Best Online Learning Platforms for Kids: A Guide to Navigating Education

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Today in this digital world, online learning has become essential for kids. It’s important not only to adapt themselves to the use of technology. Also, it’s vital for every child’s mental growth. It gives them the scope to experiment with knowledge.

Moreover, the quality of online learning only strengthened with time. Considering the matter, many digital learning platforms have evolved. They attempt to provide every kid with the knowledge of- 

  • Coding.
  • Interactive science. 
  • Foreign languages.
  • Social studies.
  • In-depth ​​​​​​educational curriculums, etc.

Feeling inspired to enroll your kid in an online learning platform? Why not? After all, it will bring out the best qualities in him/her! But, how to know, which are the best online learning platforms for kids? Well! We have made everything covered. Just keep reading to know in detail. 

Best Online Learning Platforms For Kids: Our Selection Criteria

We did a great deal of research. What we picked for you finally are the platforms that are-

  • Low in disturbing pop-ups and ads.
  • Purely educational, with the sole purpose of teaching.
  • Much more than the traditional off-screen educational experience. 
  • Safe and secure for any children.
  • The tracker of your kid’s overall progress.
  • The best in boosting your kid’s self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Age-appropriate for your kids.
  • The best in providing extraordinary knowledge outside the bookish ones. It will create interest in kids on a particular topic. So, they will get motivated to think about it. 
  • The best in giving interactive sessions.
  • Best in respect of educational quality. 
  • Easy to operate.
  • Good for adaptive learning for kids.
  • Available with the feature of parental control.
  • Good in exploring different areas that interest a kid. 
  • High in customer ratings and reviews. 
  • Also accessible in offline mode.
  • Available at a reasonable price. 
  • Available with reliable technical support. 

Online Learning Platforms For Kids – Their Benefits

The best online learning platforms for kids come with the following benefits –

  • The kids enjoy exploring their teaching process. This is because their process of teaching is engaging.  
  • Teaches each kid-appropriately based on their pace of understanding. They adjust the speed of teaching according to the student’s skill level. 
  • No limitation in the choice of subjects of learning. 
  • The kids become digitally literate.
  • Parents can actively control their child’s learning. They can monitor and track their child’s growth.  
  • They encourage the students to learn on their own. The students learn to be independent. 
  • The kids meet different global projects of learning. So, they become culturally literate. 
  • The skill of your kid never remains confined within bookish knowledge.
  • They make your child think critically about everything. 
  • They result in the all-round development of your child. 
  • Immediate assessment and feedback are available. They teach your kids where they were wrong. They learn how to correct their mistakes and improve. 

7 Best Online Learning Platforms For Kids – Our Picks

1. ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse
Image- Google Play

It’s one of the best online learning platforms for kids. This platform provides kids with education on 950-plus topics in different subjects. The subjects include reading, Social studies, Art, Mathematics, etc. Kids of 2 – 8 years of age can enroll in it.

The platform also gives kids fun. It allows them to play video games on their site. They can do it while feeling bored after continuous study. However, giving education to kids is the primary motive of this platform.

The best part about this app? Your kids will feel no disturbance due to ads. The platform is safe for kids. You, as a parent, can track your kid’s growth. 


  • Made after discussion with various educators. 
  • Many subjects at a single platform. 
  • Learning is fun and engaging. 
  • No pop-ups.


  • The lessons are available for all from 2 to 8 years. They are not planned according to age individually. 


Google Rating:


Starting Price:

12.99 dollars/month (30-day free trial available). 

Courses Offered:

  • ​​​​​​Reading.
  • Science.
  • Art.
  • Mathematics.
  • Social studies.

​​​​2. Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy
Image- Google Play

The owners of this online academy and ABC Mouse are the same. Fun learning is the main motto of these best online learning platforms for kids. Kids of ages 8 to 13 years can study in this Academy.

Whether it’s geometry or understanding comprehension passages, it covers all. Also, it teaches Science, geography, etc to kids. The platform allows kids to engage with their pals in it.

They can spend time with each other by playing together. And, everything your kids do in it is completely safe. There will be no intrusion of strangers. No unwanted ads will be there. 


  • Safe and secure for kids.
  • Playful learning. 
  • No ads.
  • All in one platform. 


  • Non-educational activities are also present. 


Google Rating:


​​​​​​Starting Price:

9.99 dollars/month (free trial available).

Courses Offered:

  • Mathematics.
  • Social studies.
  • Language arts.
  • Science.

3. Hooked On Phonics

Hooked On Phonics
Image- Google Play

Among the best online learning platforms for kids, this site is quite popular. It’s an award-winning virtual educational platform. The best part? It’s the creation of educational professionals and experts.

The site includes videos, games, stories, etc apart from lessons. It’s done to make the study more interesting. You can access the “Learn to Read” section and workbooks. However, a subscription is needed for that.

