24 Sites Like HDonline.to to See Favorite Movies without Any Problems

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Online streaming of entertainment content has become very popular and is a great part of everyone’s life in the world today that we live in.

There are thousands of websites and applications that people use for streaming entertainment content online but one of the most popular among all of them is HDonline.to website.

So, today we are going to talk about HDonline.to alternatives. But first, let’s take a look at a brief intro to the website HD online.

What is HD online?

If you are looking for a substitute for Netflix or Amazon Prime, then HD online is the right place. HD online over the years has become the number-one choice for the streaming of online entertainment content for free.

There are thousands of people always active on the site watching their favorite movies and web series. One of the main reasons behind that is their extremely good service when compared to other online entertainment content streaming service providers.

Because of its popularity, the server of this site gets huge traffic. So, it has become a little difficult for the creators to keep it working all the time.

What are the features provided by HDonline.?

There is a reason why HD online has become so popular among people around the world. As we have already mentioned that thousands of websites provide the services of online streaming of entertainment content but HD online is one of those that stood out among all of the others. The main reason behind that is the features provided by the site which are:

  • Great quality content is provided. Just like the name of the site, it provides the best quality video and audio. So that audience gets the best experience.
  • The interface of the site is very simple and easy to use for everyone around the world even if they are not the best at handling modern technology.
  • Advertisements are there on the site for earning money. But the frequency of advertisements is very less giving the audience the best experience of the movies and web series they are watching.
  • Great specification and classification of content are there based on what kind of movie or web series it is.

Why look for HDonline. alternatives?

Well, now you might be thinking if this site is so popular and the features that are provided by the website are certainly good that then, why should you even look for any HD online.EU alternatives at all.

The reason for looking out for alternatives is the popularity of HD online. The huge popularity has led to heavy traffic which causes the problem. This heavy traffic makes the server of the website crash more often and hence creates problems for the users.

That is why we are going to tell you about some amazing HD online alternatives so that you can use them whenever you need them without facing any problems.

24 sites which are HDonline.to best alternatives

Alternatives are something people are always searching for. For example, if you don’t have a subscription plan to watch Netflix, then you definitely search for good alternative websites with HD quality pictures to watch your favorite show with a packet of popcorn. Isn’t it?

Thus, we have a list of 26 HD online alternative websites to make your search journey smooth.

#1. Moviewatcher.is


This website is a great option for the latest HD movies for free.  The great feedback from the users of the website gets this website into our list of the best 26 HDonline.to alternatives.


  • The maintenance of the website is great helping it to work properly all the time.
  • Advertisements are rare in the case of this website giving the users the best experience of the content they are watching.
  • Great classification in the genre of content available on the website helps every type of audience to make a wise choice of the content they want to watch.

#2. Solarmovie

This HDonline.EU alternative website does not require any registration to watch movies. This free website provides good quality videos of all genres like comedy, thriller, love, etc.


  • Easy to use interface of the website gets it on the list so high because it is suitable for even people who are not technology-friendly.
  • Has a huge amount of content available on board and there is hardly any movie or web series not available.
  • Less frequency of advertisements helps users to get the best experience of the content.
  • Its Search engine option will allow you to find the show you want to watch. 

#3. 123movies.hub


The user experience on this website is great. In this HDonline alternative, you can find high-speed streaming. It has a big database and 123movies.hub is a free website that does not require any registration for online streaming. We assure you of a great experience on this website.


  • There is a star rating system for every piece of content available on this website to help the users choose the best content.
  • The feedback from the users is that there are very low advertisements that help them get the best experience of the content they are watching.
  • Classification is very accurate and also creates a list according to the user’s preferences helping the user not worry about what to watch next.

#4. F-movies

According to many around the world, this is one of the best HD online alternatives and this gives the highest quality of videos and audio to the users. This site was created in 2016 and got blocked in December.


  • The quality of content available is very good as you can find all kinds of movies.
  • Any smartphone user can operate this site.
  • Available for the users to use all the time without any problem.
  • Advertisements are a little higher than the others but still, it is acceptable and gives you the best content experience.

#5. Movies4k

There is a great chance that you have already heard about the site as It is very popular among movie and web series lovers all around the world. It is formerly known as Movie2k.to.


  • Just like the others, it gives the best quality of content.
  • Available in German, Russian, and English
  • A huge amount of content is available on this site for the users to enjoy.
  • The advertisement rate is very low for a free site.
  • It has a site guide or directory as well.

#6. Movies4u

This internet website basically pirated ups movies, series, and tv shows for their viewers for free. Movies4u contains a huge variety of content starting from Hollywood to Tollywood.


  • The interface of the website is very simple and easy to be figured out for anyone.
  • Every kind of movie, web series and television shows are available on this website.
  • The quality of content can be changed according to the user’s needs.
  • Comes with a good and catchy homepage.

#7. Megashare.su

This is one of the greatest and largest HD online alternatives. This streaming platform does not host any of the videos. It depends on third-party sources. It has a steady growth till 2014.


  • Users can filter the shows and web series according to their preferences and make their own list of favorites.
  • The server can handle a huge amount of traffic and so it is very unlikely that the server will crash.
  • This free website will let you download the movie to watch later in offline mode.
  • The website interface is quite easy.

#8. Losmovies.to


Another adorable platform for people to stream their favorite content online. This is a great choice for users. You can easily access all the new releases on this site.


