4 Subscription Services for The Modern Men

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There are lots of differences between men and women, but on a social level, one of the differences that rarely gets spoken about is man’s desire for shopping. Or should that be a lack of desire for shopping?

While most women love nothing more than hitting the shops and browsing the stores for new things, new clothes, new skincare products, and even new homewares, men will usually bulk at the suggestion.

Why Men Hate Shopping

It’s not all men, some men adore shopping and will happily go with their partners, but if your man doesn’t like shopping, there’s a good chance that you won’t be dragging him out to the stores any time soon, even if he desperately needs a new pair of underpants!

This is where subscription services can come in handy. Sign him up for a few subscription services and get all of his necessities delivered to him every month, without him having to set foot in a real store or even shop online if he doesn’t want to.

Here are four of the best subscription services for men, saving them time and giving them a little something to look forward to every month.

Cologne Subscriptions

For some men, getting them to wear a nice cologne is mostly impossible, but that’s usually because of the sheer effort of going to the store to smell them all and choose a cologne they like, not to mention the expense of accidentally getting one they really don’t like.

This is where services like come in, providing your man with a new cologne sample every month. He can order the same cologne every month or switch it up a little bit to try something new.

It’s flexible, and he will smell great. A win/win all around!

Beer and English Ale

The popularity of English ale and craft beer has slowly grown in the US in recent years, and more men are turning to this traditional drink over the more popular lager-based options like Becks and Heineken.

If your man likes to sample craft beers, get him a monthly subscription so he can have a different beer delivered every month for him to enjoy.

A Cooking Subscription Box

Some men love cooking, some men hate cooking, and some men don’t know how to cook.

If your man falls into the latter category, then a meal prep subscription box will be a really good idea to get him into the kitchen and build his confidence.

These boxes usually contain all of the ingredients you’ll need for weekly meals and instructions on how to cook them too.

A Monthly Grooming Box

Ever since the Dollar Shave Club hit the scene with their monthly subscription to shaving products, there has been an explosion in the number of grooming boxes available to men.

From hair care to beard care and even skincare! Your man will thank you for organizing a monthly grooming box, mainly so he doesn’t have to go and shop for the products himself!

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