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Top Tips To Make Your House Feel Modern

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We’ve all seen the occasional picture of a beautiful, contemporary house on social media, then you sit back and look around at your own house and wonder what you could do with it. Especially now that we’re all spending more time at home than ever, even working from home at record rates. Why not renovate, redecorate, and modernize your home? Let’s take a look at some top tips to bring your house up to scratch.


Rugs can really bring a room together. A good rug will make use of dead space and add some character to any room. Rugs literally come in all shapes and sizes, with colors and patterns to complement your aesthetic. The key to a good rug is keeping it clean, so make sure you have a great rug cleaning service to hand!


The constant theme of modern houses is light. The lighter the better, but lights don’t only have to be functional, they can be decorative too. The right light can be a statement piece, think of a glittering chandelier, or a hanging pendant bulb. Check out a range of lighting for options that will provide the light you need to perk up your decor and give you a statement light fitting to start your modernizing journey.

Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme is vital before you begin. You have to have a color in mind before you buy anything else or nothing will match. Also, add colors through some beautiful accent pieces. For example, you can layer earthy, neutral, or pastel shades by mounting an exquisite palm tree wall art. It will instantly add new color, character, and fit in the color scheme.

But how do you pick a scheme without covering your walls in sample paints? There are color scheme matching apps available that will allow you to virtually redesign and repaint your walls, then they will provide you with a perfect color scheme to go with it. This is an easy and essential tool to kick-start your journey.


Furniture is the most immediately noticeable part of most rooms, so it should reflect your design ideas. Scandinavian furniture is very popular at the minute because it’s minimal, stylish, and very complimentary to the modernist lifestyle. Pick yourself a sleek sofa coupled with a matching chair and find a sideboard to suit. Once you’ve found your ideal, minimalist furniture, your room will start to pop.


Rearranging your rooms will impact the way you use your house. Go for a modern Feng Shui, move the sofa away from the wall to section off a part of the living room, and create a fluid, open plan feel. Allow the room to run from one area to the next, perhaps using furniture, plants, or rugs as dividers to differentiate your living areas.

Bring the Outside In

To continue the flow, maximize your space by creating an outside area that you can spill over into from the inside. Use doors, windows, and even color schemes to create a sense of continuity as you move from inside to out. You can create your very own oasis to suit the modern, open lifestyle. An investment in some good lawn furniture and a fire pit will go a very long way, and will revolutionize your home!

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