You should know few facts about Beer Drinking

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Beer is probably one of the most famous alcoholic drinks in the world. Enjoyed for centuries, this popular and refreshing beverage offers a variety of flavors and aromas.

Beer with “beard yeast.”

When you have a beard, drinking a beer properly can be a tricky exercise. However, wearing a beard can also help produce a distinctive beer. In any case, this is what a master brewer living discovered. The man actually collected and used the yeast present in his own beard. There are lots of beer fun facts that every beer lovers love.

While it may seem utterly disgusting and disgusting at first, it’s actually a great way to collect the yeasts needed to ferment the brew. When we know that most of the fermentation yeasts harvested in the world are taken from decaying plants, it, therefore, seems quite acceptable to use yeasts from a beard, even if this remains rather strange.

Beer, a story of foam

Many beer lovers do not particularly appreciate the foam forming on top of the beverage when it is poured into a glass. However, this foam is essential. It is formed by a reaction of carbon dioxide and can teach us a lot about the quality of beer. Powerful beers like the famous Guinness are characterized by their thick foam, a pledge of character.

The lack of foam often characterizes flat and bland beers. The holy grail of beer lovers is obviously Brussels lace. This is the famous deposit of foam left by beer on your glass, which draws patterns similar to those of lace. However, this only happens with very high-quality beers. Interestingly, “Brussels lace” will never form on the dirty glass.

The oldest “drinkable” beer in the world

Although it is known that beer has been consumed for centuries and is present all over the world, it is very difficult to find ancient recipes for this beverage.

 In 2010, the remains of a shipwrecked at the beginning of the 19th century near the Finnish coast were probed, and a precious treasure was unearthed. It is the oldest “drinkable” beer in the world.

 Relatively well preserved, this beer has survived the centuries at the bottom of the sea.

It has been tested by several confirmed connoisseurs, and it is revealed that it possesses a very potent taste and offers woody notes and an acrid aftertaste. This aftertaste is, in fact, due to the exceptional duration of its fermentation.

According to Finnish scientists, the taste of this beer was much more pleasant at the time. Five bottles have been preserved and are currently being studied in great detail. Scientists are trying to determine its exact recipe.

No beer without water

The fun beer facts are that If the water is generally tasteless and bland, it has a decisive role in the taste of a beer. Yes, beer is mostly made up of water, and it’s easy to “miss” your beer when you have quality ingredients but treated water. For centuries, many breweries have chosen their location based on the quality of the surrounding water sources. The purity of this water is obviously an important factor.

Brewers are often horrified by unpleasant surprises when they use chlorinated water. The taste of a beer and its quality, therefore, vary enormously from one country to another depending on the water used and its concentration of minerals: glacier, spring, etc.

Beer brewing using additives is sometimes permitted.

There are no rules without exceptions and, when it comes to the Beer Purity Law, this is also true. In Germany, ‘specialty beers’ that do not conform to the specifications of the Beer Purity Law may also be brewed; this ruling applies to all German states.

 “The hops and malt are lost!”

There’s an old funny beer facts about German saying: “Hopfen und Malz ist verloren” (“The hops and malt are lost”), which means that something no longer has any purpose and that further effort will be in vain.  

By the way: the optimum drinking temperature for German beers lies between 7 °C and 9 °C, although for some beer varieties it is between 10 °C and 12 °C. At these temperatures, German beers unfold their full aroma and taste at their best.

What does the saying Sell something like a sour beer mean?

 The German saying “Etwas anbieten wie Sauerbier” (“Sell something like a sour beer”) essentially means to sell a worthless product by whatever means and for whatever price you can get for it.

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