Seven Things To Know about Galicia Before Your First Visit

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Counting down to a well-deserved break in Galicia? Heading to this highly underrated corner of Spain for the first time, and wondering what to expect?

A trip to Galicia really is unlike any other Spanish holiday. In fact, much of the Galicia experience feels about as far removed from Spain as it gets.

All in a positive way, of course.

To help first-time visitors get a feel for Galicia ahead of time, here are seven things you need to know about this glorious Spanish region:

It is home to Spain’s Most Stunning Beaches

By a clear mile, the most magnificent beaches to be found anywhere in Spain are in Galicia. Not that this is surprising, given how Galicia is home to around 750 miles of coastline, fringing both the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea. If your idea of a dream seaside getaway is more about deserted stretches of pristine sand than overdeveloped tourist resorts, Galicia could be your heaven on earth.

Galicia is Where the Earth Ends

Or at least, this is what people used to think back in the day. The forebodingly titled Coasta da Morte (Coast of Death) in the province of A Coruña is home to Finisterre, which literally translates as ‘the end of the Earth’. It is actually Spain’s most westerly point and is therefore the country’s equivalent of Land’s End. It is also the most westerly point in continental Europe.

The Cuisine is Out of This World

Seafood is the order of the day in Galicia, served up in a dizzying array of local restaurants and eateries. Anyone returning from Galicia will tell you that the octopus is by far the best on Earth and is therefore a must during your visit. Goose barnacles are a local delicacy – often the centerpiece of seafood platters of the most enormous size. Whatever you order, you can expect generous servings.

You Can Live Like a Prince or a Pauper

General living costs across Galicia are comparatively low, meaning you can easily get by on a budget. You can find modest accommodation for next to nothing and follow the locals to eat out on a shoestring. Alternatively, you can set yourself and your group up with a private luxury villa in galicia and live like royalty for the duration of your stay. All tastes, preferences, and budgets are catered to, courtesy of gorgeous Galicia.

It Has Its Own Language

Practice your best Spanish in Galicia and it will always go down well with the locals. However, the official language of Galicia is Gallego, and is spoken by approximately 2.4 million people. In many respects, it has more in common with Portuguese than conventional Spanish. If you’re out to impress, get to know a few basic Gallego greetings and pleasantries, prior to heading off.

It Rains…a Lot

Travel to Galicia for an extended stay with the expectation of wall-to-wall sunshine and you’re in for a shock. The weather in Galicia is notoriously unpredictable and rain is fairly frequent. But there are those who genuinely believe that some of the region’s most notable towns and cities are at their most beautiful after rainfall. Rain does not stop play in Galicia – it simply opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

There Are Fantastic Festivals Throughout the Year

The time is right for your visit and you could take in the sights and sounds of one of the region’s most fantastic festivals. The Os Peliqueiros Carnival in Laza is one of the highlights of the annual festival calendar, as is the Rapa das Bestas in the gorgeous village of Sabucedo. If you’re not tied to specific dates, timing your trip to coincide with a local festival comes highly recommended.

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