10 Best Female Anime Characters? Everyone Would Love

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Japanese animation is full of women – or young girls – whom it is best not to rub shoulders. And above all, don’t get upset! From Dragon Ball Z to Fate / Stay Night via Berserk, here is a small list of 10 very badass and best women from Japanese animation. Unfortunately, we had to face some drastic choices for this list! Some female characters had to be put aside… The list would have been far too long otherwise.


We begin this list with the inevitable C-18, the powerful and very charismatic cyborg of Doctor Gero. Resistant to combat and unsympathetic, C-18 remains a character, all the same, endearing his strong personality. Most importantly, she is able to beat Vegeta without – almost – any effort which made her one of the popular anime girls. Fortunately, she loses her bad temper a bit in the rest of the episodes and even has a daughter with Krillin.


A member of the Hand of God, she is also the only woman in the group. Sadistic and sublime, she delights in pain, cruelty, and perversion, and above all, she loves tormenting Guts. Besides, she confronts him in Qliphoth. And even in its most rudimentary form, it is ten times, a hundred times, thousand times more powerful than humans and Shito.


Full Metal Alchemist is no longer present. Definitely one of the best anime of the 2000s; it’s packed with badass women! Whether it’s Riza Hawkeye or even Luxure. But a choice had to be made… and so it was Izumi Curtis. She already taught alchemy to Edward and Alphonse Elric, but also because her claim of “simple and kind housewife” hides a scathing and bloody character. But even though she has a very strong tendency to be aggressive (never call her “old”), she is also warm and ready to help others.


The only goddess on this list. Bishamon is an extremely powerful goddess of war and is one of the Seven Gods of Happiness, which also refers to the seven deities of good fortune in Japanese mythology. She has a lot of Shinki – with whom she is very protective – but only uses nine. Thanks to them, she can switch weapons whenever she wants, adapting to the situation. And even injured, she was able to face Yato, affirming immense tenacity and strength. But what remains the most palpable – and funny – is, all the same, the ping-pong match between these two!


Tsunade, the badass and the only female Hokage of Konoha, is also one of the three legendary Sannins and Orochimaru and Jiraya. She is, therefore, the most powerful female ninja! Making her one of the popular female anime characters but, what makes her even more endearing, charismatic, and even fun is certainly her character to be cut with a knife. Easily irritable, cynical, addicted to alcohol and gambling, Tsunade has it all! But she also has a heart and takes her role as Hokage very seriously. She is also a splendid medical ninja and masters her chakra perfectly, which gives her incredible strength.


Saber is undoubtedly an essential female character in Japanese animation. She is one of the main heroines of Fate / Stay Night. Serving Emiya Shirou during the 5th Holy Grail War, Saber is upright, courageous, and determined. She also possesses Excalibur – the most powerful and majestic of the holy swords – which allows her to slice almost anything. And she has the ability to make this sword invisible.


There couldn’t be a list without Erza Scarlett. No, it was impossible. Mage of Rank S – already not bad – she is undoubtedly one of the strongest anime woman character and one of the most endearing. Despite her young age (19 years old), she already has a great character and grandiose strength. “Titania” also has an awe-inspiring array of different armors. The legend goes that one day, Erza knocked out Natsu and Gray to force them to become friends, and, since that day, they are afraid of her… And we will not forget that touching moment when Erza discovered her powers but allowing him to come out of slavery.


The second cyborg on this list, and not the least, since it is Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. Section 9 Squad Leader Motoko Kusanagi stalks cybercriminals – among others – but what makes her so exceptional is her body. His cybernetic body, which has very advanced technology and gives it superhuman strength and hallucinatory reflexes. She’s also the best part of Section 9. It’s worth noting the difference in how the character is treated between animated films and anime, but she’s still a badass.


Mikasa Ackerman is a leading character in Shingeki no Kyojin. She is extremely linked to Eren, who saved her from human traffickers. And that’s why she has this red scarf that she never takes off. However, it’s not her scarf that makes Mikasa one of the most badass characters in anime, but her personality and her fighting spirit. She has a keen sense of right and wrong, a protective instinct towards her “family,” and steadfast composure. As a soldier, she is one of the best, and even finishes first in her promotion! She manages to lift Eren and heavy loads effortlessly. Skillful, fast, and strong, Mikasa is also very endearing all these qualities make her one of the best female anime characters to be ever created.


Tanjiro Kamado’s little sister. She is, along with her older brother, the only survivor of her family after a demon attack. However, although she retains her human memories and feelings, she has also turned into a demon.

Now sensitive to the sun, she is transported during the day by Tanjiro in a wooden crate.

Since her transformation, she has possessed several powers, including regeneration, superhuman strength, the ability to grow and shrink quickly, and a technique that allows her to burn the blood outside her body.

Notable Mentions


A member of the Mugiwara crew, she is the last survivor of Ohara Island and a symbol of rebellion against the World Government. She is one of the only people still alive who can read the Poneglyphs.

Thanks to her devil fruit, the fruit of hatching, she is also a formidable fighter capable of hampering or defeating powerful opponents. She also has one of the best anime girl names “Boa Hancock.”


Akame enjoys the life of a slayer. She is considered the most powerful member of the Night Raid and is said to have a definite knack for assassination, according to Gozuki. In combat, Akame uses Kiriichimonji, a saber that causes damage that is incurable (we imagine sepsis …). Later, she obtains the Murasame Imperial Blade, which, if it hits anyone, automatically condemns them (even the slightest scratch is fatal). Without a weapon, Akame is just as formidable as she can defeat enemies with her bare hands thanks to her strength and agility. She, too, is immune to most poisons, which is an excellent asset in combat if opponents’ blades are poisoned. Akame overall is very cool anime girl but sadly she couldn’t make the list.


The hardest one to leave out because when you sacrifice yourself for your crush who faces a big boss while announcing to him that you love him when you’ve wanted to confess all the love you have for him for years and then take a beating, you deserve to be in the list, but sadly she didn’t make the cut although she is loved by the Naruto fandom she is one of the cute anime characters in the show.


Who is the best female character in anime?

Indeed a very debatable question as everybody’s choice is different. But you can check out the list of best anime female characters to decide for yourself.

Who is the coolest anime girl?

The coolest anime girl or woman, should we say, will Tsunade. What makes her so remarkable is her fun side, which includes gambling, drinking Saki, and beating Jiraiya when he is caught doing something pervy.

Who is the most popular anime girl 2021?

Attack on Titan the Final Season took the anime fandom by storm, and Mikasa Ackerman plays a pivotal role in the series, so it is only logical that the tag of the most popular anime girl in 2021 should go to her.

Who is the No 1 Waifu?

Again a very debatable question, but this time we have an answer: Hinata Hyuga. She loved Naruto when no one did, watched him in secret, rooted for him, and later on got married to him.

Who is the cute anime character?

All the female characters mentioned in this article are cute, but in a very deadly way, so you can choose the best one after reading this article.

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