10 Top Wiziwig Alternatives Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Live Sports online

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Most people around the globe are intrigued by sports’ widespread appeal. They cannot continue watching TV for news, updates, and broadcasts. This issue can get solved using sports streaming services, which give users access to numerous sports-related content at all times and from any location.

The top sports streaming service, WiziWig offers all the latest sports news and has a big collection of sports videos. This website makes it simple to view sports broadcast videos and read the latest sports news.

It contains a package for all of the well-known games, including basketball, hockey, football, and cricket. This website has all the pertinent news, information, telecasts, and news regarding American sports in particular.

Due to its high-quality service and consistent updates for sports streaming, WiziWig has become a well-known website. But regrettably, because of its discontinuity, users have been unable to access this site for the last year.

It is the reason why people are searching for a cheaper and better option to enjoy online sports. The top 10 WiziWig alternatives that are both cost-effective and offer the same services as WiziWig are listed below. Browse the list below to find the best sports streaming service for you.

Why sports streaming sites are so popular?

Sports streaming sites have become increasingly popular in recent years. There are several reasons for this.

First, sports streaming sites allow viewers to watch live sporting events from anywhere in the world. It is convenient for people who may not be able to watch the event live on television.

Sports streaming sites often offer a variety of different viewing options. For example, some sites allow viewers to choose between different camera angles or view multiple games at the same time. It gives viewers a lot of control over their viewing experience.

Sports streaming sites usually have very good picture quality. It is important for people who want to be able to see the action.

Overall, there are many reasons why sports streaming sites have become so popular. They offer a convenient way to watch live sporting events and provide viewers with a lot of control over their viewing experience.

Why do you need more sports streaming sites?

It would provide more choices for people who want to watch live sports online. There are currently only a few major sports streaming sites and they do not always offer the best selection of games or the best quality of streams. Having more sports streaming sites would provide more competition and would likely lead to better quality streams and a wider selection of games.

Another reason why there should be more sports streaming sites is that it would allow people to watch live sporting events from anywhere in the world. Currently, most sports streaming sites are only available in North America and Europe. However, if there were more sports streaming sites, then people in other parts of the world can watch live sporting events. It would be especially beneficial for people in countries where live sporting events are not often televised.

Overall, there are many reasons why there should be more sports streaming sites. More competition would lead to better quality streams and a wider selection of games. Additionally, it would allow people to watch live sporting events from anywhere in the world.

Best 10 Wiziwig Alternatives Sports Streaming Sites

Here is the list of the best Wizwig alternatives to watch sports streams online:

1) Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV
Red Bull TV

My favorite free sports streaming website, RedBull TV, is the ideal substitute for wiziwig. This website is remarkable and has unmatched HD quality.

Contrary to other sports streaming websites that focus on football, hockey, cricket, etc., this one offers access to live events, television, and some unique sports like air racing, cliff jumping, enduro, skating, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, mountaineering, car rallies, surfing, and my favorite, mountain biking.

Along with all of these sports, it also enables you to stream unique events like WRC seasons, UCI seasons, Crankworx seasons, RedBull Cracked ICE seasons, TV shows like Mx world, Chasing the dream, Made in, and No Contest, an incredible selection of movies, cool music, dance, and some other things like adventure, culture, e-sports, festivals, Formula 1, Ice Cross Download, motor racing, winter sports, and water sports, making it a great transmission

2) Laola1 TV

Laola1.TV is a fantastic Wiziwig substitute. The website is now available in English and German. You may play a variety of activities on Laola1.Tv, including table tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball, soccer, ice hockey, and motorsports. Live streaming gets also supported by it.

Despite being an Austrian website, this one does not require a VPN to stream, unlike the other websites. The absence of practically all commercials is also one of its best features. There are simply advertisements displayed, and after registering for free, you can make your page, add your favorite teams, personalize the watch list, and do a lot more.

3) Streamwoop


A fantastic sports streaming website is Streamwoop.net once more. Golf, baseball, ice hockey, football, basketball, soccer, and more sports are available. The ideal platform for streaming sports is this one. Among these advantages, you could have some trouble with the streaming of commercials because it can be a headache in this case.

