QuickBooks Premier Hosting for a Small Business

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QuickBooks Premier is one of the most utilized accounting software in nearly all small or mid-sized businesses, providing accounting and bookkeeping services. It allows automation of processes, receiving payments, managing bills, and performs payroll tasks.

The only thing that this software lacks is the ability to work remotely. QuickBooks Premier Hosting assists you to use your on-premises software from any place. Considering the situation after COVID-19 pandemic, this has become an important aspect.

Why is QuickBooks Premier Hosting good for small businesses?

QuickBooks Premier hosting provides you with the reliability to access your QB software securely from any device. Simply install the system on a cloud server, then sign in remotely for full licensing access. You can also sync your data automatically wherever you are so you can have your crucial business data in hand. QuickBooks can also be hosted on the cloud by using aHosted Virtual Desktop.

Is QB Premier Hosting better than QB Premier Desktop?

QuickBooks Premier is created with many excellent features, but its lack of remote access which makes it a less desirable choice. As a result, the flow of communication is limited and tasks such as accounting calculations need to be done manually.

Apart from remote accessibility, there are many other benefits associated with hosting too. Below are some of the ways it can be beneficial to your business:

Support on Multiple Devices 

QuickBooks Premier hosting offers availability on different devices, such as your tablet, laptop, or mobile phone. You can use the software on operating systems like Linux, Windows, or Mac. There are many possibilities with regards to this feature because it lets your employees save essential data at any moment, no matter what situation they are in. You can use QuickBooks anytime you need access to information that is important for the business.

Minimizes Security Problems

The frequency at which cyberattacks are occurring in the market is alarming. Organizations, especially CPAs & accounting firms, need to protect user-information & data by using secure systems. QuickBooks Premier hosting facilitates your protection.

For small businesses, you cannot be focused on data security all the time. Hence, QB Premier hosting provides features like:

  • Automated interference detection and prevention for monitoring data constantly.
  • Multi-factor authentication to avoid unauthorized user access. 
  • End-to-end data encryption for transmitting or sending data.
  • Internal firewalls for enhanced control
  • Added security through antivirus, antimalware, etc.

Automated Software Updates

While using the desktop version, your IT department has to spend time on software updates of your QuickBooks Premier version on all devices or PCs.

But in QuickBooks Premier hosting, you get automated software updates as the cloud service provider makes sure that your software is updated and running with the most advanced features.

Backups and Disaster Recovery Plans 

In QuickBooks Premier hosting, even the backups are automated. And as backups are crucial, your cloud hosting provider can save your data automatically in geographically separate servers for secure storage.

Apps4Rent is a leading provider for hosting services related to QuickBooks Premier with robust security and support. They also offer services like Tenant to Tenant Migration Office 365 and much more as per your business requirements.

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