How to Organise a Live Stream Funeral Service

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During the coronavirus pandemic, social restrictions were put in place all over the world to limit the number of people who could gather together in one place.

One of the saddest consequences of such policies was that people were not always able to attend the funerals of family members, colleagues, and friends that they would have liked to have gone to. What a number of funeral venues did at this time was introduce live-streaming services for the first time.

The idea has proved to be so successful that many people now want to continue with it even though there are no limits on attendance due to potential contagion.

So, if you are organizing a funeral and are thinking about live streaming it, what are the sorts of things you ought to take into consideration?

Find Out Who Would Like to Attend Virtually

Perhaps you have family members who reside overseas? Maybe there is someone who’d like to come but cannot get away from home because they are ill or caring for someone else.

There again, it could be that the timing of the service is too early to allow certain individuals to get there on time. Whatever the reasons may be, it is worth asking before booking the funeral venue if anyone will want to follow the service online as it is streamed.

This way, you can establish whether or not streaming will be worth it. If everyone ends up turning up, then perhaps you don’t need to live stream after all.

Check the Venue’s Rules

According to one expert in funeral arrangements in the UK, Newrest Funerals, choosing the right venue is crucial when you want to live stream. Firstly, not all venues allow it. Secondly, not all venues have the right sort of equipment.

You’ll need to use their webcams and microphones to produce the video and audio for the service. It is not considered to be the right thing to try and live stream from your phone using an app.

Ask about the service they can offer and choose an alternative location if necessary so that people will be able to follow the service virtually.

Send Invitations Out

It is important people know how and where to access the live stream. The service should not be broadcast over the internet but only be available to invited people. This will usually involve them going to the venue’s website and entering a password or PIN.

It is a good idea to also send a copy of the order of service to virtual attendees so they can follow what is going on more easily.

Try to Ignore Cameras During the Service

If you are giving a reading or a eulogy during the service, then don’t be camera shy. Most good funeral homes have cameras hidden away at the back so you won’t notice them or even know where they are.

Speak normally to the people present and avoid addressing the virtual attendees directly. Remember that they will be merely following proceedings and not contributing to them.


The funeral service is a somber occasion for those families who loses their loved ones, but it does not have to be a dull one. There are many ways to organize a live-stream funeral service.

By using your imagination and creativity or you can hire an event planner, so you can make sure that your loved one’s final farewell is special and memorable forever.

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