Will There Be a New Season 2 of Parasyte?

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“Parasyte, The Maxim” is a sci-fi horror anime known for its brutal depiction of the war between humans and aliens. The basic idea may sound a little familiar, especially to those who have seen Hollywood movies like “Venom” and “The Thing.” However, this anime has a terrible charm and will continue to fascinate you as long as it is displayed.

Parasyte Second Season Release Date

The first season of “Parasyte” was premiered on October 9, 2014, with a total of 24 episodes, ending on March 29, 2015. All 24 episodes of the anime were released on Netflix on May 15, 2020. Unfortunately, Madhouse Studio (the anime creators “Death Note” and “One Punch”) never updated Parasyte for the next season. Moreover, even the end of the first season of anime is very similar to the end of the original manga. This makes it very clear that you may not be able to see a parasyte season 2 due to a lack of source material.

Given that it’s currently available on Netflix, Netflix may be willing to update for another season if the anime is commercially successful on the platform. In the unlikely renewal scenario, the second season of anime has adopted the original story since the publication of the manga ended in 1995. However, we can expect the second season of “parasitic beasts” to begin someday with Netflix’s renewal. .. 2022. Until then, you can see the adaptation of the two-part animation.

Parasyte Plot

Parasyte is centered around a teenager named Shinichi Izumi, who lives an effortless and quiet life. Live in a very safe area and avoid getting into trouble. But when parasitic aliens begin to dominate the world, his everyday life changes completely. In their physical condition, these parasites are entirely harmless and look like tiny worms. However, these parasites can be very harmful when they invade the brain through the nose and ears. When parasites try to invade his brain, the parasite gets buried in his arms. As a result, it fails to completely take over his body resulting in Izumi retaining the physical space of his body. At the same time, in other parts of the world, people become victims of this alien species.

The parasite tries to control the Izumi with his own intelligence, but the boy resists. However, they soon decide to reach an agreement to help Izumi fight other parasites in the world if he is allowed to stay in his body as a host. This creates an unexpected alliance between the two, making Izumi humanity’s last hope to win the war with the aliens.

Other Parasyte: The Maxim Content

Parasyte: If you need more content from The Maxim, there are alternatives to anime.

Currently, you can watch two live-action movies.

Parasyte: Part 1 was released in 2014, and the sequel Parasyte: Part 2 was released in 2015.

No live-action movie was suitable for anime across genres, but the film isn’t too bad and definitely scratches the itch of the Parasyte.

First Season of Parasyte: The Maxim is available on Netflix but there is no news on the release date of parasyte season 2.

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