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The anime adaptation of The Island of Giant Insects has been available on Crunchyroll since January 12, 2021.

About The Island of Giant Insects

The Passione studio adapts the manga of Yasutaka Fujimi, Shû Hirose, and RED ICE. In addition to the film, an OVA is offered in an uncensored version. Released in Japan in June 2019 with a manga tome, it covers part of the film with some sequences for informed audiences.

Takeo Takahashi (Spice and Wolf, Aki Sora) dons the cap of chief director for this title at the Passione studio. Shigeru Morita (Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova) signs the script, and Takayuki Noguchi (Queen’s Blade: Rebellion) is behind the character design.

The manga by Yasutaka Fujimi and RED ICE was released on the Champion Cross (Akita Shoten) site in 2014. However, it is still unpublished in some countries, while Crunchyroll had announced the acquisition of the OAV serving as a prequel.

Summary of the Island of Giant Insects

Students from Hosho High School were on a plane when it crashed under mysterious circumstances. Mutsumi Oribe is thus stranded on an island with some classmates, but they discover with horror that giant insects inhabit the island. However, thanks to Mutsumi’s knowledge of the wild world, the survivors organize themselves to hold out until help arrives. Indeed, they should be there within three days.

Facts you didn’t know about the Island of Giant Insects

It started as an Online Manga instead of being physically published

Dissimilar to most anime dependent on a distributed manga, The Island of Giant Insects began as an online manga on Akita Shoten’s site Manga Cross. Initially, it was carefully accessible on the platform Champion Cross before it was moved to Manga Cross.

Later on, it was genuinely distributed through Akita Shoten. Thus, authoritatively, the island of giant insects manga finished in 2019 with six volumes and 43 parts before proceeding onward to its continuation, Die! The Island of Giant Insects, which is as yet progressing. Presently, the follow-up has three volumes and 18 sections that can be found on Manga Cross.

There is a Live-Action Short film

To advance the anime film, kyochuu rettou raw got a true-to-life short. Checking in at around four minutes, the short prodded the story’s most standard components: goliath bugs attempting to eat individuals who will, in general, lose their garments.

Coordinated by Noboru Iguchi, the limited time short secures on the central pair, Mutsumi and Chitose, while a significant dark insect assaults them. The reaction to the short was by and largely positive, with responses going from genuine fervor to unexpected joy. The irony originates from analysts who contrasted the short with a grown-up film, which isn’t too impressive given the source material.

Its reviews are not very good

For all the promotion its group financed as an example of overcoming adversity produced, The Island of Giant Insects didn’t get the best reception. On both IMDb and MyAnimeList, the OVA and film couldn’t break the 5.0 rating mark. The most elevated it’s anything but a 4.6 for the film. Nevertheless, a few watchers felt that the anime did what was necessary to be scarcely tolerable in the best-case scenario.

Then again, harsher critics called the animation (particularly the bugs’ CGI) inferior and didn’t care for the barebones composing. A few commentators even said that the anime was just possibly better than amusingly awful grown-up films, where a generally dainty plot scarcely legitimizes overlong intimate moments. Thus, another common consensus is that it’s wiser to adhere to the film and avoid the OVA.

It has become a Cult Hit

Regardless of the negative reviews and likely due to it, The Island of Giant Insects turned into a cult hit. This shouldn’t be excessively amazing, mainly since the anime is fundamentally a vivified form of the sorts of express ’70s-time grindhouse films that gather devoted followings a very long time after their underlying delivery.


How can I watch the island of giant insects?

The anime adaptation of The Island of Giant Insects has been available on Crunchyroll since January 12, 2021. And you can watch it for free on websites like Animeheaven, gogoanime, etc.

Is the island of giant insects a movie?

Yes, The Island of Giant Insects is an anime movie with a runtime of one hour and fifteen minutes. It was released in the year 2020.

How many episodes does the island of giant insects have?

It has only one episode with a runtime of one hour and fifteen minutes.

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