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5 Cool Ways to Improve Your Living Space

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There is something oddly intriguing about how much our species likes to nest. Being at home is a cathartic experience like no other – for most of us anyway. Arriving at home – to our personal sanctuaries after a long and busy day provides instant stress relief. Well, it should.

If your home is looking worse for wear and you need some ideas for sprucing it up – you have come to the right place. Your home should be a harmonious, welcoming space where you can relax and be yourself. Below are five cool ways for you to improve your living space and turn it into your new favorite place:

Add An Accent Wall

Bare, white walls are drab at the best of times. Sure, they have their place – like in hospitals and mental institutions, but your home should be a projection of your personality.

Adding an accent wall will instantly add a pop of color where it is needed the most – in your living room. Choose your favorite and slap a few coats of paint on the wall that you want to highlight. It is often best to stick to a color that works with the rest of your décor scheme.

Buy New Doors

Although they might not seem like much, your internal doors can say a lot about your home. Instead of the boring standard ones, choose something with character and class. Modern ones will fit into your home better, especially if you live in a smart house.

Changing a few doors is not a massive undertaking, and it can be done over a weekend. There are thousands of options to choose from, so you have no excuse for keeping the same ones that came with your house.

Fix and Clean Your Rug

Rugs are one of the best décor additions around because they are not only practical but, they are also gorgeous to look at. Take the size and spacing of your room into account – the wrong rug size can ruin your space, so keep that in mind when getting one.

If you have an amazing rug that you can’t use because it’s damaged, don’t let it go to waste. Find a rug repair service online and get that beautiful piece looking as good as new again.

Buy A New Sofa

Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is relax. An old, lumpy sofa is no place to do that. Shop around for options and get yourself a new sofa. Be aware of your available design space and find one that can work with the area you have available.

Pay careful attention to your chosen upholstery option – leather sofas are gorgeous, but they are also freezing in the winter months. If you have children or pets, choose a sofa with a hardy, durable fabric that can withstand the punishment that comes with the territory.

Add Layers Of Texture

One of the simplest ways to change the entire look and feel of your living room is to add texture. Many budding interior designers are unsure how to accomplish this, but it isn’t so intimidating once you break it down. Add textured scatter cushions and throws, and layer your choices within the space so that it all flows together to create a multi-layered interior experience. Experiment with different materials for your furniture and find the blend that works perfectly for your style

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