Quanzhi Fashi Season 5: Release Details & More

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The full-time Magister Toka series has captured your hearts since its first release in 2016. In the fourth season, Chinese animation shows have become more and more popular all over the world. Therefore, demand for Quanzhi Fashi Season 5 has peaked. Fans want to know when their favorite Quanzhi Fashi manga adaptation

 will be back. Have you updated Tencent yet? So here are the answers to all your burning questions.

Quanzhi Fashi is a Chinese anime series (known as Donghua) that debuted in China in September 2016. The show’s story is based on a light novel series called Versatile Mage by popular author Chaos. Also known as a full-time magister, this animated show is one of the best-known Donghua outside of China. Therefore, it was updated shortly and added installments. The fourth season attracted a lot of attention after its premiere in May 2020.

The story of Toka is centered on Morgan, a high school student who wakes up in another universe. The new universe has many similarities to today’s world, but magic has replaced the essence of science. Now, Mo Fan’s life is almost the same as his previous life. He is still the son of a poor worker and has a sister-in-law with a disability. When accepted by a well-known magical institution, the protagonist is left in rags due to his poverty and lack of magical abilities. A popular Chinese animation show introduces their adventures in trying to take advantage of magical elements.

Quanzhi fashi season 5: Renewal Update

The fourth season of the full-time magister was much more popular than the previous season, so looking forward to Tencent QQ. It was a successful project for the producer and profitable enough to return to the next round. Therefore, shortly after Season 4, viewers began to speculate about Quanzhi Fashi Season 5. Rumors began to spread with posters and official trailers.

Unfortunately, the trailers on the internet are not original. This is a Season 2 clip with a fake Season 5 tag. Now, on the bright side, it turns out that Tencent is already updating Donghua for another round. Some fans reported that the producer confirmed a full-time Magister Season 5 update at the Tencent 2020 Video Animation Conference event. In addition, the company is said to release its next viral poster during the Donfa event.

Currently, Tencent has not yet released an official trailer for Quanzhi fashi Season 5. However, given that they have already updated their deliveries, the long-awaited trailer may appear on the screen in a few months. Therefore, they will update this section as soon as the video is released.

Quanzhi fashi Season 5: Release Date

The second and third seasons of the full-time Magister release took less than a year to return. But on the contrary, in Season 4, they had to wait two years before the premiere in May 2020. Therefore, it is speculated that it may take longer for the new season to return. However, the renewal took place shortly after the end of Season 4, so Quanzi Fashi’s fifth season may be currently in production.

Production has already begun, so new episodes may arrive sooner than expected. Currently, Tencent or other Toka producers have not yet announced an official release date. However, at the earliest, the September or October 2021 premiere of the versatile mage anime seems more likely.

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