Fire Force Season 3: What We Know Till Now, The Release Date, The Characters, and Many More

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In the world we live in today, it is not just the real-life camera-recorded films that are the source of entertainment to us. People are exploring different forms of digital entertainment content. Our perspective is going wider when we see it in the case of embracing the different forms of entertainment content.

This widening view of the entertainment content is one of the major reasons behind the booming popularity of Anime or Animated Films. This is something people are going crazy over. Some years ago people thought that animated content are cartoon, but now they have accepted that when the art is good the form of entertainment will always thrive.

You too are an anime fan? Then, you must have heard the anime named the Fire Force Season 3. Here, we will share all the information regarding this manga.

What is the Fire Force anime based on?

This anime is originally based on a manga named “Soul Eater” which was created by Atsushi Okubo. The main character or you can say the hero of this anime is a person who is a pyrokinetic of the third generation whose name is Shinra Kusakabe and his special ability is that he is able to ignite his feet with fire. This is not the end here.

There is another team of pyro kinetics named the Special Fire Force Company 8. The main character of this anime, Shinra Kusakabe joins up with this special team of firefighters to fight infernals. Infernals? What’s that? So, these are basically humans who have turned into living blazes and the reason behind their turning into living blazes from humans is spontaneous combustion.

Some basic information about the previous seasons

The first and second seasons of this extremely popular anime had last streamed in December of 2020. At that time, it had made into the list of the top 5 most-watched and streamed Animated Series on Amazon Prime Japan. This popularity of the animated series has given the creators the motivation to create a Fire Force Season 3.

The excitement about the next season of this anime is huge among every anime lover. It is very less seen that everyone is so excited about an anime. The last time this thing happened was with Attack on Titan, which is another anime of a different genre. Now, it seems like the wait is about to end because the creators have hinted at the return of this anime with the release of Fire Force Season 3.

What is the official release date of Fire Force Season 3?

We have already mentioned that the creators of this animated series and Atsushi have just put a little number of hints which suggests that the Fire Force Season 3 is going to happen. Apart from these hints, there is no officially declared date of release of this anime so far. But we will say one thing that the fans should hope that the release of this anime season 3 is going to happen soon because after the two seasons that sales of the manga have gone high and now it has almost reached the sky. ‘

According to the official “Fire Force,” Twitter handles that by late April in the year 2021 the official sales of the copies of the manga had gone to a total of 15 million copies. So, with that amount of sales, it is very hard to believe that the creators are not thinking about capitalizing on the popularity of this anime and not giving it the next season. The excitement is real and the creators know that so surely there will be another season.

What will be the probable plot of the Fire Force Season 3?

We are just going to mention this first no information can say surely what plot the Fire Force Season 3 will be following. If we go with our guesses then we can say something about this new season’s plot. The anime is totally based on the manga. Season 1 of this animated series covered volume 1 to volume 11 of this till now released 30 volume manga and the season 2 covered from volume 11 to volume 20.

So, keeping that in mind, if the manga is truly at its final point then we had said that the season 3 will be covering from volume 20 to the potential end of the manga unless the creators think of stretching it and giving fillers that were done in the case of Naruto and Bleach.

The cast of Fire Force Season 3

As we do not have any concrete details about the plot of the Fire Force Season 3 so we cannot surely say about the characters that will be there. One thing is for sure we are going to see a huge amount of old character returns and there will also be the introduction of some new characters. In the case of the voice cast too we will see mostly the returning cast.


These are all the information that is available about Fire Force Season 3 till now as per the official announcements made by the creator. If some announcements are made in the future then we will surely update you all with that information.

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