Their app is supportive of many devices. Moreover, the platform can be operated in offline mode as well. Kids up to Second grade from Pre-K are eligible for learning. 


  • Runs in offline mode.
  • The sessions are of short length.
  • It ensures the kids don’t lose interest. They stay focused. 


  • A bit pricey.


Google Rating: 


Starting Price: 

12.99 dollars/month excluded shipping. The shipping charge is 2.99 dollars. 
Courses Offered:

  • Reading using proper phonic sounds.

4. ReadingIQ

Image- Google Play

Wanna know about the best online learning platforms for kids apart from the above ones? Then, count ReadingIQ in. You can operate this platform on phones. Or, you can open them on tablets and computers.

The platform offers 7000 plus books to kids. The books include picture books, graphic novels, chapter books, etc. Also, kids can access Mathematics and Science books. They can read books on History, or Mythology as well. 


  • Books available for different-aged child growth tracking are possible. 
  • No scarcity of books for kids. 
  • Kids from under 2 years to 12 years old can access it. 


  • No live sessions for teaching. 


Google Rating:


Starting Price:

7.99 dollars/month.

Courses offered:

  • Reading.

5. Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs
Image- google Play

One of the best online learning platforms for kids, this app teaches kids to read aloud. Kids from 2 years to 13 years old can enroll in this app. The means through which they teach students are-

  • Digital books.
  • Educational alphabet games.
  • Videotapes, etc. 

The main motto of this platform is to improve your kids’ skills. They get training in reading phonic sounds, pronouncing words, and understanding vocabulary. The app also sells offline books to kids. 


  • Child growth track for parents. 
  • Library containing different books.
  • In-game reward offers.
  • Free trial. 


  • Subscription is required for continued learning. 


Google Rating: 


Starting Price:

9.99 dollars/month. 

Courses Offered:

  • Reading. 

6. Mathseeds

Image- Google Play

Here’s another of the best online learning platforms for kids. It’s made by the owner of Reading Eggs. Kids between 3 years and 9 years old can enroll in its interactive sessions.

The platform analyzes your child’s IQ level for maths. Then, it teaches your kid math accordingly.

The sessions bring out the best in them through quizzes, puzzles, games, etc. All of them are related to maths. The platform also develops problem-solving skills in your child. It makes your kid an all-around genius in mathematics. 


  • Comes with a parent dashboard.
  • Kid’s growth tracker.
  • Compatible with iPad.
  • Comes with interactive games. 


Teach no other subject except Maths. 


Google Rating: 


Starting Price:

9.99 dollars/month (free trial available – 30 days).

Courses Offered:

  • Mathematics. 

7. CodaKid

Image- Codakid. com

Coding is in vogue nowadays and so is CodaKid. As one of the best online learning platforms for kids, it drives kids’ interest in coding. The platform mainly offers teaching in

  • Lua.
  • Python.
  • Javascript, etc. 

​​​​​​The teaching is offered through-

Popular Video games (for example, Minecraft).
Applications, etc. 

Any 7+ kid can get engaged in the coding learning experience. However, it’s possible only with a monthly subscription. 


  • Kids can learn several coding languages from this platform. 
  • Kids can get engaged in self-paced learning.
  • Offers various 3-dimensional coding games.
  • Teaches through videos.


  • Not ideal for use on PC or mobile. 
  • A bit pricey.
  • Kids less than 7 years old can’t learn from the app. 

Website: Rating:


Starting Price: 

25 dollars/ month. 

Courses Offered: 

  • Coding 

Kids Online Learning Platforms – Some Tips For Getting Enriching Experience

  • Make a daily routine for attending online classes. Allot specific times for each class. 
  • Search for a quiet place in your home for better understanding. It will keep the kids away from distractions. 
  • Parental involvement is important. Track your child’s growth. Encourage them to amend their mistakes. 
  • Teach your child to make realistic goals. Break big assignments into smaller ones. Tell them logically how to meet them. 
  • Praise your kids when they meet their goals and reward them. 
  • Keep your kids involved in online educational games, quizzes, etc. Playing them side by side with learning enhances learning interest in your child. 
  • Keep online and offline learning in balance. 
  • Ask your kids to give a try to other subjects as well. 
  • Motivate your kids. Try to spark curiosity in them. Tell them to keep asking questions. They should do it until they are satisfied with the answers. 
  • Encourage your kids to read books apart from online learning. It will help to boost their knowledge even more. 
  • Tell kids to engage in discussion with the teachers openly. 


So, as you can see, there’s no limitation to online learning. You can make your kids explore its realm as much as you want. Keep them engaged in the revolutionized ways of education that online classes provide.

It will not only make learning easy for them. ​​​​​Also, it will enhance their thinking ability. Your kids will learn everything important playfully. They will develop more and more interest in the study.

Which of the above do you think are the best online learning platforms for kids? Let us know! We will bring more info about them to you. Bye for now! 

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