Google Snake Game Hack | How to Mod The Google Snake Game?

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The Snake game was first built for the Nokia keypad phone; however, you can now play a variety of various versions of the Snake game on your mobile phone and desktop computer. You can even play online and offline versions of snake games on your mobile device, laptop, or personal computer. Do you want to mod the Google Snake game you play on your computer?

You will need to download the mod file from the web browser to modify the Google Snake game on your device. After doing so, you can launch the snake game on your device from the browser and play modified versions of the game on your mobile phone or personal computer.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to mod the Google Snake game because, in today’s post, we will walk you through the process of downloading snake mods on your device and using it to play the google snake moded.

What is Google Snake?

The time-honored arcade game Google Snake is played along the vertical axis. The game’s purpose is to swallow as many apples as possible while avoiding getting eaten by snakes. The more other apples you eat, your score will increase.

In this game, you can choose between two different paths. Both the Classic mode and the Arcade mode are available. In the traditional version of the game, players are required to have the ability to travel both above and below to escape being eaten by snakes. In playing video games at an arcade, players must utilize a joystick or an arrow keypad to control their character’s movement.

Google Snake Game Mod

Snake Game Mod
Image source: Officialroms

To put it more simply, modding is making changes or modifications to a game’s files to add new content. Because it allows players to contribute to the games they like playing; it is often seen as an essential gaming component. Now, to make the Google Snake game easier to play, a programmer on GitHub has developed a mod menu that unlocks a dozen different pieces of material inside the game.

10 Best Google Snake Game Mod

1. Google Snake Dark Mode

This one permits you to play the game in night mode, which is pretty self-explanatory, given the name. The only thing that has to be done is to type “window.snake.dark();” into the game’s console.

2. Google Snake Skull Poison

 Google Snake Skull Poison
Image source: Youtube

Now, I promise that this one is only for your pleasure. After you have taken all of the ordinary red apples out of the basket, you will only be left with the “poison apples.”

If you consume a poisoned apple, your snake mode will go hysterical. You won’t have any control over the situation, nor will you know where the snake is headed. Playing at your own risk is a kind of entertainment.

3. Snake Toggle Death Screen

You can display either the “game over” screen or the “death screen.” However, remember that this will not affect the game’s final score or the statistics you have accumulated.

4. Google Snake Input Counter

The Google Snake Input Counter works just as described in the product description.

5. Snake Wall Endgame Sooner

Enter the command “snake” to begin the last game, which will utilize apples. It would help if you typed “wall every apple();” into your terminal.

6. Aiyiwowtgwl

The effect is that your network has been blown apart, making your snake mod invisible. You can either start the bookmark by typing “window.snake.invisible();” or download it from the URL provided earlier in this paragraph.

7. Google Snake Custom Menu Stuff

This is, without a doubt, the most advanced version of the google snake moded that is currently available since it enables all game modes, colors, and backgrounds. This is our installation guide for the Google Snake Mod Menu, which can be found here.

8. Google Snake Animated Colors

Because of this, both the backdrop and your snake will have stunningly beautiful color combinations that move. The link to download is located at the top of this page.

9. Google Snake Time Keeper

Do you wish a leaderboard could reflect your highest score and fastest time to finish the game? However, it is not a Google Snake; instead, it is a screensaver on a DVD. The DVD screensaver option can be used for playing with, as the name indicates. You can buy it here.

10. Snake Custom Snake Colors

Are you aiming for a color that is the perfect shade of washed lavender or watermelon red? You have complete creative control over the coloration of your snake when you use this mod.

How to Mod the Google Snake Game?

Best Google Snake Game Mod
Image source: Youtube

To modify the google snake model that is currently installed on your smartphone.

  • Use Chrome, and then go to the Chrome Web Store to get the Google Snake modifications.
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner to view the bookmarks.
  • Following this, choose the bookmarks manager option.
  • Proceed to select the file that was downloaded now.
  • After that, hit the menu button (that looks like three dots) and choose MoreMenu.
  • Now you only need to open a few more menu items so that it can start playing the game.
  • At long last, you’ll be able to test out the mod.
  • Done. Now that we’ve covered all of the bases, you should be able to modify the Google Snake game on your device.