Selecting your best match is all that is required. A long list of websites that broadcast that competition will get displayed to you. Select View SD from one of them now. It occasionally leads you to the advertisements page when clicked. Simply open the previous window once again in that situation. After selecting View SD, click the link in the box below. Then suddenly you are alive.

4) On Live TV

On Live TV
On Live TV

One of the top sports streaming websites is live TV. This website offers unmatched HD quality in 12 different languages, just like Red Bull TV. Football, ice hockey, basketball, table tennis, tennis, baseball, badminton, volleyball, cricket, handball, and other uncommon sports like billiards, gymnastics, and futsal may all be watched live on television.

The video archive contains videos that are updated every day. It offers popular videos, top streams, upcoming streams in the left corner, match of the day, upcoming leagues, and fan clubs, in contrast to other websites. Wow! And because of that, it’s a fantastic live sports streaming service.

By registering it, you may also alter it to suit your needs, and you can even make bets on forthcoming games.

5) BBC i-player

BBC i-player

The British Broadcasting Corporation, which John Reith started in 1922—or around 96 years ago—is the oldest broadcasting company in the world. The BBC decided to develop a platform in 2007 to stream BBC shows online. Online TV stations, live events, and online-only content are all available.

If you missed a live show on BBC i-player, you don’t have to feel terrible since BBC Player provides lets you rewind and start the live program from the beginning. You can stream sports, music, radio, TV, culture, and much more with all of these features. More than 30 sports and sports news programs are shown on BBC. However, there is a drawback to all these wonderful features: live streaming is only accessible in the UK.

6) Stream2watch


The sole focus of Stream2Watch is sports. Football, basketball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, golf, handball, rugby, snooker, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, UFC, auto racing, and 500 live TV channels of sports, kids’ programs, and free movies are all available here. Obtain Education.

The last benefit is that it has almost 10+ channels for pornographic TV without charging extra for them. It’s easy to navigate the user interface. Simply click on the supplied link, choose the game you want to watch from the list, register on the website, and you are ready to watch your favorite sport.

7) Live Football

Live Football
Live Football

Live football has proven to be a fantastic substitute for wiziwig. Wow, there are 58 languages on the website! Isn’t that incredible?

You may broadcast live here and find sports like Moto GP, F1, and UFC, as well as exclusive movies and sports channels. Here, in contrast to other websites, you may also get sports news. Overall, this is the finest website for football fans.

8) FromHot


A website that offers sports streaming is called fromHot.com. You may watch hundreds of live tournaments in numerous sports, including baseball, golf, cycling, auto racing, tennis, basketball, football, and more. The best feature provided by fromHot is that you must personally look for your ideal match since, like other matches, if it is online, it will appear in the list.

By your time zone, you may easily change the website’s time. In contrast to other websites, this one has a new function that lets you see what’s popular, how many people are seeing it, and where the most people are located.

9) Sport P2P

Sport P2P
Sport P2P

Another well-known source for internet sports streaming is SportsP2P.com. You may change the time zone, watch live sports, and check live highlights and results, exactly like fromHot.com. You can stream over 25 different sports.

You may now filter the information for a certain sport here based on your nation. The website is now quite popular as seen by the approximately 11,000 daily visitors and 68,000 daily page views. Statistics show that SportsP2P.com is valued at $15,000 in total.

10) VIP Leagues

VIP Leagues
VIP Leagues

One of the most well-liked websites for watching live sports is this one. Currently, the website is available in seven different languages, allowing a wide range of sports lovers to use it.

It offers a comprehensive sports directory with 20 other categories in addition to football, rugby, the Australian Football League (AFL), tennis, golf, baseball, boxing, and cricket. The streaming service is decent other than that, the advertising may be intrusive.


You have read in this article about the top-rated, dependable sports streaming service that can record all of your preferred sporting events whenever and anywhere. You may access limitless sports updates for free on all of the mentioned websites.

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