Creative Ways You Need to Try to Organize Your Bookmarks

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People save Websites, articles, and specific pages. From funny web clips to bookmarking shopping sites and keeping reference materials on hand, we all love to save bookmarks. Things we bookmark and keep are endless, and everyone arranges their bookmarks differently.

It’s easy to lose track of your bookmarks if you don’t put them back where they belong when you save them.

But what is the most effective method for storing and organizing them? Depending on your style and browser, you can use bookmark organizer software or you can follow the following creative ways too.

1. Start With Your Bookmark Bar

The obvious way to start is with this handy small region of your browser. This is where you should keep your most frequently visited bookmarks, which are the websites, web pages, and sites that you visit daily.

Make sure this handy bar is clean and ready to go, whether it’s your favorite news site, email client, or remote network. In most browsers, the bookmark bar can be easily customized.

However, Safari handles it a little differently by default, as it appears as a sidebar that you can hide or display. Once you’ve got your bookmark bar set up the way you want it, the rest of your bookmarks will fall into place.

2. As Easy As A, B, C

An alphabetical list of bookmarks can help a lot of people, and it’s a common layout for very organized people. Whether you use folders or not, it’s a good idea to organize your stored items alphabetically. This way you can rapidly navigate to any website you desire, from Amazon to Zoobooks.

3. Go with a Theme

Another popular method is to organize your bookmarks by genre or theme. It’s much easier to find music-related, online shopping, financial institutions, and local businesses if they’re sorted into folders based on those subjects.

You can also establish subfolders if you want to take it a step further. Using restaurants as an example, you could establish subfolders for Restaurants, Recipes, and Cooking Shows within a Food folder.

Then, within Restaurants, you may make subfolders for American, European, and Seafood cuisines. Using a thematic structure, regardless of how you establish your subfolders, is a great way to go.

4. For Visual People

Many people are more visual with their things, and they identify colors or symbols far faster than words. If you’re one of these persons, arranging your bookmarks according to the color of the favicon may be ideal for you. 

For instance, you’re probably aware that Facebook’s icon is blue, Google+’s is red, and Vine’s is green.

Make a folder for each of the three primary colors: blue, red, and green. Then, for those icons that display in a few hues with no distinguishing color, make a multi-folder. Organize your bookmarks into folders based on the color of their primary favicon.

After that, you can organize your bookmarks with subfolders, in alphabetical order, by theme, or in any way that you are familiar with. It may look strange but few people can detect colors faster than they can recognize words, thus this method might work well for them.

5. Use Bookmark Organizer tools

Give the Auto-Sort Bookmarks extension a try if you use Firefox and need a little help sorting your bookmarks. The -O- Bookmarks extension is a good option for Opera users. You can install the Google Bookmark Manager plugin in Chrome.

This is pretty similar to the Opera extension that was previously stated. The Mojave extension can appeal to Safari users.


Bookmarks can be a great way to keep track of your liked sites in a book, especially if you are reading vising multiple sites at once. They can also be used to mark pages that you want to get back to or to highlight a specific topic that you want to remember. If you are using bookmarks, it is important to keep track of them so that you do not lose your saved items.

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