Google Snake Game Hack

The Google Snake Hacks enables you to access all customarily locked features and adds many extra excellent modes. You can play specialized games developed by the hackers who created the mod. With this mod, the possibilities are almost endless!

Stuff Made to Order

You will get access to every game mode, color, and background choice accessible in Google Snake after you use this Google Snake Hacks.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode
Image source: Tech owns

With this one loaded, you have the option to play in “Dark Mode,” which is consistent with the game’s name. To make the snake darker, you must type “window.snake.dark();” on the command line. Please click on the following link if you would like to import this as a bookmark from GitHub. Thank you.

Toggle the display of the Death Screen.

You will have the ability to toggle the “Death Screen,” often known as the “Game Over” screen, on and off by using this option. However, remember that this will not influence your game score or any of the numbers you have accumulated.

Skull Poison

The only typical red apples that you have left will be the ones you refer to as the “poison apples.” Snakes that consume poisoned apples will have a psychotic break. Before completely losing control of the situation, you won’t even know where the snake is headed. Have a good time, and don’t worry about anything too much.

Counter for Snake Inputs

You will get precisely the result you anticipate if you write “Google Snake Input Counter” into the search bar.

Any Board Measurement

A fast search on Google Snake can provide results for boards of every size imaginable. You can use these if you wish to change the width or height of your board—Animated Colors of a Google-created animated snake. Animated. Because of this, you can design excellent playful color schemes for both your snake and the background.

How do I download Google Snake Game Mods APK?

If you’re a fan of the original Snake game, you’ll be happy to learn that you can now choose from various other modifications. In this piece, we’ll look at some of the top modified versions of the Snake video game that are available for download and play.

The snake Plus mod is one of the most popular ones since it enhances the gameplay experience by including various additional elements. The game has been updated with multiple new features, including more snakes, power-ups, and even a level editor. It is highly recommended that you look at this if you want your game to be a bit more complicated.

An additional fantastic alternative is the Super Snake mod, which brings about a fundamental shift in the gameplay. In this modified version of the snake game, you take control of a gigantic snake, which requires you to eat smaller snakes to grow. This is a great, fun mod, even though it can sometimes become challenging.

Last but not least, the Snake mod is a whole conversion mod that turns the game into an exciting platformer. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional Snake game, this mod is a fantastic option for you to explore.

Is Google Snake Game Mods APK safe to use?

This application is not unlawful. The social network Google Snake Game Mods APK is entirely secure and legal. He’s never engaged in any illegal activities. This program makes it simple for consumers to use while adhering to all international norms, regulations, and processes.

The Android app for Google Snake Game Mods is entirely safe. It is free of malicious software and viruses that can harm and interfere with your device—regular updates to clean up and simplify the platform and repair problems. Additionally, the installation and use of this entertainment program comply with all applicable laws. Now, installing it won’t be difficult.


What are the limits of Google Snake?

The maximum number of points earned in the Snake game is 256.

Can you crack Google Snake?

The “snake” has complete freedom of movement, except that it cannot return to its starting point. If you feel the need to halt the game, you can do so by using the “p” button; however, you should keep in mind that pausing the game will result in a loss of 10 points for your team.

How do the mods affect the gaming experience?

Modifications can bring about significant alterations to the core components of a game, such as the introduction of new non-playable characters, non-playable items, and reworked physics.


To check out different snake game modifications on your Windows or Mac device, you must first download the mods from Github. Later, you can utilize the mods from the bookmark manager and set the mods on your snake game to your liking.

We hope this post was informative for you and that you can now successfully install and play a variety of snake game modifications on your device. We appreciate you taking the time to read this article.

M. D. -Do you want to mod the Google Snake game you play on your computer? To know more details about the google snake game read this article.

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