  • Great classification in the genre and the type of content that is available.
  • Apart from classification huge amount of content is available on this website for the users to spend their time watching.
  • It provides a fast downloading speed.

#9. Vumoo.cc


Not very different than the other HD online alternatives that we mentioned in our list. Great site for movie lovers to watch for free. Its clean design attracts visitors the most.


  • Great quality videos and audio is available on the website.
  • You can make a list according to your own choice and preferences to watch later.
  • HD download is available for offline mode.

#10. M4ufree

A great choice for people who are movie lovers, the server might go down sometimes but it gives an overall great experience to the users. This site will let you download anything starting from movies to videos without any interruption.


  • Every kind of movie and web series and television show is available.
  • All the versions of content are available be it dubbed or subbed.
  • Classification in content is great.
  • You can watch your show at 360p, 480p, and 720p.

#11. Yesmovies.to

Just like the name you should say yes to this website because it is one of the best HDonline.EU alternatives. You can watch thousands of movies in super quality that too is for free. Its polished design and unique features make it an excellent streaming site.


  • The best quality audio and video are available.
  • Does not require any registration to watch any show.

#12. 123movies


Might sound similar to one of the previous ones but it is called an illegal website by the Motion Pictures Association of America. It is a lover on the list than that one because the features are not as good as the previous one.


  • Most of the content available but not all are of the highest quality.
  • A simple use interface for the users is available.
  • You can use it with clone sites.
  • It is safer side rather than the other torrent sites.

#13. Putlocker.sc

The leading website that started in America in 2014 allows viewers to watch online entertainment content for free. This site also provides movies in a dubbed version for every language.


  • The homepage of this website is simple to use.
  • There is a feature with the help of which a user can ask for content that is unavailable on the website.
  • It has got a star rating system for all the content available on the website.

#14. Popcorntime.show

Go grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy everything that you want to watch. This is a safe website as it is not malevolent if you download it from a reputed source. You can enjoy your show with HD-quality pictures with subtitles.


  • A great amount of content is available.
  • Every genre is available and the content is classified in that manner only.
  • The audience does not have to think about what to watch next because of its recommendation feature.
  • There are no restrictions. You can watch anything whenever you want.

#15. Sonycrackle.com

Another great website in our list of HDonline.EU alternative is Sonycrackle.com. This website is the best for people who want to see trendy movies and web series at the moment. This site is available in 21 countries and it is mainly popular in hotel chains.


  • If you are one of those who like watching the content which is trending at the present then this website is perfect for you because it recommends those content.
  • Just like some of the other websites, it has a star rating system for the content available.
  • Let the users create their own list of favorites and watch them later.

#16. Vexmovies.org


This is another HDonline.alternative worth mentioning in our list. Vexmovies.org is a perfect platform to watch the TV series or films of your choice. This site also shows the IMDB rating for every piece of content. The search tool is also available for locating the content quickly.


  • Not the largest number of content available but huge enough to not make you finish watching everything for decades.
  • For audiences who love the classification of content according to the genre.
  • The rate of advertisement is so low that it gives the best experience of the content available or the content a user is consuming.
  • The database arranges movies according to the release date.

#17. Movies25.me

Not one of the most popular among the people who love watching online entertainment content but a great advantage is you can roll in different websites through this one.


  • The quality of the videos and audio is high and is more than enough to give you the best experience.
  • Easy to use interface for the users and can be handled even by not-so-technology-friendly people.
  • A star rating system for all the content is available.

#18. Gomoviesfree.com

This free website has plenty of movies, series, etc. Initially, it is known as 123 movies but it has several other domains now. Just go for it and we say you will not regret using this for your entertainment content-consuming purpose.


  • Content is available in all different qualities and can be chosen according to the need of the users.
  • A huge amount of content is available on the website.

#19. Primewire

Primewire is known as 1channel when it was launched. But after several times it was named as LetMeWatchThis and Primewire. This HDonline.alternative has an index of movies from various sites.


  • A huge amount of content is available just like the others.
  • The advertisement rate is very low.
  • The easiest site to go around and find what you exactly want to see.

#20. YifyMovies


This is one of the greatest torrent sites where you can watch several movies and shows online and offline whenever you want.


  • No overabundance of ads.
  • Extensive collection of movies with subtitles.
  • The super-easy interface will help you to search for anything without any complications.

#21. Zmovies

Another HDonline. alternative free website to download high-quality movies on your computer or phone. This site does not ask for registration. However, if you want to get an updated version, then you need to sign up.


  • You can download anything of your choice and watch it later offline.
  • Great content is available in three different sectors – TV series, Popular movies, and New releases.
  • Comes with a powerful search box.

#22. Wolowtube.me

Just go for this one and check it out for yourself. It is now available in more than 30,000 countries with amazing content. You can use all the features without any obligations.


  • Great quality of videos and audio.
  • Great classification in content types and genres.
  • You can also search by the actor’s name and year.

#23. 5movies

5movies contains all the latest entertainment in more than 25 categories. You can start your streaming journey by using its landing page. 


  • Easy to use interface.
  • The content available has a star rating system.
  • Fresh content is available

#24. Streamdor

This video streaming service is great for watching TV series, movies, news, and sports.


  • In-depth analysis with a huge amount of content available.
  • Comes with an advanced algorithm.


We have mentioned our top 26 picks as the HDonline alternatives for you all. Each and every website has something unique of its own. On many of the sites, there are also paid plans which offered features like advertisement-free content streaming and early access to content.

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