These 10 Travel Tips Enhance Your Travel Experience And Help You To Travel Like The King

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Have got the traveling genes in your body, have you? Well, there are many of us like that, who just can’t waste a good vacation, sitting at home and lazying around.  For many of us, vacations and traveling are synonymous. It might be the weekend; it might be a  two-week break from work; it might be a month-long leave which is the result of not having taken sick leaves and so before.

It might also be a year-long sabbatical. Well, whichever it is, if you are looking to travel, it needs to be perfectly planned. Well, to be honest, we all like a few unexpected things happening around us, but we can’t be entirely unprepared, can we?

Thus, we are here with this article to provide you with some wholesome travel tips that will fill your trip with pleasant surprises but prevent you from getting into unexpected, problematic situations. These travel tips are pretty easy to follow and will greatly enhance your traveling experience.They are pretty easy to understand as well, and all you need to do is go through these travel tips just once and you’ll get the gist of it.

Getting your basics sorted

If the groundwork and planning of your trip are not right, then, no amount of travel tips will help. You need to start planning your trip by being clear about what you want from this trip. Depending on that, you will need to decide whether you want anybody with you and if you do, how many and whom. The purpose of your trip depends on the duration, the people you take with you (it might also be a solo trip), and what you actually want out of this trip.

 Before you actually start planning, look up places on the internet, magazines, and talk to another fellow “ Bohemians”. Make a list of the places that you want to go to the most. Do not choose a place where lots of people and it’s crowded. From this list, cross off the ones that are not possible for you to go to for some reason or the other. Our travel tips will help you with these.

Once you choose a place, research everything about it. What’s there to see, what season is best to visit it in, the places to stay, and the food you can eat. These will help you get an estimate of the cost.

10 Things To Follow Before Travelling

Now, let us take a close look at 10 things one must keep in mind or 10 of the best travel tips that will enhance your travel experience and help you to travel like a king without worries :

Choose the most unexpected places

This is one of the best travel tips that one can give you. Rather than going somewhere where everybody would prefer to go, go somewhere, where very few people go. This way, you will be able to avoid irritating crowds. You will also not have to worry about struggling to find a place to stay or transportation. In case of choosing such places, research it thoroughly, and do not miss out on anything.

Stop with the distractions

Do not let the constant buzzing of your cellphone or the craving for your laptop stop you from having fun. Having fun doesn’t always mean going out with friends and clicking selfies. It can also mean taking interesting little hikes through forests or laying under the sun all day, in a beautiful meadow, and reading a good book. Leave work and all your problems aside for the duration of your trip.

Doing the correct packing

Now, this might seem like the most cliché among all the travel tips, but it’s the most important. Pack correctly. Pack everything you might need. Pack a towel. Pack an extra towel. Pack medicines. Pack an extra pair of slippers or shoes. Don’t pack more than you might need but don’t be underprepared. Pack the lightest clothes, which are suitable for the place and the time of the year.

Having a map

Keeping a nap on you at all times is important. Take the road less taken. Venture into that forest than you can see from far. Trek the hills. Leave your worries behind. Explore. Leave all the laziness behind. Keep your phone away and connect with strangers. Leave the map on your phone aside and ask the locals for directions. Get deliberately lost. Experience something that you have never experienced before.

Visit the local tourism office

Now, this is among the most important of all the travel tips. Travel to the local tourism office and get your hands on one of their vouchers. Read it. Know all about the place that there is to know. Visit the website. Find out the routes to each place and places where you can eat and places where you can stay. You can also talk to local guides, as they are the ones who know the best.

Prioritizing security

Always carry a lock with you. Lock your suitcases and backpacks to prevent theft. Know the combination of all your locks correctly. If you are traveling by public transport, then security is very important. You don’t want your phone or wallet or other valuables are stolen when you are away from home, do you?If you have electronic devices with you, link them to your phone so that you can find them easily if they get lost.

Learning their lingo 

Now, this is the most interesting and fun of all the travel tips. You can learn the local language or at least some of the phrases used by the locals there. It helps you in communication and also, you get to learn a new language. Isn’t that exciting? It will also help you to remember that place better. If you have the habit of writing travelogues, then a foreign language or dialect will help greatly.

Changing your schedule

Now, this is pretty important. When you are at home and have to get to work, you usually do not get enough sleep. The only time you get to spend relaxing is at night and thus, you go to bed pretty late. But you must remember to change this when you are on a trip. You will be tired as it is, from all the walking and trekking and hiking.

After a hearty meal, you’ll start wanting your bed anyway. It’s best if you go to bed early and wake up early, after a solid 8 hours. This way, you will be able to visit more spots, and also avoid crowds.

Book in advance

There are places where you cannot go if you do not have a ticket. Do not wait to get there to get a ticket. Book a ticket, online, in advance. Pay for it online. Keep the ticket with you always. Having the printed copy and also the soft copy on you at all times will help you greatly. Keep multiple copies, if possible.


Well, this is the last and the most important. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Explore. Get out of your comfort zone. Travel like a king but don’t do things that have been taken for granted. Do whatever makes you happy. Go places alone, and take time for yourself. Rejuvenate your tired soul and mind and body. This is your chance.


Well, now you know what you have to do to have an amazing trip. On a trip, you not only enjoy but also learn a lot and experience things like never before. These travel tips will help you do exactly that and you will have an amazing traveling experience. Well, all the best then!

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