buy new clothes, consider checking out local thrift stores first. Buying new clothes not only is more expensive but also contributes negatively to the environment. 

You can also consider renting movies or books from your local library instead of buying new ones. This saves on the energy used for the production and transportation of the products and doesn’t require new materials to be used. 

Be Water Smart

Make sure you don’t waste or overuse water. You can take shorter showers and don’t let your sinks run for a long period of time. You can also try to wait until the dishwasher and laundry machine is full before running them.

Not buying plastic water bottles will also help you save water as well as reduce the amount of plastic you use. 

Keep the Planet Happy

If you were wondering how to be more environmentally friendly, this list is a great place for you to start. By watching what you eat, using clean energy, and reducing waste you will live a more mindful and rewarding lifestyle.  If you are interested in learning more about ways to improve your life, check out more of our lifestyle posts!


We should all try our best part to be environmentally friendly. This means conserving energy, recycling, and using less water. We must take responsibility for planting more trees and flowers. By being environmentally friendly, we can make a difference and contribute to save our earth.

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