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Many players were first introduced to the world of Pokémon in 1996 when the first game began. Since then, six generations of creatures have been released, and the newly announced Pokémon Sun and Moon have become part of the number seven. Additionally, 6 anime series, 25 manga series, and 18 full-length movies have been released. Through this information, you will discover interesting and surprising facts about pokemon.

Its tail can determine Pikachu’s gender

If the end of the tail is long and flat, you are male. The female’s tail has a heart-shaped tip. But when they evolve into Raichu, their tails are more similar to each other.

Alkan was originally intended to be a Legendary Pokémon

They combined the original concept with two legendary birds, Articuno and Zapdos. However, the idea was later dropped, and more was created to complete the trio.

Poliwag is based on real animals

It is based on a tadpole with a translucent stomach. The Pokémon belly spiral is meant to represent the intestines of the tadpole in real life. This is one of the pokemon fun facts.

Pokémon is an abbreviation for Pokémon

This is also an example of Japanese-made English, which means “Japanese-made English.” This is the creation of a new Japanese word derived from an existing English word. Another example is that the phrase “I don’t care” has changed to “Donmai” in Japanese. This is the pokemon trivia facts.

Pikachu and Meowth are the exact opposite

Pikachu’s Pokédex is 25, and Meowth is 52. Pikachu is considered as a mouse, and Meowth is a cat. In the anime, Pikachu is seen on the good guys’ side, and Meowth is part of the criminal organization, Team Rocket.

Lavender Town has a dark secret

Lavender Town is the place where people go to bury dead Pokemon. Due to the city’s aura, it was called one of the creepiest places in the main game. Legend has it that music had hypnotic and traumatic effects, which caused Japanese children to commit suicide.

Pokemon Gold and Silver were assuming to be the last games

Originally, the main game was supposed to end with gold and silver versions; the Pokemon Company CEO decided to seize the opportunity and see if the subsequent game would succeed.

Ruby and Sapphire were the only games that show the player’s father

In all games so far, there is only one mother. However, in Ruby and Sapphire, a man whose name was Norman is introduced as the player’s father.

Koffing and Wheeling were originally different names

They were NY and LA, respectively. This was done as a reference to the famous pollution levels in New York and Los Angeles cities.

Pokemon is the second best-selling franchise in history

Despite its immense popularity, one title has always outperformed this franchise. Mario franchises are much more popular than Pokemon in terms of video games.

Pokemon is the only video game that appears on the cover of Time magazine

An article that talks about Japan’s popular video game franchise talk about how kids are crazy about it. This is the one another interesting pokemon fact.

The original name of Vulpix was Foxfire in English

However, because the name is similar to the popular Firefox browser, the developer scratched the name and created a new one. This was also a measure taken to avoid any proceedings that may have occurred.

Marill can change gender by evolving

The sex ratio of women in Azurill is 75%. But when he evolves into Marill, he has a one-third chance of becoming a man. Marill’s sex ratio is always stagnant at 50/50.

Zubat has no eyes

Zubat is a bat Pokemon that depends on echolocation like a real bat. They are usually found in caves and dark places that are silent until sunset.

Spinda’s face has more than 4 billion pattern variations. Pokedex claims that these patterns are unique. Spinda is also the only Pokemon with so many pattern variations that do not include its brilliant shape.

It is possible to fish in the gym of the red and blue games

You can do that for the statue of Rhydon found in the first generation gym. Fishing in these places causes encounters with Magikarp. Gamers consider this to be one of the most entertaining glitches in first-generation games.

The weaknesses of psychic Pokemon are based on general fear

Despite being one of the most dominant Pokemon of the first generation, there is no chance of fighting ghosts, bugs, and dark types.

The body of Wobbuffet is not his body

Most of the Pokédex entries suggest that the body we see is simply a bulging decoy. The entity is a small tail that is hidden when attacked. Perhaps that’s why Wobbuffet can only block and repel enemy attacks.

Smeargle can use almost any movement you see in the game

However, he cannot use his technical machine to learn or change his movements. Instead, Smeargle teaches every movement it sees using Sketch. After copying this move, you can keep it forever and pass it on to other Pokemon through the spawn.

Pokemon was once a person

According to Sinnoh’s folktale legend, there was a time in history when Pokemon and humans could not be distinguished. Folklore claims that some Pokemon had stripped their skin and turned into humans.

People eat Pokemon

In gold and silver, slow pork is a delicacy and can make a lot of money if sold in the right market. Also, the snacks that the character eats come from Pokemon products such as milk. However, there have never been cases where you can eat Pokemon in anime and games.

Many Japanese episodes never reached the Western audience

This was primarily due to censorship issues regarding what was and was not appropriate for Western children. Besides, some issues also included incorrect translations.

Pokemon can award you scholarships

The Pokemon Scholarship was founded by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (RCA) in London. If you qualify well in a trading card game or video game tournament, you may be awarded enough money as a scholarship. Both competitions are held annually and are extremely competitive.

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