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Kitchen Design: How to Achieve a High-End Look on a Budget

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It is often assumed that the only way to achieve a true high-end look in the kitchen is to spend a fortune on designer furniture and fixtures. In reality, it is perfectly possible to create a kitchen that oozes luxury and sophistication on a budget.

As with most things, it is a case of bringing a touch of creativity and innovation into the process. Not to mention, knowing which aspects of kitchen design to focus on in order to get maximum bang for your buck.

Whether you are planning a complete refit or simply looking to enhance your current kitchen, here’s how interior designers make big things happen with small budgets:

1. Stick with neutral or classic colours

The key to quality kitchen design lies in prioritising timelessness over trends. Step into any ultra-luxurious kitchen and you will almost always find that the space is predominantly decorated in neutral or classic colours. Often with occasional or frequent pops of colour, but with a mostly neutral backdrop, nonetheless. Think of soft and inviting shades like cream, ivory, linen, misty greys and so on, when selecting colours for the largest areas of your kitchen.

2. Focus on symmetry and streamlined surfaces

Clean lines, symmetry and consistency are also a staple feature in high-end kitchens. This is where all furniture and fixtures in the kitchen are strategically selected and installed with careful consideration of all other features and fixtures.  The result is a unified, seamless and streamlined look, with a sense of graceful balance and orderliness; the opposite being a kitchen where everything seems to have been installed randomly, with no thought for anything else in the space.

3. Add glossy reflective surfaces

Perfectly polished reflective surfaces are the ultimate short-cut to kitchen sophistication.  One of the best ways of achieving a designer look on a budget is to bring one or more glass splashbacks into the space. Toughened glass splashbacks pair pristine presentation with robust protection for the surface beneath. They can be manufactured in any imaginable shape and size, with colours and finishes available to perfectly complement all interiors. You can even customise the creation of your own bespoke splashback, featuring any design, pattern or print you like.

4. Keep clutter to a minimum

In high-end kitchens, everything has its place. One thing you notice instantly when walking into a luxurious kitchen is how there is little to no clutter on its sides and surfaces. Everything is hidden out of the way, using intelligent storage solutions to keep things sleek, minimalist and much easier to clean.

5. Focus on the details

It is amazing how the littlest touches can add up to the biggest difference when designing a kitchen. A key example of which is basic kitchen hardware – covering everything from light switches to electrical socket plates to taps to door handles and so on. These are the kinds of quick and easy swap-outs that can bring an instant air of sophistication into almost any kitchen. It can also be one of the cheapest ways to achieve a sophisticated look, if out to revamp your kitchen on a budget.

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