10 Best 123movies Alternative Sites To Watch Online Movies 2022

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Owing to time crunch and our busy schedules, we hardly get any time to relax and entertain ourselves. Reading literature has taken a step back and that was quite some time ago. Platforms that offer thousands of films, shows, and similar quality content has taken over the market. They have really good content, but sadly, none of them are free. All of these OTT platforms require paid amounts to watch their content and to create a paid account on these platforms, one needs to spend quite a lot.

For them, various other sites have shows and films for free. These are not OTT platforms and do not have original films or shows made by their own production companies. The newly released films also arrive slightly later than the original OTT platforms. One such site is 123movies. At its peak, it had around 98 million users.

What is 123movies?

123movies was a site operating from Vietnam that let its users watch films for free. At one point in time, it was deemed as the “World’s most popular illegal site” and in 2018, it was shut down after a criminal investigation by the Vietnamese authorities. Various clone sites have been created of it and many other sites which are similar to it, though most of them are eventually shut down after remaining operational for a few years. There are various 123movies alternative sites which are used widely by people.

How to use these sites?

The first thing you must keep in mind while trying to use these sites is that many of them may be blocked or suddenly stop existing, due to regulations set by the government. Even when they are functional, most of these sites are illegal, as they promote piracy. You need to have a list of 123movies alternative sites which are operational. You also need to know which sites can be opened using a proxy or a virtual private network. There are clone or mirror sites of these websites that can be used, if functional.

Protecting your cybersecurity

A lot of these sites are breeding grounds for malware and viruses. Thus, you must be very careful while using such sites as they might harm your device, whether an android smartphone, a PC, or a laptop. It is best to use a VPN as well as an antivirus while accessing such sites.  Using a premium account to access paid OTT platforms might reduce such risks. A lot of these sites also trick their users into believing that they can be accessed for free, just by creating an account, but then need online payment to let the user stream content. Many such websites have a free account extending only to a month of usage and need online payments, at least registration, for further use. Thus, one must carefully read all rules and regulations before signing up or registering on any such websites.

123movies Alternative
123movies Alternative

10 Best 123movies Alternative Sites

Now, we will take a look at the top 10 123movies alternative sites where you can watch films for free. You can also use the mirror or clone sites of these sites if the original sites are non-functional or blocked, as they so often are.


One of the new streaming sites, it offers its users the biggest advantage by blocking ads and unnecessary pop-ups. It has features similar to 123movies and a wide range of films, both new and old, and a large number of shows. It also provided information individually about every available film, including reviews and ratings.


With a database that is best suited to someone who has a particular film or shows in mind, or a list of films or shows that they want to watch, Vumoo- does not require registration to be used. It has very few ads but zero pop-ups. However, it does not have its content divided into separate genres.


It is well known for its organized and feature-rich user interface. All of the films have been categorized into languages, genres, and also their ratings. It does now show any adverts during the playing of your video and you can enjoy good cinema without even having to register. It also offers superior picture quality.


Another site that helps you enjoy quality content such as the best movies and shows high quality without having to register. It is a website that is easy to navigate and thus the film or show you want to watch will be found pretty easily. It has all kinds of films, old classics, to newly released blockbusters, all at your fingertips. It also has all its content divided into separate genres.

Yify TV–

It is a torrent site where one can watch and download films for free and without having to sign up. It is a user-friendly website that organizes its content into various genres, and according to ratings, reviews, the cast, the director, and also according to their time of release. The greatest advantage of this site is that you can also read reviews about a particular film that you are about to watch or download. It has both mediocre and high picture quality available for all of its films.


Often thought to be the best 123movies alternative site, this site is also known for its striking similarity to 123movies. With a similar color theme and features, Putlocker also has the advantage of fewer ads than most other free streaming websites. Housing a large number of films and shows from around the round, Putlocker is definitely a frontrunner, when it comes to sites similar to 123movies.


A good 123movies alternative site will have fewer ads that can be blocked with adblocking widgets, this site features a huge number of films from different genres. From horror classics to modern action blockbusters, this site has films of all kinds to offer. It updates its collection regularly and you can filter your search according to ratings, genres, and various other categories.


Featuring a movie player that can be controlled using keyboard shortcuts and a user-friendly interface, and an interesting theme, this site has the most recently released films and the newest episodes and seasons of shows. You can also filter the search results according to what you exactly want to watch. There are fewer ads and even they can be gotten rid of by using adblocking widgets and you can get rid of annoying pop-ups by using a good VPN.


Definitely one of the best 123movies alternative sites, Pikashow has a user-friendly interface and an array of exciting features. It features the latest films and seasons of shows and also old classics that you can watch over and over again. You can use the website and also download the app, to access the app from your home screen itself. You can use this for an unlimited amount of time and watch an infinite number of films and shows, from all genres. You can also filter your search results and arrange them according to various criteria.


The homepage of this site is designed in such a way that it will make you feel like you are using a premium streaming site. It has a very polished and very sophisticated appearance, though it is a free site. You can get your desires search results by just typing a keyword into the search bar and you’ll also get suggestions based on what you’ve recently watched. Add to that the fact that all content on this site comes with a rating, synopsis, and reviews from top critics to give you a basic idea of what you are about to watch, without spoiling the content. Thus, it is one of the best 123movies alternative sites and offers a huge variety of quality content.


Thus, now that you have quite a long list of the best 123movies alternative sites, you can start binging good films and shows and start checking off one entry at a time from your “To watch” list. And you do not just have to keep yourself confined to a certain list, genre, or era. You can watch a wide array of films from different genres, times, directors, actors, and languages as well.

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