Baby Steps Season 3 Release Date Cancelled or Coming?

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Studio Pierrot’s tennis-themed anime is one of the best sports anime of this decade. For years, fans have been waiting for Baby Steps Season 3. However, rumors say that the sequel is probably canceled. Will it ever return? What’s in the future of this heart-warming anime series? Can fans save it? Hence, here are the answers to all your burning questions.

Baby Steps is one of the finest tennis manga series ever. It began serialization back in 2008 and continued for a whopping total of 47 volumes until December 2017. Then, the critically acclaimed fan-favorite storyline was picked up for an anime adaptation by Studio Pierrot, and the first season aired between April and September 2014. Within a few weeks of its release, the anime won the hearts of thousands of viewers and became a fan favorite. As a result, the studio took no time to renew the second installment, which debuted in April 2015.

Baby Steps  Summary of Anime TV Series

The story of the baby steps anime revolves around Eiichirō Maruo (also known as Ei-chan), an excellent student who used to act according to logic and common sense laws. Unlike other geniuses, he’s not a geek but, on the contrary, is an ordinary guy. When Ei-chan learns that cutie Natsu Takasaki (also known as Nat-chan) is attending the Southern Tennis Club, he decides to join the sport as well, given that the real man must always be in good shape. Soon, Ei-chan realizes that Nat-chan is a straightforward and positive girl who is a tennis fan and a good player. She has played tennis since childhood. But how can Ei-chan impress this pretty girl? He is not a professional player; besides, his opponents have played this game for many years.

Tennis is a game that is usually compared to chess. If we look at the professionals, among whom we can find such players, who analyze in depth the techniques of his opponent and his psychology and behavior, to win. Thus, Ei-chan has found his path and begins to follow the style and practices of his opponents and keep records. A wise trainer named Yusaku Miura has little noticed that a newbie has an eagle eye, and he can “read” a game as well as grasp the move. Ei-chan possesses resoluteness, so he comes to train his muscle memory, gain experience, and eventually become a champion. In “Baby Steps” season 2, Ei-chan decided he wants to go pro.

Baby Steps Season 3: Renewed Or Canceled?

As of now, Studio Pierrot has neither renewed nor canceled the third season. While many fans are raising questions about the anime’s future, the studio hasn’t answered any of them. However, rumors say that the anime might be on the verge of cancelation. Well, the main reason behind the same lies in the abrupt end of its source material. Kodansha called off the Baby Steps even though it was selling off pretty well back in 2017.

A MAL comment revealed that the publishing company unnecessarily fired mangaka Hikaru Katsuki. The commenter went on to say that the manga was canceled because Weekly Shonen wanted to change genres. This is exceptionally unjust to the writer and the readers since the story wasn’t complete and had much potential to continue for a few more years. While none of this has been confirmed by any official source, the abrupt end to Baby Steps is still shocking for its fans.

Now that the manga has ended, the chances for the return of Baby Steps Season 2 have also decreased. Most of the time, studios produce anime adaptations only to promote their source material. Likewise, Baby Steps’ second season was greenlit just when its manga’s sales were at their peak. Considering that there is no content to promote, Baby Steps Season 3 will find it hard to get producers.

Yet, considering the popularity of the franchise, the renewal of another season is still likely. If enough fans are protesting for the sequel, Pierrot or any other studio might take the risk. Hence, there is still hope for baby steps season 3.

Baby Steps Season 3 Release Date

Currently, Studio Pierrot or any company related to the anime’s production has not greenlit the third season. However, even if they renew it right away, the new episodes may take a few years to arrive. Therefore, a 2022 baby steps season 3 release date seems the most logical.

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