5 Budget Trekking Places in India

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Trekking is the best activity to refresh our minds and body. Many people avoid trekking because of its cost, but many budget-friendly trekking spots are available in India. Most people think low-budget treks will not have fun and adventure as the high-range trekkings. Even these tiny budget trekking also have the same thrill and beautiful sights of greens. Many popular and famous trek spots are available with low budgets, but people are unaware of them.

Many places around India provide cheap and best trekking experience, and most of the locations will be similar to the high-level trekking spots. These budget-friendly treks are helpful for beginners and people with low-budget indexes. These treks are also capable of boosting your inner spirit and making you more active and energetic. For kids and senior citizens with enthusiasm for tours can choose these cheap trekking options.

Top 5 budget-friendly treks

Many trekking options are available around India, but only some are very cheap to access. These low-budget trekking options are available within ₹4000 along with some additional charges. Trekking requires some equipment like a tent, eatables, official papers, and other things. Trekkers can even control their budget by carrying their products instead of buying from them. And the cheap budget-friendly trekking locations are

  1. Kedarkantha trek
  2. Sandakphu trek
  3. Valley of flowers trek
  4. Chopta chandrashila trek
  5. Kuari Pass trek

All these trekking places are very cheap and money worth trips. Native people of these places interact more with other state people and foreigners.

Kedarkantha trek

This Kedarkantha will be the best spot for trekking in winter, and the journey goes through regular forests and the forest of massive pine trees. This Kedarkantha has many natural viewpoints for the perfect view of all the mountains. From the height, the people will have an excellent view of the Himalayas ranging from the peak ofKedarkantha.People graded this trek as easy to complete, and it is suitable for children also. The highest point of this trek is about 12,500 feet.

The height of this trekking point is very than other similar trek points. The best season to travel is in the winter season, from December to April. In this time, the whole place will have a white cover with fresh snow, and it will be the best nature-filled place all around India. It is in the Garhwal Uttarakhand region, and the trek starts from the Sankri village. And by the path, trekkers can enjoy the view of 13 Himalayan peaks. These are the best parts of the Kedarkantha trekking experience.

Sandakphu Trek

This Sandakpur trek is commonly known as the natural heaven, and it is one of the cheap trekking places in India. It is a beautiful destination, and this place is well known for being the home for the fourth and fifth highest peaks in the world. The mountains are the mighty Mount Everest of 8848meter, Kanchenjunga of 8586 meters, Lhotse of 8516 meters, and Makalu of 8463 meters. From the top of the Sandakphu, trekkers can see these peaks.

This spot is well-known for its adventure, and they graded this trek as a moderate trekking trail. People can visit this spot twice a year. The altitude level of this trek is 11,929 feet above sea level. Summer will be the best option to see seasonal wildflowers blooming, and winter will be perfect for witnessing pure snow.

Valley of flowers trek

This valley of flowers is famous for its beautiful wild blue primula flowers. It is also one of the best places for low-budget trekking. This trek spot has gorgeous snow mountains and different flowers on both sides, and the beautiful lake at the 4300m, and a mesmerizing view of the gliding Riveron the center of both peaks.

It is an easy to moderate level trek. July and August are the right choices for visiting the valley of flowers trek. For this valley, both these months are monsoon season. The place of this trek is in the west region of  Uttarakhand Himalayas. The height of this peak is 15,000 feet, and it has an easy trek path for all kinds of people.

Chopta Chandrashila Trek

This trekking path provides a 360 view of the majestic Himalayas. It also provides views of some peaks like Nanda Devi, Kedarnath, Nilkanth, and Panchachuli. The maximum altitude of this peak is about 4000 meters above sea level, and it is a pretty easy trek compared with other trekkings. The name of this place means moon rock in Hindi Chandra refers to the moon.

 And it requires some amount of stamina and physical fitness. It is not so long as other treks, but it can cause strain on trekkers’ legs while climbing the peak from sacred temple to Chandrashila peak. In this location, May and June are the best months to visit. This trek location is one of the famous peaks for trekking. The Chopta Chandrashila trek is well known for its stories.

Kuari Pass trek

This Kuari pass trek is one of the best short treks in the region of the Himalayan range. This Kuari pass trek will be a perfect option for beginners, and it will be the best choice for first-time hikers. Shepherds use this pass for grazing their cattle and sheep. It has many peaks views, attractive green covers, forest trek roots, and the best camping sites.

The maximum height of the peak is about 12,800 feet above sea level. To reach the top of this peak, trekkers have to walk through the mighty Himalayan meadows. Trekkers interested in nature can visit this location, and there is a manageable level of difficulty for this spot. December to March are the best months to see the Kuari pass trekking location.

Budget trekking

Trekking provides a good feeling and endless energy for your spirit. These locations mentioned above are the best trekking places in India for beginners. And people working with high stress and depression can have some relaxation time by doing some activities lite trekking. It reduces stress and depression level in humans. These cheap budget-friendly treks will help to reduce your expenses.

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